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Nothing but Wires

Winning the Spacecat Lottery.

Pyramids in the Sky

If only things were different.

The Dukes of Iapetus

Biting the hand.

Cloven Joe

Business in the front.

Audra Squall

Finding love in the Amphibinoid dorms.

The Weather Station

They control everything! See also The Sterne Files.

The Sterne Files

Everybody's got something to hide. See also The Weather Station.

Flying Horse Club

Get along lonesome pegasus.

Giant Invasive Intelligent Slugs

They do all sixteen dances. See also Interplanetary Internship.

Interplanetary Internship

Opportunities abroad. See also Giant Invasive Intelligent Slugs.

Episcope Reality Estate

Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram. Buy gold!

The Eco-rationing

How we beat the baddies.

Deep Inside the Bunny House

'Tis strange where the Crunchy Crafts can lead you.

Spider in a Glass

Ever wake up and feel not-quite-yourself?

Psychic Ecology Club

The quest for an achievable future, in reverse.


Nowhere to run to, baby. Nowhere to hide.

The Ritual Invocation of Aliens

Are you ready to meet your maker?

Psychic Synchronized Swimming

Bathing caps optional.

Pixies in the Garden?

Trouble in Paradise.

Forever Corps

The future's comin', and there's no place to hide!

Haunted Driver's Ed

Let Hauted Ed take the wheel.

Graybodies Rent-a-Ride

Nobody rides for free.

The Compost Kids

Visiting Professor Donna Haraway sows seeds.

Doll Flu

Cover your cough!

A Garden Tour

Living is easy with eyes closed.

Immortal Hijinks

Sometimes high school seems like it will last forever.

Underground Robot Fighting Ring

Here's where Robot's Rules of Order don't apply...

Ghost Hotel

The Haunted Mansion hits the road.

Broken Clock

Why did the Psyhigh student throw the clock out the window?

Upward Mobility and the Modern Worker

Getting into classes can be competitive at Psyhigh.

Back-To-School Sacrificial Ball

Welcome back to school the Psyhigh way!

Mapping Psyhigh

An ongoing endeavor.

Trans-Dimensional Shape Foam Beds

It's the bed of your dreams!

The Momentum Fellows

Getting into reality modeling.

League of Saviours

Sometimes you wear stretchy pants.

Lonely Bus

Did you know your Psyhigh ID is a bus pass?

Teleportation Roulette

A quick report from a PsySports aficionado.

Delving Deeper Into Dreams: PsyHigh Summer Camp!

Aw... camp memories.

General Psychic Clinic

Feel good about your body. See also Followup RE: Anita Klue and League of Saviours.


If I hadn't disappeared in spring that year I'd have sent him home again.

Strange Patterns

Do you like my new paint job?

Psychic Menagerie

No psychic animals were harmed in the creation of this story.

Food Poisoning

Get along, lonesome bulldog.

Commissioned Writings, Intern #00814, GROTTO G.S.M

Welcome to the working week.

Flying Bike Club

Learn to repair in the air!

Time to Unplug a Class?

Campus politics can get complicated.

Trained Thoughts

There's no business like psychic show business.

Biolet's Backpack

Back to Beeland

Reality Accident

Is it too late to sign up for the service plan?

Astral Guidance Center

But it'll look great on your resume!

pop quiz

Dangerous Shapes and Dangerous Shape Studies

Sasquatch Snowball Dance

Gettin' to know you, Gettin' to know all about you.

The House of Pie and Chocolate Syrup

Why it's important to eat healthy.

Using the World Trees

If only there was some way we could communicate.

The Dapper Skeleton

Always room for one more.

Human Head Transplant Series

Are you at the head of the class?

The Catalog of Body Movements

Dance class is mandatory at Psyhigh.

Sparks Fly

Remember to use 360/365V adapters when you plug in on campus.

New Year, New You

Suggested Mandatory Personality Test


Alphabetization was never a strong point.

Shorting Out

Having trouble with your reception? See also Match Match.

Match Match

A floating card game comes to campus. See also Shorting Out.

Zephyr Air Transport Inc.

Come sail away! See also Grand Detour and Grand Detour Part 2.

Shadowy Business

Fashion is hard work.

Star Queens

Extraterrestrials say the darndest things.

The Alteration Society

Those are some fancy new threads.

Rewriting Your Reflection

Image Prison breakout.

The Historic Haunted Liberty Theater Field Trip

Ghost networking.

The Valentine's Heart Throb Dance

Come meet the Heart of Psyhigh.

Psychic Crime Club

Let's go get sushi... and not pay!

Children's Circle

We're all graduates.

Arts & Crafts

The history of the International Woodmen of the World.

Traveling of the Fourth Kind

Jarvis gets around.

Fart Squad

If you don't make the cut, there's always second string.

Mercury Messenger Service

A part-time job is a great way to meet people.

Super Psychic Team Origins: The Ultimate Psychics

Conscious body armour maintenance.

Clever Inc.

An offer you can't refuse.

Save the Ordinary People

It's time to really give back.

The Flying Machine

Bio-engineered kids do the darndest things.

The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance

Students growing in unexpected ways.

My Stuffed Animals

Maybe it's time to leave them at home.

The New Machine

Does electricty hold all the answers?

Dirty Lagoon

How many mermaids does it take to clean up a mess?

Calling All Ghosts

Rounding up some old friends.

The Cassandra Propaganda

Shredding forever.

Treehouse Party???

Extreme woodworking convention.

Sparkly Mayhem

Is she weird? Is she white? Is she promised to the night?

Murder on the Moon

Low gravity is all fun and games... till someone gets MURDERED!

The Psych of Mind and Other Realms, Unexplored

Psyhigh Book Club, anyone?

Eralonia's Prophecy

Epic adventures in mindshattering realms with the Psyhigh Scooby Gang. See also The Anti-EBIB Party and Fortuna Strikes Back.

The Swap

Do you find Psyhigh confusing? What if we all switch bodies?

The Horrific Makeover Crusade

Helping everyone look their best. See also The Removal.

Prof. Fakanami's Customer Growing Club

Matching by Mattie spins off a franchise.

Org Horn

Student health warnings are serious. See also Assorted Candies and Questions?.

Horsing Around

Friendly, strong, and with a delicious musky scent.

Rebellion in the Agriculture Department

Giving the cows the vote.

Intramural Flying Club

Just a leisurely spin around the block.

Goat Whispers

Wanna hear a riddle?

That Lonesome Whistle

If you're not careful, you can catch weird things down at the tracks. See also The Sing-Song Song.

Psychic Crime Family Picnic

All right, ramblers, let's get ramblin'!

The Bees and Beekeepers Spring Formal

Psyhigh gets its Waggle Dance on.


How could this so great, turn so...

Multiple Morgans

Why are so many new faces so familiar?

Clockwork Parents Group

Part of our Psychic Student Support Services.

Psychic Academy of Cosmetology

Learn from the best!

Hex Ed



Some students need assistance finding their bearings.

Assorted Candies

A sweet by any other name would smell as rose...

For the Vines

New blood at Psyhigh runs green. See also The Mysterious Roommate.

Mind Reader

Students come together to use their powers for good. See also Finding Lucia.

The Time Team Annals

Red Team, Green Team, Blue Team Go!

Experimental Breakfast Theatre

Theater people.

The Chthonic Follies

Do you come from a land REALLY down under?

Horrific Plastic Clowns

They're here. They're horrific. Do you have what it takes to beat them?

Surviving the Reality Estate Market

Taking up the mantle of the family business.

The Monster of Psyhigh

A mid-year transfer student has an electrical problem, but is finding that "generator kids" like him are in high demand.

Hexa Flexa THIS!

Ever feel put in a corner?

Scavenger Hunt on Stranger Seas

Living life from a sensory deprivation tank has its perks!

Digging Where You Shouldn't

When the dirt under your fingernails won't come out.

Forensic Accountants for Faith

Former members of the Psychic Business Leaders of Tomorrow go above and beyond.

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