Teleportation Roulette

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- 7/21/2017 8:01pm

Went to the Teleportation Roulette competition yesterday. Talk about intense! Our kids only lost by one.... We were on the edge of our plastic patio chairs from beginning to end!

Now, I know not all school districts allow these kinds of events, so for the sake of you kiddos who aren't familiar with the game I'll summarize it quick:
There's two teams of ten students, and one scruffy looking propeller hat (you know the type). Each player will pick up the hat, spin the propeller, and place it one their head. The hat, gifted with a semi-consciousness and talent for wrinkling space time, will randomly decide if it will teleport its wearer or leave them be. Whether or not the student disappears and the hat calmly drifts to the ground, the hat is then spun and worn by the next player closest to it. If you leave the playing field, either physically moving or via teleportation, you lose.

The trick is that 1.) Until the propeller stops spinning, you can move around the playing field and 2.) You can counter the hat's teleportation with your own. So, while the hat is spinning, there's this crazy flurry of kids running and pushing towards and away and trying to read the future to see the probability of them losing if they wear the hat next. And once you're stuck with the hat, you can take the chance to counter-teleport -- with the risk being that if you counter when the hat hadn't tried to teleport you, you've accidentally eliminated yourself from the game! It's insane to watch.

So yeah, when the grand timekeeper blew the whistle we had lost 9 players and Martingale High had lost 8. Lower score wins, so they won, which was a bummer. Some people claim that Martingale was projecting teleportation onto our players to force them into being the next ones to wear the hat, but I think they're just sore losers. At least it was a fun game to spectate. And the kettle corn at the concessions was fantastic.

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