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Featured Stories

The Weather Station
The Weather Station

It controls everthing!

The Sterne Files
The Sterne Files

Everybody's got something to hide.

Flying Horse Club
Flying Horse Club

Get along lonesome pegasus.

Giant Invasive Intelligent Slugs
Giant Invasive Intelligent Slugs

They do all sixteen dances.

Interplanetary Internship
Interplanetary Internship

Opportunities Abroad!

Episcope Reality Estate
Episcope Reality Estate

Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram. Buy gold!

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Advanced Telekinesis Class
- 3/1/2021 6:53am

School Song Competition
- 2/28/2021 2:35pm

the androgyne
- 2/27/2021 11:21pm

About your new favorite elf
- 2/26/2021 8:08am

Advanced Dragon Taming 305
- 2/25/2021 4:28pm

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Necromancy Club

After being a bit dead, things are perking up in Necromancy Club. If you enjoy hanging out in musty cellars and flipping pages in moldy old books, sign up today!

Student of the Month

Eliandbecca are inseparable. Literally! Ever since falling though a gap left by the Reality Accident, they've been rolled into a single entity. Meet March's Student of the Month.

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Enjoy PSYCHO SLASHED PRICES at the Psyhigh Student Store. Men's shirts $16. Women's just $15! Gym towels and more—everything priced to move telekinetically. Visit the store today.


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