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ty lectrik
- 6/28/2016 7:04am

i need some help. i keep trying to go to classes, but the classes don't exist? i leave my dorm at the appointed time, head to where the classes SHOULD be, but then there's nothing there. all of my classes just.....don't happen. i really want to go to class, really! i'd love to go, but it's a little hard to get to classes for me, apparently.

did i forget to do something?


Big Jim
- 6/28/2016 1:36pm

5 Simple Ways to Find Your Way to Class at Psyhigh

Many students have trouble finding their way around campus initially, @ty lectrik, but with these simple guidelines I'm sure you'll be enriching your mind in no time.

1. Feathers. Crows, Bluejays, Magpies, and other hyper-intelligent birds of the "haunted" family frequently leave trail markings and other informative clues regarding scheduling and room location throughout campus. Look for their feathers placed at strategic locations on trails, hallways, and restrooms.

2. Modular Additions. As you explore many buildings at Psyhigh, you'll find they are frequently interconnected through makeshift hallways, covered alleys, and remodeled pathways, which combine buildings and many eras of architecture into a sprawling funhouse of styles and functions. Get to know these spaces and the topography of Psyhigh will become that much clearer.

3. Macaroni. The initial plating of the Psychic High School grounds was laid out by the metaphysical architectural law firm of Firmly, Gassy, and Whale, with Gerald Gassy himself leaving a trail of uncooked pasta to mark the grounds. Many of these large, elbow-shaped macaroni noodles can still be found on campus, strangely undeteriorated by the intervening years.

4. Interactive Marking Utensils. Like for instance, the Enchanted Golden Sharpie of @Aaron Dee.

5. The Buddy System! Using a long ball of yarn (or other soft, not-too-strong string or thread - don't want it to get wrapped around anyone's neck!), attach yourself to a friend, or a stranger who seems to know what they're doing. If you can't find your way to your classes, you can at least audit someone else's.

Using these simple methods, you're sure to quickly get the hang of finding your way around campus. You can also pick up a map at the administration building, or ask your RA for a tour.


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

ty lectrik
- 6/29/2016 9:06am

thank you, @Big Jim, for your really really helpful advice on how to get to class!

i spent most of yesterday afternoon unraveling one of my sweaters to get some yarn to use and wandering around campus finding the macaroni and bird feathers. as the time for me to go to class approached, i definitely felt more confident about finding my way around Psyhigh! (i'm still a little worried about the Modular Additions, but i'm sure i'll pick it up eventually!)

i'm happy to say that i left my dorm last evening and managed to get to a class! i'm so excited to

the only trouble is, it wasn't the class i thought i was going to? i ended up in a "History of Psyhigh" class (which was quite interesting, don't get me wrong, i loved it!), but that's not exactly what i was expecting. i was more than a little confused as to how i got there instead of the "Intro to Tarot" class that was on my schedule... maybe there was a mistake on the schedule? (or did i mess up on my directions? that would certainly be a possibility.)

-ty lectrik, professional confused-person (apparently)

Rickeya H.
- 7/10/2016 10:22pm

Um I'm so confused! Is this actually a real school? How may i join? I feel that i have secret psychic powers.

Big Jim
- 7/11/2016 1:26pm

If you've made it this far, @Rickeya H., then you're already here. You may, however, be experiencing transient amnesia burps, which are not only confusing but smell very bad.

Some of the symptoms of transient amnesia include disorientation, memory loss, flatulence, fatigue, dizziness, busyness, incomprehensibility, memory loss, and memory loss. Did I mention memory loss?

The best course of action for you may be suggestion #5 from my 5 Simple Ways to Find Your Way to Class at Psyhigh article: The Buddy System. Unfortunately, however, after following the yarn through the Psyhigh labyrinth, @ty lectrik has gone missing! So, when you find a random thread on campus and begin following it, please keep an eye out. @boover fae also has some experience following these threads and may be some help showing you around. Looks like there's still time to make it to Herse Day!


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

Pepper Chrysanthemum
- 7/28/2016 11:06pm

I moved into the dorms this summer so I'd have plenty of time to get to know campus before school starts in the fall. I get disoriented easily. If I don't "know" a place really well then I get lost in the in-between spaces - which is the land in the places between places.

Until I know my way around, I will definitely use the yarn method (#5 in @Big Jim's list of helpful hints), because I came to this school to learn how not to get lost in the Inbetween.


It's too easy not to find your way back.

Thank you Psyhigh! And if you see my yarn string please don't cut it.

- 7/31/2016 12:50pm

Hello! I was exploring campus yesterday and I must have left my pendant somewhere. It has a red gem, with a silver lining around it, and a tan-ish string. On the back the name "Quinn" is carved on it. It's a memento from my mother and I really need it back. If anyone finds it, please come find me!

- 7/31/2016 11:32pm

I'm excited to start life here at Psychic High, but I could say that I'm a little bit nervous too.
I knew that this wouldn't be the same as my old school when enrolled, but everyone around me thought that I would fit in here. Now I'm wondering if that was supposed to be an insult? I'm not sure if I will be able to find a place among the others here. I've had a look through some journal entries and you all seem to know your way around here while I can't even read my map. Seriously, my eyes just will not focus on it. Is this a joke? Oh, well. I have my schedule, and I can always ask someone to show me around or something.
Well, either way, I guess the only way to get to know the place is to dive right in and start heading to classes. I hope they aren't too far from my dorm! Actually, why wait for class? I'm going to do a bit of exploring before I unpack my boxes. I'll try not to get lost. I'll bring the map, I guess.
Hopefully my first journal entry made a bit of sense. I'll write in again after I get my bearings.
- Elspeth

Randym Ayetwtch
- 8/1/2016 2:09pm

YASSSSSSS all i can say is that getting out of your @#$@%!! room is ABSOTUBALIVELY one of the best things you can do at psyhigh, @Elspeth. Sure some people, like me, have certain, uh, conditionioes that make it more difficult to get outside (im looking at you @Elspeth, and esepcially YOU @Lily Fox FOR GODS SAKE GET OUT OF THERE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!) but if you don't do it you run the risk of getting all shadow-bitten and small and pretty soon you get grown into your room like a bunky chair nobody wants.

Sure, the giant bat wings growing out of my head make it hard for me to get out of the room and the halls and the main doors but once i'm out MAN OH MAN is it delightful. If you've never felt the sun on yur leathery head-wings then I REALLY suggest it. Except I learned the hard way how important sun screen is on tender, under-exposed skin flaps.

HEY maybe we could all hook up with @Pepper Chrysanthemum and go on a hunt for @Luna's lost locket? Anybody any good at psychometry? Wait, no, psychic reading? For heaven's sake NOT PYROKINESIS!!! Oooof! Ouch, sorry there, turned my head a little too fast, guy. Poked you right in the eye with my wing tip. Apologies. Hey have you seen this pendant? It's about yea big, and has the word Quinn inscribed in it...

Pepper Chrysanthemum
- 8/1/2016 2:23pm

Yes, @Randym Ayetwtch, I think that seems like a perfectly wonderful thing to do! The weather is so nice, and I've already learned my way around enough to feel safe.

Oh! @Eterna! I'll wrap @Randym Ayetwtch's antler-wings with my yarn. I'll dance around him like a maypole so you can see us from your window then come out and join us! Just come on outside! It's perfectly safe! Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Ow! Ok don't dance too close to @Randym Ayetwtch's antler-wing-tips.

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