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9/28/2016 8:15pm

Good Evening as always, ladies and gentlemen!

I fear I am a tad late to the usual nightly party... How long have I been gone? Although I am almost always impeccably on time, dimension hopping in the fashion that I have been doing is quite disorienting indeed. I worry that my lovely audience may have lost interest by now.

Today (for me, at least), while searching for possible branches in fate, I found one particularly interesting reality! This was nearly exactly like our own, with a few minor changes sprinkled in. You'd only really notice most of them if you had such a keen eye as my own, except for one quite obvious difference: the student body is split into three-and-a-half teams. Or at least, that's how I see it.

It barely took any time at all before I got my explanation of the rules. In this universe, when enrolling at Psyhigh, you must choose one of the four teams available based only on the name. There is no changing teams, afterwards. If I remember correctly (and I do), then there was Fortune, Intrepidity, Whist, and Convivial. For whatever reason, the mere existence of these teams has split the student body into vengeful, warlike mini-armies. They utterly *loathe* anybody not partial to their team, and somewhere along the line, things got a little out of hand.

All students are proudly seen going from class to class in their respective team jackets, with pins on their bags—that is, all students that aren't on team Convivial. Most students that were part of that group hide it, now, as just a few years back there was a mass slaughtering that Fortune was responsible for, leaving Convivial's numbers low, sending them terrified and into hiding. Whist was mostly indifferent, with Intrepidity looking up to Fortune and trying to follow their example.

I believe the main difference between this timeline and our alpha version is that the staff here are significantly more violent, not to mention manipulative. I'm almost positive there was some kind of background direction for things to end up like this.

Now, despite this being pretty entertaining on its own, the main reason I bring this plain of existence up at all is that I am absolutely positive that I saw the alpha @Quasar while I was passing through. They had no jacket, or even a pin, and seemed to be mostly confused rather than competitive. The only abnormality would be the amount of lockets they were holding on to... Let's just say it was quite excessive.

After doing some quick research on the matter, I am certain that was the alpha @Quasar . So, if you can read this, hello! I plan to hunt down your whereabouts as soon as I find the time (and believe me, I've got plenty), so look forward to it, mon ami~

Oh!—and pick me up a souvenir from that lovingly purified zone, while you're waiting~!


Future Realities and Relating Madness
8/19/2016 7:48pm

Dearest @Winslow McIntyre ,

Upon your recommendation, I simply *had* to investigate the future you were talking about! You weren't wrong (which I'll admit, almost surprised me), there are indeed mechanical turtles and doltish, slaving humans.

But I simply must ask you, why on earth, or any other planet for that matter, are you so genuinely looking forward to that type of work environment? It's so... Filthy! Utterly foul, even—the people there have no class at all!

Do you honestly see yourself enjoying that line of work? Do you not dream of bigger, better things yet to come?


8/17/2016 8:43pm

Good evening yet again, ladies and gents! So glad you were able to join me for another round of storytelling.

You may have noticed, but I'm in a pretty good mood right now! The silliest thing happened today...

It was during one of my many classes that I'm not actually supposed to attend—You know, it's convenient just how easy it is to obtain information about schools! You simply go through the day as usual, and then, after you return to your room for the night, time travel back to that morning and take a bunch of different classes! This way, I'm in the loop about everything I could possibly want to know. Teachers don't seem to care much, as long as I have a psuedo printout of my supposed "schedule"; they all assume that it was a fault of the school board, not having my name put on the attendance list.

Theoretically, I could attend every class in this school at once! But what's the purpose of doing so? If a class is important, I'll visit it. Otherwise I'm just wasting hours of my incredibly long life, and I assure you, I most certainly do not intend to die of old age before achieving godhood. So that's that, I suppose.

Oh, didn't I have a story to tell? Ah, yes, that's right. This took place during one of my many useless classes. Were you aware, dear audience, that there truly are space-manipulation classes in this curious school? Some students who attend this academy are able to warp space in one way or another, and, based on the teacher's account, it is apparently crucial to learn how to master that ability.

Most of the kids in "Space-Manipulation" are pretty terrible, so I got a real kick out of surveying the room to watch folks really straining themselves to just move a simple wooden cube without touching it! Meanwhile, as I'm doing my best to stifle giddy laughter, easily holding the power and experience to crush that whole room into the ground right then and there, I have to do my best to look as if I'm having trouble with my assignment. It would be dangerous to not seem inconspicuous, after all! I even asked for the teacher's help, no corner cutting in acting! At the end of the lesson, I finally allowed myself to move my block halfway across my desk. The instructor told me I did exceptionally well for so early in the curriculum, and mentioned that I have "great potential".

Hehehehahaha! I'm still giggling just thinking about it.

Phew! That was a doozy to write. I'm beginning to understand why yelling into these logs can be fun for people, I usually don't have anyone to talk to about my work. It's funny how telling groups of strangers personal stories can really take a load off one's chest.



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shorting out
8/16/2016 6:34pm

Good evening, dear @crystal five !

Congratulations! You're one of the first to take notice of my lovely environmental artwork. Those birds look almost real, no~? Anyway, I assume "Could she have something to do with this?", to be the question you would like answered in exchange? Well, I'm happy to oblige! Of course, the solution is subjective.

It really does depend what you mean by me "having something to do with this". Personally, I don't believe I do. I'm always incredibly careful to not disturb a noteworthy scene after finding one, though I do tend to frequent that tree to observe (if you couldn't already tell).

Since I'm already feeling so generous, how about another tidbit of information, to make up for that unsatisfying answer? Did you happen to know that the society that brands that uncanny building as a "church" call themselves "Mimir's Few"?

Hahaha! A cultish group on school property? Scandalous!


8/14/2016 10:31pm

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

My name is Alice.

I won't be giving out my full name to keep things (people, mostly) simple and easy to manage while I'm here; it shouldn't make much of a difference for you, anyhow.

Why am I writing? Because I'm dead bored.

I hate staying in this pointless school.

I'm technically not even a real student. I'm here on business to get information and some materials for my next job, which unfortunately means attending most classes while getting what I need (they're quite dull, by the way). Yeah, it's easy and all, but everyone I've met thus far is so utterly annoying that it's been like purgatory with how long it's taking.

I suppose I should provide some better context for all of this, huh? Considering I'm giving up so much privacy already to get an actual experience out of this place.

I am what I like to call a fortune-teller, which is a profession that involves forming contracts with my clients to change their future, in exchange for something that I want from them. And before you ask, no, I don't take walk-ins. That would be hectic *and* moronic, I seek out my own clients and choose very meticulously.

Sometimes, I need some extra mojo for my 1-man-company to stay afloat—that's when I go out on the field for a while, such as now.

I am able to meet the requirements of being a fortune-teller because of my species, as where I'm from being a sprite grants you with the ability of free time travel to any point in the past or future. Dimension and space travel, however, are an old client's payment for my services (I usually can't do it unless I'm at home, either). A delightfully helpful add-on, if I do say so myself!

Now, you may be thinking, I must have seen *her* around school! How could I miss a little forest person with wings sitting in class?

If you are in fact thinking that, you're wrong. Despite popular belief, forest sprites are not little, and at least in my case, we do not have plants growing out of or bodies. I am a regular 5'1", and I took great care in finding the perfect disguise for my wings. In fact, nothing about me really screams "forest". I wear a suit! It's very business-like.♡

Besides, it is literally impossible for you to find me without me actually *wanting* you to, on account of my ability to alter our meeting at any point in time.

Ugh, writing all of this out makes me feel so stupid. I mean, what's the point in saying anything? I kind of wish this journal was actually private, but if it'll satisfy boredom... Oh, well.

On that note, feel free to let me know if you come upon any of the origami cranes I've been leaving around. I thought it would be fun to meet some interesting people through this "scavenger-hunt" type of game. So let me know if you find one, I'll, uh... Answer one of your burning questions, I suppose? I'm pretty knowledgeable.

(Future God and soon-to-be Multidimensional Ruler)

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