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- 7/30/2016 6:21pm

Is anyone else having problems with their powers just suddenly stopping? I was practicing with my rites when all of the sudden my powers just stopped. I did some research, but I didn't find anything. They were fine five minuets later, so I just ignored it.That was about a week ago, Now it's happening very frequently and I'd like an explanation.

crystal five
- 7/31/2016 10:41pm

I have been noticing the very same thing, @Luna. I arranged to meet myselves at one of our usual spots yesterday and nothing happened. I stared at the fountain for an hour. But a couple of days ago we met up at a coffee shop and it worked just fine (and the ripples made a little five pointed star in my latte). I never had this trouble before. I thought it was just me.

- 8/1/2016 4:52pm

It's very strange. Have you also been getting migraines, @crystal five?
I've always had a problem with headaches, but this is way more intense and has happened a lot more frequently lately.

crystal five
- 8/4/2016 10:32pm

Thank goodness it's not migraines, @Luna. I understand those are terrible. But when I try to get in contact with my other four selves in their adjacent four parallel dimensions and I can't, I hear this bell ringing in the distance. Not like a door bell or a school bell, but like a church bell. Bong... bong... It's really faint but the last couple of times I've been shorted out I know I heard it. It's distracting now. I feel like it grounds me out and I can't concentrate.

Today, thankfully, I was able to connect. It was by the outdoor pool. The others all went to their outdoor pools, and we sat on deck chairs together in our different dimensions. There was nobody in the pool and the ripples and the five pointed star in the water were big. It was so nice to see everybody, but they're worried about me. Because there isn't an annoying distracting faint church bell in the woods in their dimensions. Oooooo - it gives me shivers just thinking about it.

Chrissy McMuffin
- 8/12/2016 2:09pm

Hey so what is that big church bell tower in the woods it was ringing and ringing and I couldn't control my big hair but what else is new but what is new is that my hair started to control me! It started pulling and pulling at me even though I was having a very nice time talking to @Crystal in the cafeteria but had to leave and she probably thought I was very rude for leaving her that way. Anyway my hair pulled and pulled me into the woods and even though it was on a trail I was stumbling over roots and sticks and my hair was yanking and yanking until we got to some clearing and there was a tall tower and the bell was tolling and of course all I could think about was for whom does that bell toll because there were many creepy people in robes walking in a line into the tower and I could tell my hair wanted me to go that way too but I was totally not doing that so I was hugging on a big tree but my hair was pulling and it hurt a lot but then suddenly the bell stopped and my hair stopped pulling me and I could control it again and let me tell you I had a very stern talking to with that hair.

But the bell stopped ringing because there was no more tower or creeps in robes because it all disappeared. The clearing was empty tho I could probably find it again. Or if we asked my hair nicely it might take us but what I am afraid of is what happens if that bell starts ringing again? Is this the bell that you are hearing @crystal five or that is taking your powers away @Luna I think maybe it is. I think I will start wearing a hat and maybe then my hair won't hear that scary bell if it comes back.

crystal five
- 8/16/2016 2:21pm

My cross-dimensional visitations were interrupted again by that darn bonging bell. I'm sure it's what's interfering with my resonance connection with my four other me's.

So I followed the sound into the woods and there it was, just like @Chrissy McMuffin said - a tall tower, on the old and creepy side, with vines and masonry and a pointy roof and open windows at the top.BI could hear the bell quite clearly bonging out the windows.

I would have walked right up to it if it didn't seem so sinister... partially because it shorts out psychic powers, but also because of the line of black robes figures walking around it, a single file line that snaked out of the woods and into the front door of the thing.

Just as the ringing of the bell was really starting to get on my nerves, the whole thing just up and vanished. Blinked away! Nothing left but the clearing.

I turned to leave my little hiding place but what did I find hidden up in a tree but a little nest of paper cranes, just like @Alice claims to make. Could she have something to do with this? I do wish I could get to the bottom of it and my powers could become reliable again. I so miss my other me's.

- 8/16/2016 6:34pm

Good evening, dear @crystal five !

Congratulations! You're one of the first to take notice of my lovely environmental artwork. Those birds look almost real, no~? Anyway, I assume "Could she have something to do with this?", to be the question you would like answered in exchange? Well, I'm happy to oblige! Of course, the solution is subjective.

It really does depend what you mean by me "having something to do with this". Personally, I don't believe I do. I'm always incredibly careful to not disturb a noteworthy scene after finding one, though I do tend to frequent that tree to observe (if you couldn't already tell).

Since I'm already feeling so generous, how about another tidbit of information, to make up for that unsatisfying answer? Did you happen to know that the society that brands that uncanny building as a "church" call themselves "Mimir's Few"?

Hahaha! A cultish group on school property? Scandalous!


Chrissy McMuffin
- 8/20/2016 5:24pm

Hey so now my hair is going totally crazy like full time and is always pulling pulling pulling to the south and the only thing I can do is let it take me where it wants. And guess what? It wants to be at that magic castle or whatever ALL THE TIME but I can't do that so have a deal. It's kind of like how Siamese Twins must do it when one of the twins wants to go on a date but the person they are dating doesn't have a twin or even a friend so the other Siamese Twin just has to go along for the ride?

So we go there but don't have to wait in line in the front we take the other entrance in the back and it's called Murmurs or something and my hair gets busy serving up customers. There's a lot of scooping and handing over stuff my hair is like an octopus and curls its curls like tentacles so it's real handy. I don't really pay much attention and am just on my phone the whole time.

I do notice a lot of other old guys behind the counter who sneeze a lot and really it's kind of gross but it doesn't seem to hurt business because there always seems to be line of black robes coming out the front.

I hope this is just a phase and something my hair will get over soon.

- 8/21/2016 6:22am

I've started shorting out to.... I think. One second I'm fine, and the next my energy is completely drained, my vision's fuzzy(not because my glasses fell off.) ,and my powers aren't working. And @Luna, I've also had trouble with headaches and migranes. Do you think the bell has something to do with it?

~ A very confuzzled Bella

Crystal Rosethorn
- 8/24/2016 2:27pm

Hey guys,as you know my powers are very active at night but this time i couldn't even talk with my cat! weird. Also I went to the bell tower yesterday and it was..strange. There was no bell or stairs leading up to the bell,just a bunch of hoods... Hold up i have an idea. What if the hooded guys are like,stealing our magic or something? Then using it for their own use,or maybe it's some kind of ritual or something....i dunno it's really weird. I have tried doing research but i got no results. Help anyone? anyone noticing also that their phone dies and all the battery goes out during the short out even if it's charging or at 100%?

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