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The House of Pie and Chocolate Syrup
11/27/2016 8:09pm

Hello! I recently got released from the hospital, good as new. I'm not sure what they did to heal a broken leg in about a week, nut I'm not complaining. Anyways, I'm looking for work.

I act as a inter-dimensional guide, traveling throughout mirror worlds, dimensions, spirit worlds and what not. I have two years of experience, and I have never lost someone in a mirror world. I've traversed jungles, pains, mountains, villages, spirit plains (these can vary greatly from one another) and many, many more worlds. I am always available after school, except for Friday because I have soccer practice then.

I also have experiences locating those who have gotten lost in other dimensions, so if you've lost someone I can help with that too.

I charge a base fee of $25, with an extra $10 for every day out. This may sound expensive, but most have a base fee of around $75, so this is actually really cheap. If you need me for a rescue mission, I, myself, will not require pay. You just have to pay for your necessities. Helping others should not have to cost you cash. If you need me for anything, please contact me through this website. I will set up an appointment and we can go. Please provide as many details as possible.

The House of Pie and Chocolate Syrup
11/25/2016 5:54pm

I'm so sorry @Phoebe and @Crystal Rosethorn, but I won't be able to make it. I broke my leg on vacation, so I'm in the hospital. I hope you two enjoy yourselves, though!

11/25/2016 5:52pm

Oh, jeez is it fantastic to be back. So sorry for my long absence! I found another mirror portal shortly after I left for vacation, and I got horribly lost. It was a vast desert world, not a plant to be seen. I was travelling, and didn't think about the fact that the wind would blow my trail away. So, I walked a long ways, and looked back to find that my trail was gone. On top of that, a rope bridge snapped beneath me. Luckily, the chasm wasn't too deep, but I did break my leg. Have you ever tried rock climbing with a broken leg It's not easy. So, now I'm in a cast at the hospital. Which is really unfortunate, I was looking forward to the feast. Oh well. I'll be more careful next time.

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8/3/2016 8:02pm

So, I just realized that I never really properly introduced myself. I was pretty much like "Hello, I'm here now!" So, I figured I owe the school a proper introduction.

Hi. My name is Luna. I'm not hugely psychic like most students, but there is one thing that I can deal with well. Spirits. My family has a long history of mediums and exorcists, and I am no exception. I am a medium. Growing up, I was an outcast. No one talked to me, so I paid them no mind. The spirits were my friends, my allies. For the longest time, with the exception of my father, I never really interacted with the living. Then, one day, I was browsing the internet and found an information page for this school. My father and I checked it out, and we decided that this was right for me. I had moved into the dorms very recently, and I was amazed at first sight of the school. I knew that this was the right choice. I'm happy to have come here. This is almost like a new world, because when I came here I realized that I knew more about the land of the dead than the living. This is a fun adventure for me! I'm glad to have met you all.

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8/3/2016 12:09pm

Thank you so much for helping look for my pendant @Randym Ayetwtch !
I like exploring and all, but having just come back form our trip from the jungle mirror world, i'm a bit disoriented. I really appreciate the help.

The No-Drip Streak-Free Mirror World (with Ammonia
8/3/2016 12:03pm

Mirror jungle expedition: Day 1

We passed through the portal, and entered the jungle. I was immediately amazed by the sights. I've never actually been in a jungle, and as far as jumping realms go, this was something brand new to me. In fact, I was so excited that I nearly feel into a giant pit. Luckily, @Randym Ayetwtch grabbed me before I fell in. I'm making a map as we go, so we don't lose the portal. Time seems to move faster hear than at home. We could spend a week here and it only be a couple hours to everyone else. I have no idea what the others wrote, I guess I'll see when they post it.

New friend
8/2/2016 7:01pm

Hey @Araedonic ! I can understand the feel. I, personally, can only actually speak to spirits as far as my abilities go. I'm not hugely psychic like the other students. It kind of make some feel out of place. So, I guess as outsiders we should stick together?

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The No-Drip Streak-Free Mirror World (with Ammonia
8/2/2016 6:07pm

hey @Ammonia! I'm almost finished with preparations for our adventure.
Here's what I'm bringing:

-Notebook to write findings
-pencil to write with
-a backpack
-jars to bring back specimens
-a camera
-and a few water bottles

Let's meet in a few hours, in my dorm. I'm going to bring an extra journal with me, so we can post about some of our findings later. Can't wait to meet you!

The No-Drip Streak-Free Mirror World (with Ammonia
8/1/2016 5:00pm

Hey guys! So, I was exploring the dorms storage room, cause someone left a key in my room, and I found a mirror portal. I'm not sure what that was doing in a dorm's storage room. Anyways, I set it up in my room and poked my head through. It had a very vast jungle, from what I could see. Lots of animals, insects, and plants. I was going to explore it, but I thought to see if anyone wanted to come along first. Is anyone up for alternate reality exploring? I'd love to have a partner to travel with!

shorting out
8/1/2016 4:52pm

It's very strange. Have you also been getting migraines, @crystal five?
I've always had a problem with headaches, but this is way more intense and has happened a lot more frequently lately.

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