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Match Match
8/26/2016 12:38am

There's nothing I enjoy more than a temple full of customers. The smell of WISDOM as it is scooped out of the head of the Disincorporated One and plopped into its appropriate temporal cone. We've got a line 24/7, with black robes out the door 25 at a time.

It speaks to a brand that touches ancient chords, with real staying power. Plus, the tower is so iconic.

The Sneezing Ones remain in the board room. We can't have them sneezing all over the merchandise, can we? And there have been complaints of the occasional hair. But otherwise we're perfectly set for the arrival of the Supernatural Health Department. I have experience with these occult officials, and I'm sure we'll see eye to eye. I know this because my third eye senses the attention even now, squirming just above my supraorbital ridge. I'm sure we will pass the test.

Match Match
8/5/2016 4:12pm

I believe we've reached maximum habitation, @Elyris, and your participation in our Tarot Card Match Match game will not be necessary.

Like filling an ice tray with water, the individual vessels have been topped off, their memories carefully drained and replaced with those of the ancient line of acolytes of Nfrem.

Now they sit before the velvet gaming table, their bodies so young but their minds so ancient, making alien expressions with unfamiliar flesh. And each one impeccably dressed.

Together we will complete the ancient rites, and ready the coming of Nfrem.

Thanks for playing, everyone.

Match Match
7/7/2016 6:33pm

I do seem to collect dust bunnies. And dog hair. And the hair of black cats. You might be surprised just how ruddy some game venues are. Boardrooms, penthouse suites, speakeasies, back rooms at gas stations where oil barons suck fumes, editing rooms ankle deep in lost footage, throne rooms emptied in coups... anywhere perpetrators of the 10,000 Crimes congregate, and the cards are laid for the Big Game.

But I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the newcomers to the game. Especially from my alma mater. And I always carry a small lint roller in my inside jacket pocket to make sure I look my best.

Match Match
7/1/2016 6:31pm

Really great game of Tarot Card Match Match last night. It was amazing to see the Wheel of Fortune upset the Chariot like that, especially from a group of people so new to the game! Also excellent use of the minor arcana as well.

I'm terrible with names, so hit me up if you were there. @ty lectrik?Because we should keep playing! It's summer, the library is empty at night. Let's keep going. Maybe we'll even up the stakes a little to make it more interesting. See you tonight!

6/29/2016 7:10pm

What vision of witchery is this?!

No matter where you go, being stylish commands respect. Freshly laundered, pressed and shined opens doors no matter what dimension you may find yourself in. Starched white shirts, cuff links and tie pins. And often it's the most exclusive clubs that hold the keys to the doors between worlds.

God how I despise them. But there's no better way to get to know them and learn their secrets.

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