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6/29/2016 9:06am

thank you, @Big Jim, for your really really helpful advice on how to get to class!

i spent most of yesterday afternoon unraveling one of my sweaters to get some yarn to use and wandering around campus finding the macaroni and bird feathers. as the time for me to go to class approached, i definitely felt more confident about finding my way around Psyhigh! (i'm still a little worried about the Modular Additions, but i'm sure i'll pick it up eventually!)

i'm happy to say that i left my dorm last evening and managed to get to a class! i'm so excited to

the only trouble is, it wasn't the class i thought i was going to? i ended up in a "History of Psyhigh" class (which was quite interesting, don't get me wrong, i loved it!), but that's not exactly what i was expecting. i was more than a little confused as to how i got there instead of the "Intro to Tarot" class that was on my schedule... maybe there was a mistake on the schedule? (or did i mess up on my directions? that would certainly be a possibility.)

-ty lectrik, professional confused-person (apparently)

6/28/2016 7:04am

i need some help. i keep trying to go to classes, but the classes don't exist? i leave my dorm at the appointed time, head to where the classes SHOULD be, but then there's nothing there. all of my classes just.....don't happen. i really want to go to class, really! i'd love to go, but it's a little hard to get to classes for me, apparently.

did i forget to do something?


6/28/2016 6:45am

hi! i'm not exactly sure what to post.... my memories are still returning and all i have is fragments. i don't really know much about anything right now.

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