Match Match

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Bat Macumba
- 6/30/2016 6:32pm

Did someone say Tarot Cards?

Perhaps you'd like to join us for a friendly game of Tarot Card Match Match tonight, @ty lectrik? It's not so scary, if you don't mind holding your future in your hands. We'll play non-binding doubling, so you won't have to worry about losing aspects of yourself.

We meet in the library at 9. Ask anybody for directions. Bring a friend!

- 7/1/2016 6:31pm

Really great game of Tarot Card Match Match last night. It was amazing to see the Wheel of Fortune upset the Chariot like that, especially from a group of people so new to the game! Also excellent use of the minor arcana as well.

I'm terrible with names, so hit me up if you were there. @ty lectrik?Because we should keep playing! It's summer, the library is empty at night. Let's keep going. Maybe we'll even up the stakes a little to make it more interesting. See you tonight!

Bat Macumba
- 7/1/2016 6:38pm

Yes! I agree! A most enjoyable night. And wonderful to have the company of the suave and stylish @Chesterfield. That man knows his way around around a Tarot Deck.

Let the game continue!

Clumsy Johnson
- 7/2/2016 7:36pm

I was at the game last night it was very good. When I won the Empress and took her home it was one of the best experiences of my time at Psyhigh. A+ Very fun time would recommend to others.

- 7/3/2016 11:08pm

I tried to find your card game but got lost in all the cobwebs and dust and moonlight. Doesn't anybody clean up in the library in summertime?

Bat Macumba
- 7/4/2016 3:08pm

Don't mind the cobwebs, @Rinsey105. That's just a temporary side effect of @Chesterfield coming and going. He passes through different realities like you and I walk between rooms of a house. He does it by surfing the entropy wakes - the edge of time where things age and decay. You must have arrived right after he got there. It fades away pretty quickly.

Our Tarot Card Match Match game has been going great! Lots of new faces, so be sure to chime in if you drop by. You've all been so quick to catch on, maybe it's time to start with a minimum ante? Just enough to make it fun. We use memory chips, so you can start with some inconsequential memories, like what you had for breakfast last Thursday. Something you'll never miss.

The game keeps rolling! Drop by the library any night after 9.

- 7/7/2016 6:33pm

I do seem to collect dust bunnies. And dog hair. And the hair of black cats. You might be surprised just how ruddy some game venues are. Boardrooms, penthouse suites, speakeasies, back rooms at gas stations where oil barons suck fumes, editing rooms ankle deep in lost footage, throne rooms emptied in coups... anywhere perpetrators of the 10,000 Crimes congregate, and the cards are laid for the Big Game.

But I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the newcomers to the game. Especially from my alma mater. And I always carry a small lint roller in my inside jacket pocket to make sure I look my best.

- 7/12/2016 11:22pm

Hey I'm really getting the hang of Match Match! I came home with a pair of Page of Pentacles leading the parade, with a pair of Aces of Wands, and threes, nines and tens of Pentacles! I'm rolling in good fortune! Plus, I took home the pot, which was full of everybody's best Christmas memories.

Thanks @Chesterfield and @Bat Macumba for showing us all how to play this super fun game!

Bat Macumba
- 7/16/2016 5:16pm

Win big at Tarot Card Match Match!

It's been really great getting to know all the students at our epic late night Match Match games. It's fun, right? You're all getting so good I think it could soon be time to let @Chesterfield start playing without his eye patch. ;)

Tonight we're going to start upping the ante to whole days of memories, rather than just moments. I think you'll all find it's even more exciting with just a little bit more skin in the game.

Remember, the Fool and the Magician are wild, aces are low, and we pass to the right when the Wheel of Fortune comes up.

See you in the library tonight!

Clumsy Johnson
- 7/21/2016 1:25pm

I really like the Match Match games even though they go all night and I have been making lots of new friends thank you @Bat Macumba.

I know you have been teaching us but even now that stakes are higher I feel like you guys are just letting us win? Like last night there I swear I saw the five of Pentacles turn into the Devil in @Chesterfield's hand and then I won the trick because of it.

But then the whole day of memories I won from @Chesterfield was just him staring at on old leather book. The whole time. I kept checking back and it did not change and when I fast forwarded thru it it was just all the same what is up with that does he just stare at books all day?

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