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Sasquatch Snowball Dance
2/8/2017 10:39pm

Sasquatch are extinct in future A1A31B. Climate change victims. Like the polar bears. The last of the polar bears was shot rummaging through dumpsters behind an Arby's in Tacoma. The sasquatch got into bigger things, like banks, before the last of them went down in the siege at the Reno Federal Reserve.

Which is why it's such an incredible honor to attend a dance with them! I can't believe they're really here, and they're not extinct, and it was all a bad dream. Because that's what I really really want it to be: just a bad dream. And all of us now have an opportunity to make my future not happen. I can tell you where the rocks are, but we've all got to pull in the same direction to steer clear, know what I mean?

So let's DANCE! See you Saturday!

Reality Accident
12/15/2016 11:54pm

The yurts that have been put up around campus to house the refugees from future A1A31B are pretty warm, actually. You just have to get used to sleeping in a big room with people all around you, and all that breathing, and snoring sometimes. We've been enjoying our free passes to the cafeteria, and showering in the gym, and it's great to see how positive some of the new arrivals are, like @Lindsey Songer. We're young and we're psychic and we're from the future! And even if that future was a ecologically ruined, fascist dystopia, we've still got a positive attitude about changing it.

Which is why we'll be talking to you more, in the cafeteria and in the halls, about what we know about our past (your present) and what we all need to do differently. Your Time Studies dept has assured us that even if we can prevent our future from occurring, that won't somehow make us disappear because we never existed. Because we're here making the change, so we have to exist, right?

So when you see us come up to you, please don't turn away, but listen to our story. And we promise we're not stalking you @RaelynnLizzie. We just want to talk!

Reality Accident
11/30/2016 11:20pm

Yeah I'm from future A1A31B and I don't mind the funny looks because I'm just glad to be here. You don't know how good you have it. Believe me, I know. Even though you're right at the beginning of when the sea ice went away, you've still got some really great years ahead. Well, a couple. And it's not just the death of the seas and the corruption of the atmosphere, it's the whole armed camp nature of the place. The "work" halls, the all you can eat glop bars, the barbed wire and street lamps. The gloom and the police.

So even though you look at us funny and avoid us in the cafeteria, we're truly all so thankful just to be here. Thank you for sharing your reality. It is like paradise.