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Flying Bike Club
4/29/2017 8:35pm

I assume @Tara Yau got back from the Flying Bike Club field trip ok, right? Has anybody seen her since the weather pillar? When that warning horn started going off things got kind of chaotic, and we didn't exactly do a head count when we got back to school. And I have a funny feeling I saw her bike leaned up against one of those dusty consoles when we were all headed out the hatch.

@Tara Yau, come in!

Flying bike club
4/11/2017 9:15pm

It's @Empress Jingles in the woods!

Sorry, just put that together. As I was flying out over the school today I noticed a kind of old fashioned gypsy trailer parked in a clearing with a couple of horses tied up. I thought "what, is the circus coming to school?" but realized that must be the @Empress Jingles we've heard tell about.

Just one of the amazing sites you can see when you fly by bike!

Flying bike club
4/11/2017 3:53pm

Took my my Cruiser with the big fat balloon tires on a fine spin today over the school and the grounds... I got the day off school because if you fill out a form you can get credit! Plus was really pleased with my new Strange Patterns™ paint job--thanks to @Selena for the inspiration.

If you haven't seen the school from the air you're really missing out. It's like a little model, with the administration building and the library and the gym and the dorms and the fields, and all the trees just starting to bloom, surrounded by the woods and the road and the city in the distance. Maybe next time I'll make it all the way into town!

Flying bike club
3/31/2017 2:22pm

I'll be at the Flying Bike Club rally on Saturday at the apple orchard. You've probably seen me on my Cruiser with the big fat balloon tires. And you've probably tried to touch it and then heard me say "HANDS OFF THE PAINTWORK!" That still applies.

Sasquatch Snowball Dance
2/10/2017 1:34pm

You should come to the Sasquatch Snowball Dance to meet everybody and get your bearings, @Veronica Eliseman. Dances here are great. Have you ever danced with a Sasquatch? I tried to go to prom with a very nice Sasquatch at my old school last year and can you believe they wouldn't allow it? I can't believe how backwards some places still are. I wanted to talk to the ACLU about a lawsuit but my parents thought it would be better if I just transferred to a progressive school like Psyhigh.

I have both of the Skunk Ape albums and they're amazing. And I heard that ODORBABY is opening. They are hellastatic. I was hoping that @Z Lons' band was going to play, but not sure if they returned from their quest yet. Or had time to practice.

But you should go to the dance!! I know enough of the Sasquatch language to introduce you to any of them if you like. I will totally be there.