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Strange Patterns
5/19/2017 8:53am

Adding to all of this jabber about bugs. Where exactly did they come from? Are they inherently bad? Are they inherently from, or caused by, these Strange Patterns™? And more importantly WHO are these stranger bugs. I keep hearing all this negativity when we ourselves can't see past the fact that we can't see them at all (without an eyepiece that is). I say we all go down to Techno-Botanica and pick up an eyepiece of our very own. Maybe these new friends aren't so bad.

Flying Bike Club
4/7/2017 11:04am

Last club meeting I accidentally left my back pack in the back corner of the field outside. It's black with Strange Patterns™ and I would vary much like to have it back fairly quickly. It would be the utmost inconvenience to me if it remained missing. Many thanks.