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4/8/2018 10:52am

Today was pretty uneventful. I went down to the dock and swan around, then I wandered around until I found a garden. It was really pretty. There was a bench and a pond. I may have fallen asleep for several hours. I highly recommend it. Just wander around for a bit.

Signing off, Carasalia

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4/6/2018 10:30pm

Anyway, today's atmosphere was very disturbed. I didn't feel a single breeze or weird whispering at ALL. And when I slipped into the pool (around 9 pm) there was no tug at my feet. And no pull towards my pearl chest I have in my closet. Oops. Probably shouldn't have told you that. Just pretend that never happened. And the moon. Oh God, the MOON. It was so beautiful. But it looked like it was crying its eyes out. The garden has never smelled so fragrant... And I'm constantly cold. I think something big is going to happen. And soon.

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4/5/2018 10:54am

Oddly enough, I already know my way around the school. Huh. Something weird is going on.

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4/2/2018 9:59pm

I feel like I used to be someone else... I know this sounds weird.. But... Who was I? This one girl, she disappeared a 3 months ago. I feel like I know here, even though I'm new here. I think her name is @Glitter...

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