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4/6/2017 10:34am

One of the most traumatic experiences at my old school was having to attend Mask Church every weekend. There we all sat in the pews in our masks, looking all the same, with the Mask Priest mumbling on (you couldn't hear anything they said because of the mask) until it was time for the Unmasking. There was a little fold out wall they'd bring out on the stage and one by one we'd walk up and stand behind it--where no one could see--and take off our mask and recite the Mask Litany. It took like just a minute or two (depending on how fast you sped through it) then you'd put your mask back on and walk back to your seat.

At the time it just seemed normal, but looking back at it I realize it really creeped me out.

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3/25/2017 11:12am

It's taken me a long time to get used to being in public without my mask, but I cheat and wear makeup. Or change my hair, or just do it mentally. It's the mental part I go to therapy for--How Not to Wear a Mental Mask in Public 101. I like the therapist and I really believe they are trying to help me, but how can she say that she's not wearing a mask when she's in our sessions? Or outside our sessions? AFAIKT everybody's hooked to their mental masks but I'm the only one who knows it.

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3/6/2017 7:05pm

At my old school everyone had to wear a mask. It was a rubber mask of Queen Elizabeth, and you could only take it off in your room, in private.

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