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Time to Unplug a Class?
3/30/2017 8:32pm

Walking through the courtyard, littered with horrifying plastic clown body parts, it's clear how important the Knights of the Wig have been in keeping us safe. For days now we've all heard the swishing and swooshing of their swords as they lop of the heads of those nightmarish circus monsters, and we've all been walking through the puddles of whip cream and spilled pop corn and sticky clown syrup on our way to our classes....

So I don't want to seem ungrateful when I say perhaps @bettricia and @Sir Olaf McHandshake are going too far by casting suspicion on all the Clowns working at Psyhigh these days. It seems wrong to stereotype a whole group of people just because they're... Clowns. Plus, they're not even plastic clowns. And they might have taken those positions left open following the reality deportations, but don't Clowns need jobs too?

When I started this protest, it was specifically about VELKOR THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS choice of curriculum. And his sexual harassment. But, as an intersectional psychic, I think it's really dangerous to begin labeling entire groups of people. And I can't condone the work of the Knights of the Wig beyond their traditional, artisan, horrific plastic clown slaying.

Time to Unplug a Class?
3/24/2017 2:18pm


Hey everybody did a great job in class today breaking the back of systemic oppressive power relations! @Gylfie and @Crystal Rosethorn set the semantic buffers right up near the chalkboard, which definitely slowed VEKLOR THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS down as he attempted to maintain his tyrannical position of superiority. Then @mimi alexander was ready with the Neural Correlates argument, and while he was distracted with that I hit him with the Argument of Simplicity and sliced him wide open with Occam's razor. Seriously, without a room full of fascist misogynists to back him up, his dualism just crumbles away.

Meanwhile, great work on the posters, @Miranda Ashdove -- love the art! That giant head of VEKLOR THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS on the baby body is fantastic, and I'm sure also helped keep him off balance. Also the fact that @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. keeps leaving him voicemails and clogging up his DMs.

This isn't the end of things, I'm sure. VEKLOR THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS could push back harder after this, maybe pull some BS with the Zombie Argument... and there's still those Horrifying Plastic Clowns out there, who might be nastier than ever following our win today. So everybody stay safe out there! And keep those Anti-Clown Goggles handy!

Time to Unplug a Class?
3/15/2017 7:26am

The teacher for "Unplugging the Animal" is VEKLOR THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS. He's a jerk. You've probably heard of him because he's a part-time coach for Mayan Mind Wrestling, and the leader for the Society of Self Satisfied Psychic Athletes on campus. Even the cheerleaders in my class agree he's a creep.

But I'm not talking about some petition @Glyfie. I mean direct action. You should gather all your friends and come to my class today and demand to enter the classroom and ask all the hard questions like "Why is your understanding of modern cognitive neuroscience so lacking?" and "When will you stop looking down my shirt?"

Seriously. This kind of Cartesian Dualism has no place in our curriculum because it's completely outdated, ignores all of the most up to date research, and only serves to maintain existing exploitative power structures. Now is the time we take a stand!!!

Time to Unplug a Class?
3/12/2017 6:45pm

I'm in a class called "Unplugging the Animal" and I really *don't* suggest you take it @Glyfie. It's all about how our biological component (which means desire, fear, aggression) messes up your mind and you need to separate yourself from it and only pay attention to the spirit and the abstract concepts that connect us to the infinite.

What a bunch of patriarchal BS.

Sure, there's the reptilian mind argument (see @Serpentes), and that the addictions of the body like pleasure, depression, survival, domination, etc., all lead to a lowering of psychic power. But what about the power of love, and maternal care, and the creative power (yes including reproduction), and altruism when you're helping another life form survive?

It's the same old oppression of our bodies by the Men who control the curriculum at Psyhigh. But if I pull out of the class now I'll lose my credit, so all I can do is stay in it and somehow hope to pass and not lose my soul.

I suggest that you, @Glyfie, and @Crystal Rosethorn and @Briar Rose and @Meeg Eiderdown and @Tina ECHO and @Miranda Ashdove and @Klarya and @Ava Elisabeth all audit the class and protest and maybe we can all SHUT IT DOWN!!!