Meeg Eiderdown

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3/23/2017 10:02pm

It's a fine line between seeing the future and making the future. But it's also an absolute distinction.

Or is it? Compare and contrast.

That's a classic Psyhigh essay question. I answered it so many different ways on so many different tests that I didn't know what I believed anymore. It became unclear to me what the question even was.

So I started to test the tests. I wrote down what I'd have for lunch, who I'd sit by, and voila! It would happen. Sometimes I'd write about missing the bus, then--sure enough--something would come up and I'd be too late by a block. But it wasn't any clearer what was really going on. Was I seeing predestined moments? Or living in self-fulfilling prophecies?

That's why I sent away for the "Free Will or Predestination Home Test."

And that's why I now live on the white-knuckled roller coaster of the truth.

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Children's Circle
3/6/2017 8:32pm

I remember it was field day at Children's Circle and nobody told me. The teachers had made tunnels and slides by putting tumbling mats on the stairs around the folded up bleachers and we were supposed to climb up them and slide down I suppose but it was clear that in the shadows behind and between the tubes were giant spindly spider legs and rustling and darkness.