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3/10/2017 4:39pm

Mom has car trouble again. Picking me up at school and it wouldn't start. Tried jumping it with my Teen Angst but no luck. We've got bigger problems than that. Mom's always had a luck vacuum around her, but it's getting worse--big black lampreys sucking on her back and they're getting bigger all the time...

So we're waiting for the Spirit Possession Retrieval Co. to come see if they can get these big black luck lampreys out of the engine. Mom's a mess for a lot of reasons but more credit on the Karma Kard is going to mean more bills. I'd take the bus but frankly Mr. Fiddlesticks has been freaking me out too, @Dylan Ashcroft.

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The House of Pie and Chocolate Syrup
11/28/2016 6:44pm

I agree that waiting for lawyers from the human world and barristers from the Good People to work this out could take a very long time. More time than our fellow students may have, because the longer they stay in that land, the more their minds will degrade. Just look at wee @Crystal Rosethorn, poor thing!

@Briar Rose, I agree that we have no other alternative than to take matters into our own hands. And while my great grandfather back in Rathcullen had some similar experiences with the Good People, I have no such experience myself.

But it looks as if @Luna might have the very skills we need, and has likely been following this developing story. And it seems that @nicola might know her way around a fairy ring as well.

I can only hope that @Luna will take the case, and lead an expedition into the heart of the land of the Good People and retrieve our missing friends and fellow students. Before it's too late!

11/17/2016 8:45am

Late for school again today. My mom's car wouldn't start and there was nobody around to jump us so I had to use my teen angst to start the car. We hooked one end of the jumper cables to the batttery and I held the other end in my hands and angsted out and it started right up.

I forgot to get a note though so I'm getting marked down in Phenomenal Reasoning. We just need to start getting up earlier. Why does school start so early when they know that teens need at least 14 hours of sleep a night??!!

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