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Sparks Fly
12/3/2016 11:57pm

My new roomba is haunted! Ha ha ha of course not JOKE!!! But it is acting up a lot.

I found it outside in the grassy strip between the dorms (what do you call that area??!) and it looked kind of sick, and hungry. It wasn't very heavy so I carried it in and it had just a little bit of life in its tiny arms and legs and when I put it on its back it waved them in the air like a beetle!

It has a little jack in the back and my cell phone charger fit so I let it charge up over night. The next day it was full of life and skittering across the floor on all fours and sucking up dust bunnies and dirt and I thought "Great! Free roomba!" so I left it all day when I was at class. But when I got back it had torn all the carpet off the floors and eaten the upholstery off the couches. "Bad! Bad roomba!" I said but it just ran under the bed and is burning cuss words into the baseboard with its laser eye I think.

@Mr. Hazeldell I was in your psychic engineering class last quarter is this something that you think you could help me out with? Thanks!!

Portal Ball Season
9/6/2016 8:35am

I play in the all trombone pep band and I want to know when we'll play Portal Ball against other schools @Miranda Ashdove I think our teams are good enough to make a varsity team. @Joli Murphy thinks so too!!!

Sparks Fly
9/1/2016 6:39pm

Did the same thing happen to you, @Nathaniel Rucker? I was charging my phone and there was a big spark and I picked it up and looked at the screen and it said HELP ME written backwards on it. In pixels. Then my phone rebooted and it went away. Lots of students on this floor are having weird electrical issues. They blame that @Alastor Dimitri kid.