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pop quiz
1/30/2017 11:09pm

Obviously shapes come in all different... shapes. But they also come in all different sizes. Lady HuuuuuniiiiIIII says there's more sizes than we can possibly imagine--even an infinite number of sizes, from the nano-microscopic (and smaller) to the impossibly-large universe filling (and bigger). But because of the infinite variation in size, there's always something bigger, or smaller. So what's the point? And why is it poking us?

Today she ran us through an obstacle course of shapes ranging from basketball to truck sized. We put on the goggles and could see the shapes laid out over the rolling grounds, down the hill from the administration building and into Woodhull Field. Lady HuuuuuniiiiIIII blew the whistle and we all tore down the hill and whisked through the shapes as fast as we could. Space and time around them was slippery and we started to go faster and faster. I glanced over at @Klarya and she winked at me and swished off around the last few shapes like she was skiing in the Olympics. But while I was watching her I wasn't looking where I was going and ran right into a big knobby purple star shape. Ow. It knocked the wind out of me and I landed on my butt. But what was worse was that I couldn't get it out of my mind after that. Literally. It was stuck there.

For the whole rest of the day it stayed stuck in my head and it was really bugging me. So I went to visit @Caroliner Rainbow in her van. She wasn't in class today. She misses at least a day a week and I worry about her. But she fixed me a cup of her special tea and asked me questions till the shape came right out of my head and lay there on the blankets on the floor of the van, shivering.

Reality Accident
1/21/2017 11:54am

So I'm at the Psychic Women's March downtown and it's packed! I went with @Klarya and @Caroliner Rainbow, and @Darla Darby is with us and the rest of Psychic Feminist club. It's so great to be standing together in solidarity with students from Mystical High and Satanic High and Theosophical Academy. I'd say people are equally concerned that Unpredictable High School kids are going to either start breaking windows or go into a spontaneous flash mob rendition of "We're All In This Together" from High School Musical. The Psychic Feminist club from Mummy High is in charge of security though, and they're pretty imposing, standing like statues on every block. They're also in charge of the mind control for the non-psychic bystanders, making sure they don't see anything confusing. Like the leafy "garden babies" that Corn Children Vocational School feminists conjured up to run around carrying tiny signs.

Yay!!! Psychic Feminists Unite!!! Stand up for your rights as a Psychic Feminist!!! Protect your rights to you ALL of your powers!!!

pop quiz
1/15/2017 8:01pm

Like any student, I'm lucky to have my own personal interests align perfectly with my studies. I'm talking of course about how Invisible Life Hacks and Dangerous Shapes and Dangerous Shape Studies have SOOOO much in common!

EVERYTHING is about shapes, ya know? The past has a shape you can see, the future is made of shapes you're discovering, and the present is how you feel out those shapes in the future and figure out the right shapes to fit into it. Which is where Invisible Life Hacks come in, and understanding the Shapescape and proactively working with it.

But Dangerous Shapes and Dangerous Shape Studies takes it to a whole other level. In Lady HuuuuuniiiiIIII's class EVERYTHING is dangerous, even if it's the shape of a fried egg sandwich, or buying a bus ticket. Because anything can be used by a weapon if you're Lady HuuuuuniiiiIIII. She just wants us to understand the shape of things to come.

And it's a great class because @Caroliner Rainbow is really mellow and she's my friend. And it's got @Klarya who always has something to say. And the best part is it's totally a class I'm gonna get an A in!!!

Shapes to you!!!

New Year, New You
12/29/2016 12:13pm

Ever since I got into Invisible Life Hacks my life has been so much better. Like this one. It is like a milky green trapezoid that I use to stand on when I can't see over the counter of the "Life's Little Surprises" convenience store. I mean, if it wasn't invisible and you could see it. Or the hairy brown glove that I wear when I need to use my five-fingered discount in the Priceless Luck Dollar Store.

I sent the results of my personality test to @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. in a two dimensional flat-rate envelope via two-day psychological air. Can't wait to see what my New Year holds! In the meantime I'll use the Cinderella "Dream-a-Little-Dream" Invisible Life Hack to whip up something swanky for New Year's Eve. See u all there!!!