Harmony Rose

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Reality Accident
9/24/2017 7:56am

It seems that I have unlocked my abilities at the worst time. As soon as I read the text on the welcome page, it was as if I was being shot into space, everything around me moving. Unable to scream, or even breath for that matter, I watched as lights and figures shot past my being. I am now trapped in some sort of time loop, the same day has been repeating itself over and over again for what feels like years. It seems that I'm within the same world as before, just stuck on a random day. I cannot find a way out, and no means of psychic ability, or any other ability (I've tried a few witches but to no avail), has helped me. Could this be an effect of the reality problem, or something else? Hopefully, someone can help me, this whole time loop thing is getting old. Thanks in advance loves!