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Human Head Transplant Series
10/8/2016 9:41pm

I applaud the heads! In the future, we'll all be disembodied heads, operating mining machinery on Io, or working at a 7-11 on the moon. I can't wait to meet these forward-thinking individuals and congratulate them on their courage. I heard there's a room where you can get a few out and play with them, tossing treats into their mouths or tickling their noses with feathers. I think there's a live cam too - I'll try and find the link and post it.

Future Realities and Relating Madness
8/26/2016 2:30pm

Oh I totally agree, it is so filthy and utterly foul down under the giant mecha-turtle there is no way I want to be on that end of things, @Alice. I am picturing a corner office in one of the highest spires on top of the turtle with an artificially intelligent desk chair that provides Shiatsu and mixes me artisan organic energy drinks.

But it's so prescient that you bring up other planets, @Alice, because that's exactly where we're headed! We figure this planet has another 100 years left in it tops (though we're working on accelerating that schedule) at which time we'll need to launch a whole fleet of mecha-turtles to start devouring other planets. Of course we'll need to figure out how to breed the labor staff (or "slaves") to live in hard radiation environments and not breathe, but it's just that kind of challenge that I find exhilarating, and a proper use of my talents.

Future Realities and Relating Madness
8/19/2016 1:39pm

I came to Psyhigh because I want to build the future. My older brother went to Shaman Montessori K-12 and now he is decidedly NOT building the future, and works at the bins for Witches' Goodwill, catching bedbugs off their second hand hexes.

I've seen the future, and it's a massive mecha-turtle being carried on the backs of thousands of human slaves. From a distance it looks like it's on tank treads or centipede legs but when you get closer you see it's all people, covered in grime and soot but moving the giant shiny mecha-turtle forward inch by inch.

On top, the mecha-turtle's shell is all glass and chrome, its beak is titanium and its eyes shine like ruby lasers. Inside it's air conditioned and carpeted and people work at desks designing the next generation of shell and beak and eyes, or new ways to optimize the hierarchy and get the whole thing moving faster.

Someday it'll be me up there in those shiny air conditioned drivers seats, building the future. That's why I enrolled at Psyhigh.