Calling All Ghosts

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Nate Sun
- 7/15/2015 1:58pm

The outdoor pool on lower campus is haunted. It seems like it's full of people but it's not. I hear people splashing and laughing and having fun, and you can see them plain as day from the manor house. But walk down there and when you get close it's all just floaties - inflatable mattress rafts and donut shaped tubes that look like frogs - all completely still except for the breeze that they are drifting in.

Is there a ghost swimming party club you're not invited to if you're not a ghost? Because if so that doesn't seem fair.

Nate Sun
- 7/16/2015 2:26pm

I received a response to my letter of inquiry concerning the private ghost swimming party (and any other private ghost parties I might not know about) and the secretary of the Ghost Student Council (did you know they have a whole shadow student government?) said that when they start getting invited to private living-person parties, they would invite them to theirs.

This is all a terrible misunderstanding. I don't think anyone is *not* inviting ghosts to their parties on purpose. I think it is just a problem with communications.

So now I'm inviting ghosts to everything I do. Like right now I have a little candle and a bell and I'm calling a Psyhigh writing party! C'mon ghosts!!

- 7/16/2015 2:27pm


Nate Sun
- 7/16/2015 4:49pm

Way to go, @kat666g! I know you ghosts can do it! I mean, you can move chairs and chains and stuff around, so just keep concentrating on those keys on the keyboard and knock something out!

i heart ghosts! let's have a ghost cheer, @Gretel!

- 7/16/2015 6:18pm

I heard I was needed? Something about a ghost cheer, @Nate Sun? Well, I'll try my best.

Welcome to our underworld,
A land often not seen or heard,
With death stories glum and absurd,
We welcome you into our herd!

The living think they've got it all,
But their lofty egos sure would fall,
If they could glimpse the Ghostly Psyhigh halls,
And join in our haunted, forlorn calls!

There are many layers of reality,
Which not everyone has the gift to see,
Though if you could you would agree,
Of all 60 versions of this academy...
*brief pause*
(Everybody now!) Ghostly Psyhigh is the best, obviously!

I hope that will suffice, or at the very least pacify our see-through peers. From personal experience I know how... difficult the deceased can be. Always stubborn, easily confused by pop culture, and insisting that you're their daughter who died several decades ago.... This does make me wonder though, @Morris, why didn't you enroll in that Psyhigh instead of ours? Oh, and I advise everyone to avoid going outside from around 3:12 pm - 4:57 pm tomorrow. I had a prophetic dream about it raining hunks of glass shards shaped like cats. Weird, right? I'm probably wrong, but I'm buying a heavy-duty Matching by Mattie brand umbrella anyways. Better safe than sorry.

Nate Sun
- 7/19/2015 4:58pm

In order to create better human/ghost relations, I have been researching ways to attract ghosts and make them feel welcome. Here are a few of my discoveries:

1. Wear appropriate clothing! Psychic High School's @Matching by Mattie's love tips are in many times applicable to ghosts. In this case, wearing clothes that ghosts feel comfortable around. This will have a lot to do with what kind of ghosts you attract. For instance, I have been wearing lots of frilly 19th century clothes, like big hoop skirts, ruffled blouses with poofy sleeves and flamboyant cuffs, and oversized goggles.

2. Wear your appropriate clothing backwards! Ghosts live in a kind of mirror world, where everything looks like our world but is reversed, and playing cards march around and attack you and clocks talk. To better coax ghosts into our world, wearing your clothes backwards in a great first step.

3. Talk, write, and if possible, think backwards. These skills take some practice, but will further endear you to the Ghost World. Practice writing cursive left-handed backwards, and keep a diary. Record your speech and play it backwards at half speed, then practice repeating individual phrases out loud. Once you've memorized your speech backwards, invite friends over to enjoy your presentation. Make sure to have them all sit down at once, and then applaud. Once their applause it over, immediately begin your speech.

Thinking backwards will become easier once you have mastered these simple skills, and you'll be on your way to better ghost relationships in no time!

- 7/21/2015 3:52pm


harriet brown
- 7/22/2015 5:16am

i am a ghost. i am dead. nothing. less than a mere vapour or a conglomerate of spirits. i am powerless and floating- wispy, mindless and frail. how i managed to type this is a mystery as my hands are mere feathery collections of nothingness. i am a ghost. i am nothing.

the lack of capital letters in this is terrifying. but ghosts dont need to conform to the rules of grammar.

Clara Sykes
- 7/22/2015 7:18am

I have had a long ghostly life since I died, hanged for murdering a friend. I will say it once and not again, it was not me. I was 23 years old and the year was 1920. I was studying literature in the university in Paris. My entire living life I had spent in Paris growing up with class and style. I was engaged with the love of my life, a starry eyed gentleman from London. He was the reason I chose to be a ghost, I could have passed on to heaven but instead I dedicated my ghostly years on making sure he would live life to the fullest. Time passed and his life ended, he died of old age. And though I have been looking for two months in the spirit world, I am almost sure he chose to go to heaven. Now I have nothing to occupy my dead life with and yesterday I decided to enroll at Psychic High School.

Nate Sun
- 7/22/2015 3:05pm

I'm glad to see my ghost attracting techniques are starting to pay off! It looks like two have fully formed from the ectoplasm - @harriet brown and @Clara Sykes - and a couple more trying to form (go @raqk! c'mon @kat666g! Maybe we need another cheer from @Gretel?)

I take this as evidence that my Ghost Attraction Techniques (patent pending) are paying off (see last post), so I'm continuing to follow ALL of them (except I'm holding off on writing this journal backwards for the time being, just for ease of use of you, my rapidly adoring public. Gee, am I channeling @Matching by Mattie enough yet?

There's a new technique I'm adding to my Ghost Attraction Toolbox, and feel free to try it out yourself.

4. Ghosts love tap dancing! Maybe not tap dancing themselves, but they are easily mesmerized by the rapid rattatattat of a good tap dance. You can accomplish this by immediately enrolling in Ghost Tap Class here at school (don't you just love our dance teachers?) and wearing your tap shoes everywhere. You can also just attach bottle caps to the bottom of your sneakers and carry around a plywood board to drop down and tap out when and whereever you like! I, personally, have also been practicing dancing Flamenco to Led Zeppelin in my friend's grandma's old wooden house. It has a very good resonance, both on the sound and ectoplasmic scales.

If you add this simple trick to your Ghost Attracting repertoire, I'm sure we'll have enough ghosts for the biggest ghost/non-ghost party on campus ever!

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