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The Valentine's Heart Throb Dance
2/14/2016 8:11pm

Here I am, dressed to the nines with Omega, and the whole school is dancing to one beat. It's a phenomenon I haven't seen in a long time, everybody feeling the same rhythm, experiencing the same emotions, and seeing the same colors as everyone else. Usually I'm repelled to any Valentines Day festivities, but between the loud music and mysteriously glowing beverages, I'm starting to warm up to the holiday.
Oh, the heart is starting to beat faster, I can barely think, because the whole school seems to be falling in love with each other. It's an odd feeling, trying to express your own private emotions to someone while simultaneously wanting to kiss the girl sitting next to you... This is starting to get to me. I think it's time to step outside.
The outside decorations are beautiful. There is a lot less pink everywhere. We are sitting on the concrete bench under the willow tree, just talking, looking out at the black pond that reflects the dancing fireflies blending with the yellow starlight. The fireflies are a nice touch, I'd have to say, and Climate Control has done a great job getting rid of the snow.
In there, it's kind of chaotic, but we can barely hear the music of "Careless Whisper" emanating from the dance hall. I put my head on his chest and we rock back and forth. It's actually kind of nice to be separated like this, but still part of the community. Plus, I just remembered that chocolate goes on sale tomorrow, which is a nice thought.

1/24/2016 11:22am

I got sucked into another dimension this time.
I was walking around the building, rather inconspicuously, and out of a hole under a pine tree popped the crazy old guy, and he gave me another jar labelled [TACO SEASONING] and it was full of purple dust, but I thought, "oh maybe he used dried beets this time," so I took it, went home, grabbed my taco stuff and made me a GIGANTIC taco, and it tasted a little bit like pickles but then I collapsed.
And I woke up on a purple looking planet, and I could clearly see all of the stars, but then my hair felt kinda weird so I went to feel it and make sure it was okay, but I realized that it was sticking straight up, and I got up and immediately fell up, I guess, and I had to pull myself under a tree branch to keep from floating away. That's when I realized I was on a different dimension.
And then I heard some guy shouting at me, and GUESS WHO IT WAS. But this time he had a little machine labelled [POCKET-BACK-TO-MY-DIMENSIONATOR] and he zapped me with it and now I'm here, and I'm ready to give that man what he deserves.
But I'm feeling kinda lightheaded, too...
How am I going to explain this to my teachers?

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1/18/2016 8:13pm

Well, I think I disappeared for a moment there, but I have a perfectly logical explanation for it.
Oh jeez, it's been about a week and a half, as Thom tells me. Yes, a week and a half ago, I thought I had found the perfect recipe for the perfect taco- alas, the ingredients were not perfect and the taco combusted rather spontaneously, leaving me covered in ash and taco guts. Oops.
So, I went about my plans to take over the taco shop. I walked around the cafeteria building, looking for vulnerabilities, and out of a hole popped this crazy old hermit, who grabbed my arm and muttered something about the lack of sense in the government.
I nodded in agreement and strolled back to my dorm. In my pocket was something that had never been there before- a small bottle labelled "TACO SEASONING." Obviously I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the taco accoutrements, seasoning the beef yet again. It really did taste good, except for when I had awoken from the trancelike state that usually accompanies the consumption of a taco, I was in a bright room with several small children and floating objects.
I thought I recognized some faces- could that be @Nobody? And @Scilph?- but this place was new to me. I checked my hands, as one might do if she had materialized somewhere strange, and indeed, they were the chubby, untrained hands of a toddler.
At least I was still 14 in spirit- then I could roll my eyes at the condescending voice of the leader of the group as we were directed to make several toys float around our heads. Some of the older children were simply the embodiment of pure evil, but these were the four through sixes, so that made sense.
My senses were dulled down, and I was stuck in this toddler body for what seemed like ages. The mundane plots of the picture books read to me, over and over, the whining noises, the grapes and crackers every half hour- it was a nightmare. I'm not sure what it was that got me out if there, but whatever it was, it was the Goldfish that broke the camel's back.
Back to Taco Shop Takeover. And I think I'll be throwing away that taco seasoning. If that was indeed "Children's Circle," I'm glad I was never a part of that.

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1/6/2016 3:22pm

It has been quite a while since I have had a taco. I need one, but unfortunately there are no tacos in the area. Why must the world be this way?
I used to go to the Taco Cafeteria, a tiny joint in the Cafeteria Building, where they served amazing tacos. The best part was the special psychic sauce that came with the al pastor. It disappeared from this reality a few weeks ago, sadly. Taco restaurants have failed to recognize the advantages of selling food near a boarding school, so I remain tacoless.
But wait! Ay Dios mío! What is this light I see? An idea, out of Nowhere. And here it is:
The taco store is/was on the fourth floor, one from the top. I knew the whole "disappearance" sounded very 1984 to me, so I investigated after the last LGBT+ meeting. The whole floor was closed off over break, and the button was removed from the elevators. My plan is to break into the fourth floor. With all of the creepy stuff at this school, there is no doubt it's still fully functional. It was only robots that worked there, after all.
If you need me, Omega, or Alix, we'll be drawing blueprints. We need a few more to add to our party, too, so if you wish to join, we'll let you. I know there are some of us who find the meager "tacos" on Tuesdays saddening, and we hope you brave souls will join.
So that's that. This week was my first week of second semester classes. I scheduled a few fun electives like Practical Levitation, so that'll give me an extra challenge. I also have a free period in which I've been making lost taco posters and flyers, as well as "Pearline will not drink your blood" pins, both of which have been extremely unpopular. *sigh* Thom gets me, and Pablo the Alpaca understands maybe.
I got a new tenor, too, which Omega was completely into. We've been playing together, even though our sweet jazz has done messed up things to people's ears. Is this the new Cassandra Project? (What happened to that, by the way? Why does everything keep disappearing? Where is my roommate?)
Anyway, sorry for the super-long entry, as I haven't been writing lately.
Pardon my subliminal messages. I really want tacos.

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Magic Staff
12/31/2015 7:29pm

UUNGH. I'm so tired from continually scrubbing @Young Jim Horner for four hours. Now his skin is clean- well, mostly clean. It's a little pink, still. Thom helped, but he didn't do much good, as he licked the blood off instead, which is just... ew. While I went shopping for new clothes I ran a bath. I figured if I took as long as I usually do to shop, his skin should be normal when I return. Poor guy, his clothes are so tiny. He is still pretty small, too, so I had to buy toddler clothes. There are some dapper kids' clothes out there! I just hope the ones I picked fit his style.
"Uh, P, can I have my clothes now?"
Oh, right! I have to hand James his clothes! I hope he got the rest of the blood out... (As long as it hasn't stained the bathtub, too!)

Magic Staff
12/30/2015 11:27am

Well, finally someone donated their blood. Thank the gods @Hemo the Magnificent didn't put up anti-vampiric bulletins all over the school... That would be embarrassing. But now @Young Jim Horner is back to normal, and @Nobody is coming to Krezner 4-22 (in case you forgot) to deliver his snake, er, magic staff.
In other news, I found a giant sleeping in the woods by the library emitting large amounts of arcane energy. Judging from the boring grey mass that was his soul, he was a Normal. I think whatever arcane energy he ran into knocked him out. Poor soul.
I hope I'm not a vampire. I find the whole teen vampire cliché a little overused as a whole, and I don't think my teeth are oversized or pointy? I also hate it when I have to drink blood for the family rituals when my aunt comes over. (I think she's a hemamygdal, so that would make sense...) I just don't get why Mr. Magnificent is out to get me. I surely don't look like a vampire. I have super tan skin and dark blonde hair, practically the opposite.
Anyhow, I am glad James is okay.

Magic Staff
12/30/2015 9:20am

And don't you dare try the vampire stuff on me, it doesn't work. I love garlic on food, but not when everyone wears it as perfume. The blood is to double his mass, the star is the energy that binds his soul with the blood, so he can really grow.

Magic Staff
12/30/2015 8:55am

@Hemo the Magnificent, I am thoroughly offended. You seem to have generalized the minority, here. NOT ALL SOULLESS PEOPLE ARE VAMPIRES, and the only reason I want ONE SINGLE DROP OF BLOOD FROM ONE PERSON is to help a friend. I am not asking to drink the blood of the whole school, because that would be disgusting. I am surprised that you, of all people, have failed to recognize the significance of blood in psychic experimentation. So for one last time, if you wish to help out @Young Jim Horner, you know I am fully qualified to handle your blood, and I will surely not attempt to drink it or anything. Hemo just got the wrong idea from a first impression.

Magic Staff
12/29/2015 1:34pm

Chill out, tiny one! I just need a single drop of blood from anyone but me... a drop should be enough mass to get @Young Jim Horner back to normal. Actually, it would be nice if someone had a drop of Jim's blood... Have you donated before?
Anywho, please talk to me if you're willing to give up even more blood for Mr. Horner, or if you managed to find a vial of blood labeled with his name.

Magic Staff
12/29/2015 1:32pm

Chill out, tiny one! I just need a single drop of blood from anyone but me... a drop should be enough mass to get @Young Jim Horner back to normal. Actually, it would be nice if someone had a drop of Jim's blood... Have you donated before?
Anywho, please talk to me if you're willing to give up even more blood for Mr. Horner, or if you managed to find a vial of blood labeled with his name.

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