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3/5/2016 1:24pm

Due to an important exam in Galactic Monopoly I have and will be spending most of my time revising property prices of moons and interstellar trade routes. I am currently in the boiler room with Cerberus guarding the door in case anyone tries to distract me. The boiler room is uh, proving problematic for @Meat Mathieson anyway, so maybe Psychic Crime Club meetings could be held in S-AL? I don't know. I just wanna pass this course, or the three month long Monopoly game with Claude will have been for nothing!

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2/26/2016 10:46am

Cerberus? You okay? You want this uh, *reads packet* dog food?

*deep growling*

uh okay, when you're ready...

Cerberus limped down to the boiler room after the epic showdown between him and an ancient greek hydra. He has a tear in his ear, a few cuts and has a bad leg, but after taking him to the psychic veterinary lab I'm assured that his leg is not broken and just needs rest. He'll be up to mascot duty soon I'm sure.

I'm not quite sure what condition Claudette is in but I'm sure @Nobody is taking good care of her. Thank god the fight was stopped quickly, due to the Carcasonne game we were playing. I knew board games could save the Psyhigh!

As for the crime club... Maybe we could use the boiler room as a temporary HQ?

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Psychic Crime Club
2/21/2016 2:28pm

The past few days have seen a lot of changes to the Psychic Crime Club. Congratulations @Nobody for assuming president! Celebratory Cluedo is needed I think?

There have been a few setbacks obviously, such as Cerberus coming very close to taking a bite out of @Steak Richardson, but I'm sure Nobody will have it running smoothly soon. I think Cerberus should be our mascot. His fanged, ferocious dog face is the perfect portrayal of the club.

I uh, attend on casual fridays, as the suits just slip off my projections, and I don't want the team to look unprofessional because of me. Plus I'm practicing a lot of 10 dimensional chess. There's a universal tournament in the coming months, with beings from all over the galaxies traveling here to compete. Some have been traveling for thousands of years ago to get earth on time. Their families will be long dead when they return home, maybe even their civilizations reduced to dust. Lets hope they at least leave with a trophy!

As for future crime club endeavors... Do we go classic, like a jewel heist? Or do something new, never been done before, like uh... uh....

We'll think of something.

2/17/2016 11:04am

Hey @Alra Mist! Thats uh, me! Most people don't take much notice as keeping three or more projections up doesn't allow for much socializing. Come down to the boiler room for a game of Othello! The counters change colour according to your mood. I would recommend exploding scrabble but Claudette, @Nobody's dragon, has eaten the pieces.

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Psychic Crime Club
2/16/2016 6:02am

Well uh... Psychic Crime Club's first heist was in no way a success. One might even say, total and utter failure, but hey, it was the first! I think, the crime club is all about training and recognising future criminals potential, and developing their skills. There are many more future endeavours to come I am sure!

I mean, it would help if half the members weren't in a cryogenically induced coma right now, but there are obviously things to be improved on. I'm sure there's a loophole in the Heart's contract which can get unwilling participants off caretaker duty? I hope so.

Good news is @Nobody made it out, which means it was only a 80% casualty rate, which isn't as bad as some clubs, such as Shark Circus or Incredibly Contagious Diseases Fan Club. I was looking everywhere and I'm so relieved- I mean uh, it's not like I was worried or anything, uh, obviously, I was just upset because uh... uh....

*Second projection appears*

{Stop babbling Walls. What we WERE wondering is why @Rex Turbo can declare himself president when there is a seasoned survivor of the heist, (Not me, I'm only an associate), an original member who maybe has first right to president, maybe... And since @Nobody was being cut out of the carnivorous couch in the senior lounge, I uh, went down to the haunted parking garage for her, and got caught up in uh-}


*Second projection disappears*

Help me set up this game of Downfall.

Psychic Crime Club
2/15/2016 1:18am

No no no this is all wrong... We were all in the hall getting ready, I was watching every exit, and then a huge monstrous hole opened up in the stage, and everyone stopped dancing... Stopped breathing... It was so silent in that moment, I swear everyone's hearts had stopped.

Then we saw it and... My projections were instantly dissipated and pulled back into the Walls. I has to focus on one thing, and one thing only. Nine glass cryopods, with tubes attached and wires connecting straight to the heart, but strangely, four were empty. I glimpsed the heart and... The pulsating, glittering, omniscient heart... I was overwhelmed with a sense of community, oneness, and love. Students eyes glazed over, and everyone started swaying...

Then @Tammy Reins started climbing into a cryopod.

Then @Sef the Magnificent.

And then pulled myself together, and sent out as many projection onto the dance floor. The instantly went slack and joined in with the swaying. I managed to divide the enormous pressure of the heart between the projections, so I could think somewhat clearly again, but I could still feel its inescapable presence. I tried to yell at @Wendy. Bullet Witch., but she couldn't hear me, and climbed into a pod herself.

Guys, stop, this is all wrong! You're giving up a year of your life rotting in cryosleep, being fed through tubes, your muscles and your mind degrading, consumed by the energy of the Heart!

You're going to miss out on everything, your family and friends, your classes and everything wonderful you would learn, the sunrise and sunset, music, running, dancing, the simple freedom of moving and having a physical body! Don't give this up!

Snap out of it!!

And where is @Nobody? She must have gone invisible, I can't see her anywhere!

Psychic Crime Club
2/13/2016 10:34am

I've been looking in on the dress rehearsals. Only for a couple minutes, to see if any cool is happening like a scuffle breaking out or if @Wendy. Bullet Witch. is using any Phoenix Dragon Bullets. She is very scary, but the bullets are quite beautiful.

Also, to check if @Nobody is okay and to deliver sprinkles on the hour. By the way, if CERTAIN PEOPLE'S attitudes towards CERTAIN crime club members don't improve, CERTAIN PEOPLE are gonna have to FIGHT ME-

*Second projection appears*

{Woah woah woah shush Walls are you insane? Sorry, there must be an imbalance of antagonism in that projection. We'll get better at that. No one is fighting anyone.}

Oh boy, I can make 'murderousness' on two triple word scores in exploding scrabble!

{I hope no one gets hurt tomorrow. I'm gonna have my eyes on every wall for you guys, not participation obviously, but just uh, to be safe.

I was going to open up the basement for a open board game club thing. I realised that, as much as I try, most of my board games don't get played very often. I also realised, when I went to put a poster on the door, that there is no door. It is blocked and obscured by piles of boxes. (With board games in). So the cleaning androids have been clearing a path between the door and the square of clear space in the middle. Where the couch is, and tables are (rectangular stacks of board games). It's chill. I get two more dimensions from the government this week, which means I can set up TWO lots of 10 dimensional chess!}

Are you serious?? 'Enraged' on a delayed explosion square? I'm on fire.

{You're right. Sigh, I'll call the dousing androids.}

*Projection disappears*

2/11/2016 12:49pm

Just to be uh, clear, this isn't a resume and the application date has passed. Plus, I'm flying straight. I recycle and stuff.

But if anyone uh, needed any kind of intel or uh, a 'lookout' of sorts... The walls have eyes...

Hey! Forget what I said about a temporary gaming buddy, @Nobody dropped by and we played Farkel, made a bazillion times better by the radioactive dice. You gotta throw em quick, so you don't get too much radiation damage. She's at a bit of a disadvantage having a physical body and all, but I don't think her hand blistered too much.

Boy, it feels like I haven't played exploding scrabble in FOREVER. I miss the layer of smoke that settles in the room. It uh, hides the mess.

By the way, if anyone sees my projections around standing stationary with a blank expression, I'm probably playing 10 dimensional chess. I'm brushing up on my skills to start a club. It takes 10 dimensions of concentration to play. If you are short a few dimensions, you can buy up to three from the government, and undergo minor-ish brain surgery. I think you can get more from a shady dealer on campus though, for a smaller price. Back-alley lobotomy isn't as dangerous as it sounds, in this day and age!

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2/9/2016 12:25pm

New time travel regulations call for an adjustment in the trespassing on property section in the Galactic Monopoly handbook. Do you pay more depending on your speed? The time it takes to pass through? Time relative to whom? What about the model of your spaceship or the number of crewmembers? What if the ship is in distress? You have to be ruthless if you wanna start building uh, space hotels. Also, I guess 'GO' would just be the center of the universe. How do you get to the center if the universe is expanding?? Where do we get the manpower?? ? HOW DO I COLLECT MY $200? ??

There needs to be a better word for 'Space rent', its very important that we know it is to do with Space.

Also, I uh, need a new gaming buddy until I see @Nobody again... This would be unofficial really, and I should really be getting to know people... I've been categorizing my board games. If Battleships is 'Naval War', Chess 'War', should Checkers be um.. 'Soft War...?' I guess it isn't really fighting at all, apart from having two opposite sides and the ability to capture opponents pieces. I made a little hammock for those out of play, to lie in, and tiny soft drinks. Given how stressful enemy capture is, so I try to make sure they're comfortable.

I'm having second thoughts about the Valentine's Heart Throb Dance. The universe is great and all, but I'm not sure I want to understand it. I'd prefer to keep my ignorance and sanity, probably. Maybe blazing reality is overrated. Although, it would mean I'd finally understand logarithms. Pro's and con's.

Also, uh, big viscous blobs or reddish goo is seeping up (can something seep upwards?) through the floor... People keep getting stuck and being late for class. If any gets on the walls I'm going to be very grossed out. Is this something to do with the Heart of Psyhigh? The cleaning androids are really stressing. Maybe someone should steal the heart so it's weirdish sticky ooze doesn't ruin my board games.

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2/8/2016 1:22pm

The furnace is lit again. I would sit by it and roast marshmallows and other gelatinous substances if I could. The cobwebs are gone from the basement, partially by the hot air circulation the room has now, mostly because the cleaning androids came down to clean. I gave them party hats and we celebrated my return. Or at least, I put party hats on cleaning drones while they hoovered the dust. Now I can see the couch @Kristopher sleeps/slept on, when his bed was buried in the Great Board Game Avalanche of '15. Haven't seen him around. Wait, are the androids gone? We haven't even started the cake-

*Second projection appears*

{Woah Walls, a bit too much narcissism I think. Didn't you used to be more modest than this?}

I guess all my awkward is over there. I'm about to ask someone to the Valentines dance. Speaking of Cosmic Monopoly, someone's passing through Alpha Orionis. That star is my property, I think they owe me money?

*Third projection trembles in a hallway somewhere*

{Wait wha- OH NO STOP HIM}

*Projection disappears*

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