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9/23/2015 3:21pm

(It's quiet here, is it not?)

Whilst I wander the corridors of this Vast and Spacious school I see little to no students. Have they gone into hibernation over the cold seasons ? I know I was also one of the absent students but I assumed everyone would stay here. I mean, I know I'm a trendsetter but you mustn't be following me out of your education!

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9/23/2015 3:10pm

I'm often reminded of swimming pools.

Whenever I buy a packet of caramel flavoured snack-a-jacks I am reminded of the post swimming lessons snacks. My father would give me a pound to put in the vending machine and I would ALWAYS buy caramel snack-a-jacks. They don't put enough in the packet though, they're so good they deserve more.

Whenever I get a cold (Not often, I have a very strong immune system) I'm reminded of when I would get water up nose when diving and my nose would get really blocked up.

And whenever I get a really great haircut that immediately messes up the next day I'm reminded of the time when I got my hair cut as a child and the next day I had a swimming lesson with school and my hair just completely frizzed out. I cried when that happened.

It's the first day of Autumn and I am prepared! Apologies for my absence, I've been studying Meteorology in Scotland for a long time. Although I'm not sure how much of an appearance I will be making this year, I've been doing a bit of travelling, figuring out what subjects I'm really into, broadening my horizons and all that. I've been doing some writing as well. I do enjoy writing. Anyway it's nice to be back at Psyhigh, seeing my lizards 'thriving' ahaha. Yeah, some of them have grown to astonishing sizes! Yes... Maybe best to keep lizards in the small sizes but nevertheless!

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little werewolves
8/11/2015 5:47pm

*Shifts about* Hey so uh, I took a trip down to London the other night! Aha, yeah that whole pixie thing happened and I got a little nervous and it was all a bit you know, stressful. So I took a trip down to see some old friends! Sam, my trusty reptile dealer, was there of course, I don't think he'd forgive me if I went down to London and I didn't pay him a visit! We also met up with Elliot (He works in a museum, he's preserves all the stuffed animals and things), Laney (A nice girl who makes soap, I think @Matching by Mattie would like her) and the infamous Vampire Twins, Leo and Nick. They're infamous for pranking the HECK out of people like back in the ol' days those two used to really get around. Like, everyone had a crush on them back them cos they had this super cool reputation as master prankers and plus they're vampires and at the time the teen novels about vampires and werewolves were out (You know the ones).

Also does it seem strange how little werewolves there are at Psyhigh? There's a distinct lack of werewolves. I mean, Psyhigh is a very multicultural school! Ghosts, faeries, centaurs, what have you, yet there seems to be something missing... Werewolves! I mean maybe werewoves aren't real and I've just been brainwashed to BELIEVE that they're real but you know, I think they might be real... Who can say ?
(By the way, @Morris, it's cool that you're staying with Scilph and Eralonia again man. It was totally great having you stay!! I got some particularly luminous night lights whilst I was in London so I'm not TOO bad with the dark right now)

Sparkly Mayhem
8/7/2015 2:34pm

*Exasperated sigh* I can't believe this pixie business. It's like this school doesn't even have any defense system! Does it not even have any basic wards? Like to keep ANY malicious creatures out? (Magical or otherwise) NO I'M NOT WORKED UP ABOUT THIS I'M JUST CONCERNED ABOUT THE WELFARE OF STUDENTS (And myself)

Wait @Morris has been out for quite a while... He went to get a toothbrush from his room that doesn't take a long time, like his room isn't that far away. Maybe I should go see what he's up to, in case he's been ambushed by pixies or something... Oh but he might be with @Scilph and I don't wanna interrupt? But I guess I should go, you know to be safe and all. Augh I don't wanna go out to those pixies but! I must! For @Morris! *Does heroic pose and giggles*

He's at Dorm 667 right? Right yeah. I'll change into some stealth gear first so I don't get ambushed but those little buggers!! Don't worry I'm on my way !

Sparkly Mayhem
8/6/2015 4:59pm

Pixies? Yes! Pixies!! I can't believe how unguarded that forest is and how unguarded the creatures inside of said forest are. Like hey I thought it was common knowledge that pixies generally cause chaos and mayhem wherever they go and that they are pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to tame, but like hey maybe not everyone has this knowledge!! It's not like I'm angry about this but my lizards are kind of sensitive to pixie dust and/or ANY 'PRANKS' THAT PIXIES MAY PULL ON THEM!! Multiple lizards came home the other day covered in that sparkly pixie dust. I've sprayed my room with Pixee-Bee-Gone but they've got me whilst I've been out and about.

And @*Atlantica*, when you decided to take this pixie out of it's natural habitat you did realise that it's entire clan (Tribe?) would follow it? And like, I know pixies seem like a lot of fun and games but they're really hard to tame and get under control. They also prefer living in large groups which just makes them even harder to get under control. I mean you'd have to be at LEAST a tier nine in The Handling and Controlling of Magical Creatures.

*Shakes head* Sorry I've been going on haven't I.
In other news! I've been enjoying having @Morris staying with me! He's a great guy!! @Walls could have some competition here! Haha! (No I'm kidding Walls I love you *Makes heart with fingers*) It's been fun having somebody new staying though! I tried to get Morris to have a two person party (Or four person if he wanted to @Scilph and uh, Eralonia) last night but he wouldn't have it. He told me that you can't just throw parties at 3:40 in the morning, especially when you have all the lizards sleeping! And I said Hey these lizards like to party, come on it'll be a riot!! And he was like Krissi why do you always want to throw parties late at night/early in the morning, It would barely even be a party. And I was like Hey we have over 93 reptiles here to party with us. And he was like Sorry it's a no from me.

Oh yeah and @Nobody doesn't seem to come down here when Walls isn't here and like it's not like I'm bothered but that kinda sucks right? *Blushes and pushes hair out of face* I mean I think I'm just better at single played puzzle games like Solitaire and Sudoku and that balancing game, you know the one? I have been practicing 10 Dimensional Chess and I guess I'm getting the hang of it? I can get the whole 'I banish your High Bishop to the 7th Dimension' part but when it's get's to the capturing the other player's pieces from other dimensions I just have no strategy! I like button mash but in my brain and without buttons. You know.

8/3/2015 5:05pm

@Morris, Room number ? Um, I don't think we have one of those... But it's the boiler room! You know where that is right ? It's got the boiler/furnace and Miss @Nobody comes down here quite a bit to play board games. There's also a lot of lizards here. If you see a lizard then just follow it and you'll end up here! Unless that lizard has two tongues. In which case don't even go near it!

Oh yeah and GUESS WHAT. It WAS lizard puke that I stepped on earlier!! I know, totally gross! I tried to find out which lizard had done it but I think it's going to be hard to find out which one did it... I'll write to Sam (The Lizard Man) to see what he has to say about it, you know in case one of the lizards is sick. Haha yeah that reminds me! Sam wrote me a letter! He sent me a mixtape and he was all like 'Oh I missed you and it was real nice seeing you the other day and are you like single or whatever?' And for every song on the mixtape he wrote little like annotations like 'This song reminds me of you' and 'This is my snake's favourite song'. Man I better write to him about that...

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8/3/2015 2:53pm

That was wild. I mean wow all that happened at the same time as a party as well! And Mattie's...normal (?) again. I mean she's not crazy so normal, not exactly herself though. I'm sure she'll be fine again soon!

Ah I got all sticky at that party yesterday as well. Someone filled the balloons with..maple syrup? I mean I make sure to keep all my clothes charmed but I was only in a t shirt so my arms got all sticky. I met @*Atlantica* as well! She's very uh, excitable! I bet she would like lizards... Maybe I should send her -- AUGH!! What the--?? WALLS! @Walls come here!! Omigod look at this! Look I just stepped on...I don't even know what this is omigod. I can't believe this place. Gah where is he... He keeps insisting on watching The X-Files even though he can barely get past six episodes in one sitting...

Ohh what's this... *Picks up note scrawled on the back of a cut-out sudoku* Walls is going away for a while... I can clean up!! And he wants me to look after his board games. Hehe I can finally get up to scratch at Ten Dimensional Chess. There's just too many dimensions! Plus it's two player so I'm not allowed to play when @Nobody is around and Walls doesn't really like playing with me. (Maybe Miss Nobody would play some board games with me whilst Walls is gone...)
I'd look up a Ten Dimensional Chess guide on the internet but the wi-fi is AWFUL in here!! I think it's because the walls are so occupied with Walls, if you get what I mean. It blocks out the signal anyway.

*Leans in and whispers* Oh yeah I forgot, I mean... With Walls going away and all I'm gonna be alone down here and *fidgets* I can't sleep down here by myself okay!! I just get nervous! I mean I cast the right spells on the door and I've got a burglar alarm but still... Anyway if anyone you know, wants to come stay down here for a while or if anyone has you know, some space for me then that would be SO appreciated.

*Walls walks in*
"Did you call me?"
Omigod that was like TEN MINUTES AGO!! But yes!! Look at this what IS this?? *Holds up sock covered in sticky residue*
"Oh that's uh... You know..."
No I don't know!! Please tell me what it is!!
"Okay! I don't know what it is! It's probably some stupid lizard puke or something!"
EW THAT'S GROSS AND- Oh but hey what if *Smirks* what if it's some alien uh, goo? You know like from *Whistles the X-Files theme tune* Hey don't leave! I mean I love the X-Files as well! I wasn't teasing you!!

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The Horrific Makeover Crusade
8/2/2015 7:23pm


Also do I have to wear some of Mattie's clothing? I don't have any... I keep my wardrobe VERY well guarded and it didn't seem to be affected by Mattie's universe thingy!

ALSO AGAIN, Hello @*Atlantica*, I would lovve to introduce myself but I'm really rushing to get to Dorm 667. Basically I am the handsome room mate of @Walls and in another other life I was know as @slug master. I can assure you I am a MILLION times better than that guy though and a million times more handsome! *Laughs and winks*
Oh yeah and speaking of @Walls, he's having one of his 'I've watched too much sci-fi' naps. Those are even longer than his 'Stop talking to me about anime' naps (And those naps are pretty long!) I have a feeling he might not be around tonight... But if he was I'm sure he'd do something heroic!!

The Horrific Makeover Crusade
8/2/2015 6:11pm

Make up ? What make up? I haven't experienced any of this 'Mattie's gone crazy she's doing things with make up' business! Although I mean, that does sound like something Mattie would do... Well I mean, I don't EXACTLY understand what she has done! I mean I know what she's done but why is it such a calamity??
And I must say, as much as I love Mattie, I think she may have gone a little tooo far with the uh, you know what I mean. I know she wants everyone to be beautiful but I mean hey! You need to respect people's choices to be ugly, I mean, be themselves!

I read @Gretel's prophecy. AND I read what @Scilph had to say. I-I think I understand now? I meean okay, it's still a bit hazy. I get the gist of it all though! (I think?) Is there something I'm not getting about all this?
Maybe I'm just not smart enough for all this... No no! I'll learn! Yeah and I'll help everyone out! I know that @Matching by Mattie has gone mad and she's creating dimensions and covering people in make up and fashionable clothes and it's bad and... I don't understand that part. (She's becoming Fortuna??)

Oh but isn't there a party tonight! I'm thinking of going for a 'classy and casual' look. Sooo, I'll wear this top... With this jacket anddd these shoes. I've even got this hat! *Places bowler hat perfectly on head* *Winks* They say a hat can make or break an outfit hahah!! Oh and I'll make sure to put extra charms on this outfit, you know so I don't get it messed up if anything bad happens later... I don't know it that will be the case or not but you know, you've gotta think ahead.

7/31/2015 3:18pm

Wow I can't believe there was so much of a kerfuffle over that whole make up thing! I mean @Scilph looked pretty great! I mean, if Mattie had caught them whilst they weren't squirming so much (for example, whilst they were sleeping) I'm sure the turnout would have been EXCELLENT!

I must admit, I didn't really watch the broadcasting, @Nobody was there and I was a little distracted. Also Claudette ate like, THREE of my lizards!! I paid low low prices for those lizards but it doesn't mean I don't care about them!! I mean I'm not angry I still have uh... *Counts on fingers* I mean at least 87 lizards. I gave five to @Walls as a present, I think he appreciated it. I mean who wouldn't appreciate lizards!!
In fact that reminds me I meant to go and give @Matching by Mattie some lizards, I'm not sure if she appreciates animals but this is an exception isn't it, I mean they're LIZARDS come one!

And look at this *Pulls out lavender scented card with lizard drawings on it* I wrote her a little message saying that she isn't allowed to test any toxic makeup/soda on these lizards. I'm going to give her a gecko, a tri-horned tree climber, a shark eating land lizard and a colossal bed lizard. All you need to do is water them once every three days and they'll come along nicely! And if you're interested in purchasing these lizards from me I don't mind selling them to you/trading them (I'll trade them for most things, I have an extensive passion for multiple things)

Oh and if you see any lizards about the place then don't worry! I know how to get them to return, plus none of them are poisonous, oh apart from the two tongued chameleons (the orange ones). If you see one of them then REMEMBER all you have to do is stay still and sing any song that's been on Top of the Pops. They hate that show! So remember: One tongue, and of you pop. TWO TONGUES, sing Top of the Pops.

*Lizard crawls over the side of the sofa and flicks two tongues* OH UH-- (Which David Bowie songs were on Top of the Pops??) *Starts singing David Bowie*

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