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Fortuna Strikes Back
6/30/2015 3:01pm

This bloody weather I swear. Just as had packed a LARGE QUANTITY of my possessions into boxes and taken them down to somewhere cooler it just started SNOWING. Snowing? Really? Augh. I mean on the bright side at least I can wear clothes happily. Plus cold weather means I can wear hats and scarves! Maybe I can even start knitting again!

But on the worse side of things I've heard that this weather is coming from Fortuna's doing... I don't really know who she is but I've heard everyone talking about her and I know that she was at least connected a little to the whole EBIBs business. I know that @*Atlantica and @Morris did some research on Fortuna and she uh, I don't know, something about different time periods? She was around for a long time and it's weird though! I'm sure- SURE, that I remember a past life with Fortuna in. The same Fortuna I think, she was a malicious lady and um, the ending of that life is a little hazy...

I mean, that was a life from a while ago though. I don't, I don't remember where that even took place. Augh! I want to help so much but all the stuff in my head's all jumbled up.

I'm going to try and help though! I'm going to make a map of all the lives where I've come across this Fortuna girl or even heard anything of her or anything that could be helpful/related to this! I'll try my best to help this school! I may um, stay to myself a bit but I really do like it here and I mean, I do care about people here and all. I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone. And this is a particularly good life I don't want to go onto another one any time soon!
(Maybe I'm overreacting but I'm just worried about all this talk of Fortuna, I think she might be really bad)

6/29/2015 2:41pm

Hah.. haahh... Look who's hah, back! If anyone thought you could get rid of me then think again! *laughs nervously* But it seems I've come back to incredible heat. It's not much of a problem to me, well I mean, it is but it's not well, okay it's a problem. I'm not used to this... lack of clothes. I've been wearing a pair of loose(ugh!) jeans and a tin foil um, crop top (crop tops aren't just for girls) I've been leaving the tin foil in the fridge over night so it's reasonably cold. It all shows too much skin for my liking! I don't want to get tan or even worse, sunburnt. And the other MAJOR problem with this heat is that I can't wear hats! My hair looks awful! The heat's making it stick up but not in a cool and punk rock way. It's awful.

I'm sure everyone has been wondering where I have been of course! Haha yes let me tell you, it has been a fantastic uhm, week? Couple of days? It doesn't even matter! After finding all those cassettes the other day I decided to record a complete cassette re-telling my past lives and other experiences. I am shameless self promoting so here you can even listen to my cassette right here:
It's a little uh, 'indie' if you will. I even find an old picture of me from a past life for the front cover! I was rather proud of that little find. In fact I was rather proud of the entire thing! Yeah and-

There's a big one downstairs right? I'm sure @Walls can do something to help me with this. I am bring all of my clothes, music and photo albums down to the big fridge. I'm sorry if I'm being selfish but I /cannot/ let any of this get MELTED in this infernal heat! We're talking about my most cherished and prized possessions! I am moving this all immediately!

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6/25/2015 3:14pm

Oh and I heard that Paci/ @Pacifica (I don't know if I'm allowed to use nicknames yet...) is back! And that her and Morris went into some whack cavern together. Like, woah that actually sounded pretty insane and kinda spooky... I also heard that Pacifica has a crush or something as well (I'm just saying that to show that I'm up to speed with the gossip...) I hope you have a good time with your crush, honey *winks and grins shyly*

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6/25/2015 3:10pm

@Matching by Mattie was sleeping in one of my rooms earlier... I mean it's not confirmed to be my room and I mean all the past life stuff? That definitely isn't me. I didn't wake up her up though because I thought it might be uh, rude. I stuck around a while and made some notes on one of Brittany's past lives (the one where she starred in a show similar to Hannah Montannah and later got criticised for growing up) Mattie didn't wake up at all though, even when I clapped my hands really loudly (to get the dust mites attention)
I actually uh, well I drank a bit of the soda from the bottle she was holding, I wiped it so I didn't get any spit germs of course! But like MAN, that soda was FREAKY. I mean like, WOAH. I don't know what the heck was in it but it really got to my head! I don't quite remember what I did earlier but what I DO remember is finding a shoe box full of my old cassettes! Oddly enough I found them uh, I don't remember where exactly but it certainly wasn't my room. Anyway, they contained all of my old spoken word pieces. That includes chants, poems, Short Stories, a couple of songs (accompanied by piano) and a few segments of just me talking about my day. One of them contained 3 minutes of me laughing about somebody having a nosebleed, it still cracks me up like, it was just so FUNNY! When I listened to it (Through an old cassette player that I connected to a large amp) I just laughed for so long and like, I don't even remember stopping I just remember laughing for sooo long and then going to tell Mattie about these old cassettes, see if she was interested in buying some of these relics but she was still asleep and I stood laughing thinking, "Why wouldn't she be asleep you idiot!" I think I passed out at some point.
If anyone's interested in some comedy or spoken word cassettes than you know who to ask (I'm talking about me, please ask about my cassettes, they are my pride and joy)

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6/24/2015 3:24pm

*Yawwwn* I stayed up WAY too late last night and I even missed the picnic yesterday. Well, I have now made a, uh 'basic' diagram of all my favourite past lives! I forgot some and uh, got a little distracted at times which is why I took so long. It's mighty fine though! It ranges from the past life in which I was a sunflower (which is a personal favourite) to the time I was a swimming enthusiast, I still quite enjoy swimming in fact and I /always/ plant sunflowers when the time is right, I'm very fond of them.
I was woken (briefly) by what sounded like @Matching by Mattie talking at high speed outside my door. (I can't even remember what she was saying, something about a new soda, I was tempted to go and take the soda away from her to make her be quiet but I don't think that would have ended well. It would be mean anyway). Oh? What's this? Somebody's slipped a note under my door, it's probably another love confession hahahahahah (who am I kidding) Lets see what this bad boy has to say then eh... I feel bad for joking about this now. Paci- uh Pacifica is missing! I hope she isn't in any danger... I would hate for any of my school buddies to be in any danger.
I suppose I should go and see if there's any news on @Pacifica's wherabouts... I'm sure @*Atlantica* will have the latest on that front!

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6/23/2015 10:07am

I think I may be deaf in one ear. After that party (which I didn't exactly partake in but I uh, I was there) and that um, explosion. Well I mean that was quite a lot of noise, my ears aren't used to it... I might just have some water in my ear or something though.
I uh, I've been recognised I suppose by multiple people which is nice. @Morris seems like a cool guy! I don't think I had many friends or um, anything before I came here so I do hope I can establish some friendships. Oh yes! My name is Daryl! Slug Master is not my real name hah, yes my name is Daryl. That's my name. I think I am remembering more things which is nice. Yes I've never had a very good memory, not even in any of my past lives which I uh, don't really remember much about heh... and uh, oh! I dropped my hat! Ah silly me, I forgot all about it. How could I, that's my favourite hat. It fell off when that explosion happened. I'll go and fetch it now before I forget, I wouldn't want to lose such a hat.

My hat has returned, back on the ol' chrome dome it goes. Nothing's been cleaned up since the ah, explosion and all. Are there cleaners around here?
And @Matching by Mattie I would definitely like a free love consultation hah! I've never been very good in the eh, romantic um, playing fields. I must admit, you remind me of myself from a past life, one of the early and rarely seen past lives.
(I think my hat got dented when it fell off last night...)

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The Anti-EBIB Party
6/22/2015 3:20pm

Okay. People are safe. Somebody kissed somebody. Party! So, uh, yeah this is all rather overwhelming. I certainly didn't have adventures like that in my past life! Haha yeah this is enjoyable! I haven't had a good party in a long time! Everyone seems slightly exhausted (Apart from Atlantica, she seems energetic a lot of the time) I don't think I really played my part in all this. I can still partake in the celebrations. I can do things if I want to.

Eralonia's Prophecy
6/22/2015 2:24pm

...Have I done the right thing ? I'm not sure if what I did was the right thing. The-the generator, the EBIBs... I fell when it exploded. I saw the dog get hit by the black sludge stuff, I saw the black sludge stuff and the screeching, metallic noises overwhelmed me. I covered my head, knocking my hat to the floor. I was protected though. I'm protected by @Walls.

Why do I never know what's going on.

Eralonia's Prophecy
6/22/2015 1:45pm

Ah! AH! I know what to do! I need to bring this EBIB to everyone I can find her this is my time to shine *cracks knuckles* Bugs are my thing... I know these are desperate time but I can't help but grin that I am doing something useful. I need to get the big EBIB to them!! I can surely do this...
The EBIBs listened to me before. They'll listen to me now. They have to. I-I can't tell where it, no, she is...The Queen. I can sense all these goddamn insects and when I finally need to find one I can't! Useless! Useless!
NO. I know what to do. I know I can do this I can help. Those EBIBs in my room. They're always talking to each other about their EBIB lives and I'm sure I've heard them talk about their queen...I need their help. I need to ask them and... I'm here. I'm asking them where I can find their queen. And... they all scuttle out. They don't even reply (oh the nerve of them!) they scuttle, very quickly, away from me. I follow them of course.

I've followed them and I just, I hope it hasn't been too long. I hope everyone's okay, they were all so sad. I want to make things better. And now maybe I can because I'm here! I think (THINK) that I've found her, the queen. The EBIBs are surprisingly nonchalant and when I talk to them, politely using my best manners, they just seem to follow me. They follow through the walls though...It's a little unsettling not being able to see them but I can feel them there and I know they're following. Not blowing me over. I'm worried about them being in the wall though...I'm almost back!
@Scilph , @*Atlantica* and maybe (maybe?) the projection of @Walls are still there. The dog as well. Um, Boxie ? I'm here! Making my introductions! I've brought the uh, Queen EBIB with me!!

6/22/2015 10:47am

I followed @*Atlantica* which her dog, she called it Boxie. I ended up here in the uh, eating place ? Um, cafeteria...maybe. She was talking to a hologram who was eating pasta?? How can a hologram eat pasta? But she seems very uhm, how do you say... determined I suppose? I don't really know what she was talking about when she talked to this hologram... Something about @Nobody that's a name I recognise but I think they hm, left. Disappeared.
I'm watching them but I don't think they see me standing here. I'm not hidden but uh, maybe I'm just being too quiet, it's not like I said hello to either of them.

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