The Anti-EBIB Party

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- 6/22/2015 2:43pm


You may or may not be aware, but we have just barely escaped a huge tragedy at Psyhigh! One arguably worse than Minds Conflict of 1928! If that doesn't deserve an impromptu party I don't know what does!!!!

We're going to take over the West courtyard for the rest of the day and throw a wonderful super happy bestie fun time get toghter in celebration!! Come on down and enjoy the fact that we're not all dead! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! There's going to be all sorts of baked goods (I've been baking a lot recently) and some kicking tunes and some fun games and great people and ZERO ROBOT BUGS! Everybody is invited (yeah! Even YOU!) so stop reading this and get yourself down here to the West courtyard for a party! WOOOOOOOOO! Somebody let @Morgan the Horse Boy in on this! Hooray for happiness! Down with diners! Wooooooo!

- 6/22/2015 2:48pm


I'm so relieved all this is over. This is too much excitment for me. How you can still have the energy to throw a party, I will never know @*Atlantica*. But count me in for this event. I'll sing a victory song if the audience allows.

And would you mind very much if I brought some steak fries and burgers to the party? I have some leftovers from Forever Diner.

- 6/22/2015 3:04pm

This apocalypse was very, very tiring. I really didn't think this would work, I'd still be eating ethereal pasta if it wasn't for you guys. I don't even know how I'm tired. @*Atlantica* must be some sort of human dynamo, like my second cousin on my mothers side. May he rest...

I'm not gonna lie and say I'm not in the mood for some party-buffet-snacks, because I am. @Gretel I cannot WAIT to try snacks from Forever, otherworld food always tastes twice as good with half the calories! (That doesn't matter Walls, christ get a grip, you're not even there). But that's gonna take a very vivid projection to eat it and I don't know where my energy is coming from.

But for the sake of celebrations, I can't wait for some serious party projections! Balloons and streamers everywhere! I can just collect as mist at the back of classes tomorrow, no spiritual exertion needed, perfect!

slug master
- 6/22/2015 3:20pm

Okay. People are safe. Somebody kissed somebody. Party! So, uh, yeah this is all rather overwhelming. I certainly didn't have adventures like that in my past life! Haha yeah this is enjoyable! I haven't had a good party in a long time! Everyone seems slightly exhausted (Apart from Atlantica, she seems energetic a lot of the time) I don't think I really played my part in all this. I can still partake in the celebrations. I can do things if I want to.

- 6/22/2015 3:24pm

Dear Somebody,
YAAAAAY! *clears throat* I would just like to congratulate everyone who helped with the stopping of the Prophe-pocalypse, and to thank everyone as well. This celebration with all my new friends is so far really fun, and all the sweets @*Atlantica* baked are sprinkle covered! It seems @Matching by Mattie forgot to burn the sprinkles that had already been placed on cakes. (Thank the goddess). I'm also very glad that everyone has returned from Forever; I heard it had good steak fries, but that the sprinkles on the sundaes were terrible.

In other news, I'm remembering things much more clearly now, in fact, my memory is now perfect! *Claude clears his throat and glares* well, sort of perfect. But still.

I'm hanging out with @Walls quite a bit, partly because he's really good at backgammon (unlike some cat I know *Claude rolls his eyes*) and mostly because he's the only one who can see me when I'm invisible. I still haven't gotten control of that yet. It's interesting, because when I'm invisible, he doesn't have to use a projection to interact with me- I think it has something to do with the half-world thingy.

Oh! And I'd just like to say, that @Morris and @Scilph make the cutest couple ever.

Farewell for now,

Matching by Mattie
- 6/22/2015 3:37pm

Well, look who's returned in one peice! That's right my fantastic and fawning fans, my friends and I have made it back from Forever Diner in one piece!

That Fortuna woman was totally off her rocker! Like, OMG, she gave me the creeps big time. And her outfit was enough to make me commit fashion suicide! Like, gag me with a spoon! The weirdest part was, like, how familiar she seemed. And I'm not crazy, @Pacifica noticed it too. Something about her eyes is just... uncanny.

The important thing though is, I AM ALIVE! *releases confetti and plays recorded applause soundtrack* Oh, and my friends are okay too. That's important-ish. Btw, kudos to @slug master and @Walls. Good job taking care of my BFF Atlantica, roomie Nobody, acquaintance Scilph, and that totally annoying cat Eralonia. Stop by "Matching by Mattie headquarters and I'll give you 1 free love expert consultation each!

I'm sure all of my gorgeous customers have been going nuts without me here to guide them. Unfortunately, "Matching by Mattie" will be closed until Wednesday. Today we're closed for @*Atlantica*'s party, and tomorrow we're closed for the first meeting of Customer Growing Club. But if you have a love emergency, I'll be, like, totally happy to give you some advice. It's 5$ a question though guys, I'm not running a charity here! LOL! Now I know some of you are skeptical of my expertise in the areas of love, but just look at my latest romance victory. Scilph and Morris are, like, TOTALLY an item now! (Took you two long enough!)

Oh, and @Morris's cat... you said I would learn something at the end of all this. And... you were right.... I learned something new about myself.....

I'm so fabulous that I'm mentioned in prophecies AND a target for kidnapping by crazy anti-Psyhigh ladies! Let me tell you, my self-esteem is throught the roof right now! Who would've guessed I was so great? I'll tell you who: ME!

Well, I can't wait to see you all at the Anti-EBIB Party! I'm going to dance with all you psychic boys, so be ready to be wowed! And Nobody, you better be ready too. I'm dragging you along girl, we've got some catching up to do! (And we need to talk about that cute Wally boy....)

With love,


- 6/22/2015 4:21pm

Spending time with @Nobody has been a real relief for both of us, I think. We really connect (Literally, we can access same astral plane), making my projections not as necessary and it isn't awkward or embarrassing if she slips into invisibility, because it doesn't make that much difference to me. I'm still working on a friendship with Claude, I would teach him a bit of backgammon but he doesn't really seem like the kind of cat who would appreciate it (And little do they know that Tetris is my real forte, but I think that's Claude's favourite, so I'm going to keep quiet).

Thanks for the kudos @Matching by Mattie! I guess we can be introduced at the party, along with @Pacifica who I haven't properly met yet. I'll be along later, I need to have a word with Psyhigh's cleaning androids about getting rid of the black gunk and pieces of anthropod on the walls of the boiler room. It's making me feel gross. And I'd want to stick around to tell them what a great job they're doing, maybe run over a few snacks from the buffet.

Then I'm going to retreat to the walls for a little bit. Even talking to Nobody, this whole ordeal has really taken its toll on me, I feel a bit stretched at the seams. I can keep the decorations up, they're not mobile so it won't take much. And uh, after all, as Mattie said, it's not easy being cute when you're a metaphysical presence confined to the walls of a high school! Hah, gotta get my uh, beauty sleep! (Oh my god Walls what are you doing. Just stop.)

Bye for now

- 6/22/2015 9:00pm

SO much has happened. Goodness. I do not know what compelled me to kiss Morris, but I did. And he didn't seem to have a problem with it... although his reaction was a bit of screaming in his room. Hm.

I am glad that the new students are getting along nicely. That is wonderful. Walls and Slug Master are a wonderful addition to our little circle of friends. Gretel as well, of course. We would be completely unprepared without her. Walls, helping us know when to take shelter and open locked door, also with Slug Master to lead Quinn right to us. My biggest thanks to the three of you.

Pacifica, it has felt like years and years and years since the waggle dance. *chuckle* I remember how afterwards, Morris became drunk as a lord, and Jessica wanted to talk to him... ha. I never knew what she wanted to say.

She seems to have been absent during this whole ordeal, which is good. I don't want one of my greatest companions to get drawn into this again. Also, Eralonia said we had all completed our tasks... which I guess helped save us.

By the way, Mattie. Acquaintance? You wound me. Well, to be truthful, Maybe I should spend more time with you. I do not know you too well, and you seem like someone worthy to be deemed my friend. And Morris and I? An.. "item"? oh, you make it sound so... vulgar. I-I was just excited, th-that's all. *small blush*

~Suuuure you were.~ *chuckle*

Eralonia? Wh-whatever do you m-

~Why don't you ask yourself that, future "Ms. VonDuke"?~

!!! I-I--

~Ahaha! I am just pulling your leg. Now, may I have a word with Miss Mattie...? Thank you. *voice turns deep and gravelly* Listen here and listen good, punk. Without me yer sorry ass would be scrapin' the edges of infinity, and sent to a destiny worse than death. You should be thanking me. This "totally annoying cat" could tell you stories of what COULD HAVE happened to you so bad, you'd want to wish you'd never been born.~

~By the way, my name is Eralonia.~ *normal voice* ~Alright, I think that covers everything. If you excuse me, I will go to bed. I have just been out at the party, and I am...~ *chuckle* ~Dog tired..~

..Well... that was quite the... interesting development.

Uhm, lets see what else... Thank you, Nobody! That is kind of you, but I do not think we will be a... "couple". It is difficult to explain.

I did not decide to go to the party. I just went home, ate some leftover lasagna, and slept for a few hours. I just woke up, that is why I am responding so lately. Sorry. Most of my energy has been completely sapped from me. Everything in my memory is one big blur of bugs and salt and smoke and fire and the kiss and Blackie--

OH! YES! I did not mention, but Blackie is alright!! This has never happened before, but Blackie has demonstrated something new. He can replace the metal on his lining with Bronze, so now the front-right corner is a shiny new Bronze, which is thrilling.

I believe that about wraps everything up. Well, I am tired, full, and yet giddy somehow. Hm.

Goodnight, Psyhigh.


- 6/22/2015 10:16pm

That party was so much fun! Thanks to everybody who showed up, whether it was a quick little pop in or a long night of dancing!

I'm so super duper wuper muper happy that you guys had fun! After all that stress... it was so fun to let loose! I'm still all pumped up, I'll never go to sleep ever again! (Yawn...) I saw a bunch of kids I never saw before out at the West courtyard. Students who make gravity reverse... or ask mind bending questions... or only exist if you look at them from the right angle... it was sooooo cooooool! And everybody loved my baked goods! I only had to bring two of the original ten tons worth of desserts back to the dorm room! We won't have to eat out for WEEKS! *grumpy mumbling from Pacifica* Oh shush, you love my cooking! (Don't mind her, something's got a bee in her bonnet. BUZZZZZ! ...Yawn...)

Tomorrow will probably be mostly normal, but I took lots of pictures of the party so we can remember the fun! @Walls, you didn't really show up in all the pictures... and @Nobody you are only half-visible in a couple... but the rest are PERFECT! I'll get Tulka to send copies to you. He's my BFFFL!!!!! (Yaaaawn...)

Before I sign off I just wanted to say welcome back home to my four besties who were pulled to the Forever Diner! While the food @Gretel brought from there was tasty and greasy, the stories about Tuna Lady sound really scary! I'm glad you all came home safe. Psyhigh feels empty when even one person leaves, four gone made it like a ghost town! ("Attie, there are over 10,000 students here. We didn't even make a dent in the student body numbers." Shhhh! I'm trying to make a point Paci!) So be on the look out for those photos everybody, and if you are craving sweets I have extras, and if you want to dance more I'll join you! (Yawn...) I feel like I could dance FOREVER! *gleeful twirl*

*falls over with exhaustion into a deep sleep*

...Hi, Pacifica here. Yeah, sorry about Atlantica. The tiredness always catches up to her eventually. Hope you all have sweet dreams without any EBIBs. I've got to go pull Atlantica into her bed now and finally power down myself. It has been a long long day. Well... bye.

- 6/23/2015 4:00am

Woah! Haha... Someone... Some absolute guardian angel I swear... Making my way to the boiler room... *Leans against banister* they brought some kind of uh... cosmic punch to the party... It existed on some weird astral plane, it interfered with my own a little heh, strangely... I feel a little-

*Falls off the staircase*

Oof! Owww... Wait, you don't feel pain Walls, haha, stop being weird. Wait, is that a... ... zz ... oh right, bathroom?

*Falls through bathroom door*

Oof! Nice heh, bathrooms... So useful... Is the party over? On no no no, I hope @Nobody didn't see me like this, what happened again? Is the party uh, over... zz ... Oh! Nice heh, mirrors... ... ... Oh, There I uh, am. I think I need a heh, haircut. *A second projection appears* {Hahaa Waaalls how are you gonna get a haircut? How absurd. You should just lie down here.} Haha... I'm right... I'll just lie down... Wake me when class starts, uh, me... {No problem.}


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