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9/15/2015 8:39am

Do you guys ever finish a hugggggge project, and you turn it in, and then you just sit down at your desk and just... AAAAAaaaaaaahhhhh! It feels so GOOD to finally have it all done!!! I'm so happy, I could dance!!!!

Speaking of happiness and dancing, thanks to @timberlina for the sleepover! It was the bestest thing I've been to in a while! Well... there was that one time I walked into a pet store and it was "Pet the Puppies Day" and I petted ALL THE PUPPIES, but the sleepover was a close second!!! I still have owl feathers in my hair!!! Crazy Girls-Night-In-The-Trees, amiright????

OH, and one of my FIRST BESTIES is hanging around the halls again!!! I saw @Jessica Moon last hour and I gave her a HUGE HUGGGGG and she looked really confused and asked what happened to Pacifica *eye twitch* but we're allllll caught up now!!!!!! I'm making her a new fluffy quill right now to celebrate!!!

You know, we should all get together this weekend and celebrate Bestie Bonding!!! It's so hard to get together with friends during the week... especially with all the experimental invisible walls set up in the hallways. I saw one kid get so trapped behind those, he looked like a mime!!! *giggle*

In all seriousness though, mimes are dangerous. Do not approach one without proper Mime Emergency Training. YOU WILL REGRET IT. *shudder*

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9/12/2015 8:32pm

School projects are SO MUCH FUN!!!!! My entire week has been consumed by them!!! I love being able to make a big poster and show it to my class and dunk it into sprinkles and use highlighters but I don't like when the highlighters I borrowed from Frankie (Hey bestie!!!!) actually contain pure visible light waves of that color and temporarily blind my classmates!!!!!! Anywho, I'm sure that once Pacifica comes home with the groceries and white-out, the poster will be perfectly perfect again!!!!! If not... then I get to spend the next 5 hours re-creating a presentation about the mist inside of crystal balls!!! YAY!!!!!

Taking a break from school work (even I hate it sometimes! *giggle*) some of my besties have been really philosophical lately! Besides discussing free will versus destiny (a compelling topic to be sure!!!!) they've also been musing about what it is to be normal!!! What a weird thing to focus on! Haven't you guys ever read those awesome inspirational posters?!? The ones with pictures of dolphins jumping and eagles soaring and kittens precariously hanging from branches?!? I've got the whole collection put up on my half of the bedroom!!! One of them has a herd of zebras, but one zebra, the middle zebra, is wearing a funky hat with spots and rainbow colors and silly glasses!!! And the caption says "Embrace who you really are, even if you stand out." That's, like, my life motto on Tuesdays!!!! I even bought that exact hat off E-Bay for $250.99!!!!!! It was SO WORTH IT.

Normalcy is over-rated guys! There are people who would kill to be as powerful as us! To see the things we see! To take classes on shadow manipulation and couch negotiations and space-time continuum babysitting! Like, Paci and mine's tutor has helped us so much with our luck influence powers! Look, when I manipulate luck you can almost SEE IT now! *squeezes eyes shut* *focuses* *influences luck* *pale lime glow is barely visible near front door* *paper is slid under Atlantica's dorm's door*

Did ya see it? Did ya see it? Oh... you probably didn't. Computers and journals not having cameras and all. Well, I'll just have to show all my besties this trick in PERSON!!!! It'll be like bestie BONDING!!!!

Hey, what's this paper? Did I make this appear? Hmm... I don't know how it got here. Mystery letter, cool!!!! Maybe it's from Santa Claus! I'm his biggest fan!!!!! Oh, wait, it's addressed to @Pacifica... from Don?

*shrug* I don't have time to deal with this, I need to head out to @timberlina's party before dark! We're going to have the best time EVER! I even got some mice for all her owl besties! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! *happy dance*

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Treehouse Party???
9/9/2015 4:49pm

A party? A tree? A HOUSE?!? Those are three of my FAVORIEST THINGS EVER! If there's a get together going on in the canopy, let me know!!!! We can be forest besties!!! I'll bring tea and crumpets if somebody else brings the finger sandwiches! It'll be a treehouse tea party!!!!!! *giggles* Oh! I can also bring some of those little origami fortune tellers that elementary kids make!!! The girl I sat next to in third hour today showed me how to fold them so the fortunes change every time!!!! This'll be so much fun... whatduya say, @timberlina???

The Arena of Intense Competition
9/6/2015 4:44pm

This is the most exciting thing ever to happen besides that one time I went to buy ice cream and I was "lucky enough" *wink* to be his 100th customer and got a FREE TUB OF ICE CREAM!!!!! I love spectator sports! Is this classified as a sport? Maybe we should call this a coliseum event! Either way, it'll be soooooo fun!!!! I was so excited, I showed up to the Theatre of Soon-To-Be-Tragedies three hours early! And Pacifica came with to keep me company!!! ("That, and I was afraid you'd eat all the Jell-O." Oh please Pacifica! I'm much more refined than that! "Then why are you eating one of those mini Jell-O cups right now?" SHHHH! Paci, they can't see that! You're embarrassing me in front of my friends! "Whatever. I'm going to go see if those poor students constructing the stands need help. They look rather confused by the dark matter." Okay, bye Sea Anemone!!!!! "Don't call me that.")

As my sister helpfully pointed out (she's so silly) I've got all sorts of snacks with me in preparation for this epic event!!! Jell-O, cookies, sodas, ice cream... yum! And - this is the bestest part - I've got all sorts of cheering thingies!! Pom-poms... blow horns... small devices that emit pops, bangs, and rainbows that I borrowed from one of the classrooms... and posters! I have one for each of the 189 boys competing, because they're all my besties and I want them all to win!!! Hmm... @Matching by Mattie will need a giant limo to Homecoming!!!!

I need to glue some of these sparkley Dragon Scales onto my posters (thanks @Nobody!!!!!). But feel free to come sit with me at the competition!! This will be double fun with my besties sitting next to me as students pummel each other to submission! School is so much FUN!!!

9/3/2015 6:11pm

OMG, @Nobody! I saw that van too! Wasn't it pretty?!?! Black is my FAVORITE COLOR EVER!!!!!!!! I went up to it and banged on the windows and asked for free candy but whoever was inside just drove away and re-deployed their camouflage! I haven't seen them since then, they must have run out of candy! Bummerrrrrrr! I think I'll just make some fudge and pass it out for free! Free candy is the best idea ever!!!!!!!

Oh, so, yeah, they let me out of the infirmary today!!! It took awhile to filter all that *shiver* Titanium out of my system, but it worked!!! Those nurses are so nice, and all the get-well-soon baskets I got from my sympathetic besties were AMAZING!!! Actually, I've been in the infirmary so often this year, I have my own little cot reserved just for me!! Or as the nurses call me when they think I've been sedated into taking a nap, "The Unrestrainable"! Oh oh oh!! That would be an AWESOME superhero name!!!! I can sew a big U on my superhero cape, and make it look like an upward-facing horseshoe! NOTE: Upwards facing horseshoes = Good Luck! Downward facing horseshoes = Bad Luck! The girls a few doors down from Pacifica and I learned that the hard way! *giggle* The hallway is still whispering the exact date of our deaths! Mine is 7/11/3006!!!!

Speaking of superhero outfits, has anybody seen the green one I made??? I made it for Paci, to bring out her eyes ya'know?, and now it's GONE!!!! Maybe... @Matching by Mattie borrowed it for her big Arena of Intense Competition or whatever! That's going to be SO FUN!!! We should all go as spectators! A whole arena filled with my besties, it'll be a dream come trueeeee!

It'll take some convincing to get Paci to come though! She's been really moody all day, muttering "I didn't kill... I couldn't... just bad luck... had it coming..." OH-ver and OH-ver and OH-ver and OH-ver!!! I think she read another forbidden tome, Mrs. Grockle sure is gutsy to keep assigning those after her 2nd Hour class lost the ability to taste yellow mustard!!!

("Hey, Attie... oh, are you in the middle of something?" Nope! What's up, oh sister of mine? You're looking very shiny today! "Uh... thanks? Nevermind, just... I wanted to ask. Do you ever... feel like your powers are... like a burden?" MY powers? Seriously? Of COURSE I do! People always assume I cheat on tests and competitions! And as soon as somebody finds out I'm good luck they stick to me like glue! I mean, I LOVE glue and besties, but not THOSE kinds of besties!! Look, I made a whole scientific chart of it! See, if you use this equation of friendship multiplied by selfless-ness -- "Alright, alright, I see. Where'd you even find the time to calculate all this... *sigh* Thanks Attie. I'll... I'll be the bedroom. Oh, and... somebody ...returned your green superhero costume." Really? GREAT!!!! Wait... why does it have black splotches? And... it smells like invisible cats covered in liquid nitrogen?!?! Ew! Paci, will you throw this away for me? I think it's unsalvageable! "Sure thing sis. I'll take care of this.")

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Suits and Sunglasses
8/29/2015 7:35pm

I'm out!!! @Morris, he's my heeeerooooo! ("Atlantica, if you're going to post you need to keep your voice down. We don't want to draw any attention to ourselves right now. And stop hugging me! And Nobody! And the trees!" Sorry Morry the Worry! *giggle*)

So, yeah, I was captured for a while! Again! Talk about an extracurricular activity!! *laughs loudly* *gets shushed by Morris* Those Labs people weren't the nicest. Especially to random girls in sparkley outfits trying to bust out a prisoner locked in a cell labeled [IMPORTANT SUBJECT, KEEP CONTAINED] on the door! They were more focused on @Nobody's cat Claudey though, seeing as he could talk! He has such a cute voice! (=I'm not cute.= Sure you are! You're a cat after all, cats are automatically cute! =If we weren't walking around half-blind and scared in a dark forest, I'd scracth you for that one= Love you too Kitty Bestie!!!) Anywho, --*giggles* now I sound like @Blech -- The Labs had really mean employees! They were all "How did you get in here?" "What does this insignia mean?" "Why is there glitter in your ears?" "Where did that cupcake come from?" And they kept asking me if I knew this one girl... I forget her name. I told them I only know Nicky, which got them SUPER confused! They were silly! Lucky for me, they got distracted by an announcement that The Labs boss was arriving soon to see his "estranged, strange daughter". Also, lucky, they put me in a low security cell that Morris flew right into! Not to mention how lucky it was we noticed the tracking device on poor Claudey's fur and ditched it on an ambitious toad! That little guy had mad hops! And I'm pretty sure he's possessed! Which is lucky, because that means we're getting closer to Psyhigh's fairy ring circles!!!!

...Very lucky indeed...

I freaking love having good luck powers, I can't wait to talk to Pacifica when we get back to Psyhigh! Hopefully my arm will stop swelling from where they injected stuff into it by the time we get there!!!

Suits and Sunglasses
8/27/2015 7:49pm

...from her FORTRESS OF UN-SOLITUDE... the world's greatest hero hears it... a cry for help... "*Atlantica*!!!!! We need a superhero to jump off rooftops!!!!! ...um... amd you'll make some new besties!!!!"

Making new besties is, like, my FAVORITE THING EVER! Besides making up fairy tales involving frog burps and sparkly posh princesses of course! Those make little kids laugh! But bot police officers, just fyi!!! Anywho, lucky for you @Gretel and @Nobody, I still have the superhero outfit I made way back when in my closet!!!! *whips out costume* Isn't it pretty?!?! And it shimmers!!! It just SCREAMS "my name is Atlantica, and I'm here to save the day!"

So hang in there Nobody named Nicky, Lucky Lass of Love and Lace and CUPCAKES (name still temporary) is on the case! I'll save you, and probably nobody will break any bones! Er, I mean NO ONE will break any bones! *giggles* Ok, step one!!! Steal some of Eralonia's Speech Potion, give it to Nobody's kitty Klaude, and get the 411 on my best invisible bestie Nicky!!!! I'll probably drop off some get-well soon danishes and jelly rolls for @Scilph too... (*whispers excitedly* don't tell her, but I put a lot of caffine and sugar and experimental ghost squid ectoplasm in the recipe this time! That'll give her some energy to combat a cold-curse!!!)

*shouts at locked door* Hey Pacifica! Want to come along on my dangerous, non-school approved, road-trip adventure against mysterious people with unknown power and motives?!?! ("...no...") Come onnnnnn Paci! You can be my sidekick, the Curse Cadet of Sparkle Funtimes! ("...still no...") Pfft! You're just grumpy because @Matching by Mattie subliminal messaged you into telling your crush Don you think he's cute! ("Go away Attie. I have essays to write and moody emo poetry to pen. Why don't you go jump off a roof or whatever it is you're doing and leave me alone?") Paci! That's ridiculous! Roof-jumping is step 28 in my master plan! I don't even have the inflatable tank decoys ready yet!!!!

Yeesh, this is why they don't let just anybody be superheros! It's time I start my investigation though, if I want to make Gretel the Great proud!!!! Lucky Lassy, AWAY! *runs straight into an unforseen wall* Ow...

8/22/2015 10:39am

The weather is soooo nice today!!! The sky is blue, there's a cool breeze, and all the colors of nature seem brighter than usual!

Well, that's what it looks like on one half of the school! The other half is dark, and the dense clouds have that eerie green color that hints at an oncoming storm! The air is still and humid, and it's generally a crumby day over there! I asked one of my besties who's taking the Meteorology Arts course and they said that two of Mrs. Sroot's classes are competing this weekend to see who can make the best artificial weather pattern! I personally am supporting the happy sunny side, because that's more fun! But I saw some kids go over to the dark stormy side to look at the funky clouds, cause those are really pretty! I don't know who's going to win this competition, but it looks like they're neck and neck right now! Make sure you cast your vote for your favorite kind of day, sunny or rainy!!!!!!

In other news, it's the weekend!!! YAY!!! *does little celebratory dance* Free day to hang with all my besties! But the bad news is lunch time! During the week days, I can eat with all my bestest friends and chat and laugh! During weekends though, everybody is gone out for lunch... even @Pacifica! She technically doesn't have to eat of course, but she could at least go to that new German place with me! But nooooo... she's been all moody and sighing ever since she went to see Don so he could re-attach her arm! Maybe @Matching by Mattie will know what's wrong with my favoritest sister!!!! I'll visit her when she opens her store thingy! And I'll bring DOUGHNUTS!!!!!

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The Swap
8/18/2015 8:47pm

We're almost done cleaning up our dorm room! This place was a MESS after yesterday when @Nobody, that pixie cutie, and I were trapped in here! We had all sorts of escape plans, but most of them resulted in failure and destruction of my various knick knacks! At least we were developing bestie teamwork skills!!!! Lucky for us, the cure for our body swap will he ready in twenty minutes. I can't WAIT to be back to normal again! @Pacifica may look human enough, but her body is all synthetic! Her hair is so stiff, I can't get it out of it's stupid hair tie! Why won't she leave it free to flow in the wind like mine??? ("Because, I focus on functionality Atlantica. You know that." Haven't you EVER listened to @Matching by Mattie, Paci? FASHION IS KEY! "I think the less I listen to Mattie the happier I'll be." I think you just need a HUG! *surprise tackle hug* "Ah! Attie don't!" Don't fight the love sis!)

Oh, and I just saw the super cool pictures @Scilph drew of some of us students! So cool Scilphy!!!!! You really know how to draw! I especially liked Eralonia's angry poses, and me singing Katy Perry! Who know having a AAB (Awesome Artist Bestie) would result in awesome art?!?!? (*Pacifica shuffles over* "Well, she certainly caughtthe essence of your crazy, Attie." You mean my enthusiasm for all the wonderful people and things in the world?!!!?? "...Yeaaaah... hey, would you check on the 'captives' Nobody and Luceat? Maybe bring some of those oatmeal cookies you made to them? I heard they went quiet and I'm worried that they passed out or something. I assume you're the most likely to connect with them in their delusional states." Oh, that? No worries Paci! They're just plotting revenge and doom for all inhabitants in Psyhigh! Silence is Phase One! "...We need to stop this. NOW." Can I still bring cookies? "...Yes. They're too delicious to leave behind. Now hurry up, we're running out of time!")

The Swap
8/17/2015 4:33pm

@Morris, I have a plan of action for you. You see, the good thing about this body switch is that I've been returned to an organic and strong body while Atlantica is imprisoned in the rather unwieldy robot. So it was only too easy to catch her and hogtie her. ("Pacifica... this is boooooriiiiiiiing! Can't you let me go now? I want to play Dance Dance Dance Party 6!!!!!!! No way, we've already got five noise violation fines from the racket you made running around the dorm buildings. Besides, you've lost the other arm. Soon you'll lose a leg. "Who needs legs?!?") Anywho, Morris, I've got her under control. And I may have mentioned a while back that my mother supplies me with emergency tranquilizers for when Atlantica is going off the walls. Or somebody gives her a soda. I'm pretty sure I have a weaker one we could use on Nobody the cat. I doubt she'll mind, she's not having much fun being awake. I don't have any magic solution for your pixie problem though. Maybe Attie will, she had his king captive for several days after all. ("Oh yeah, Shatter the Biter was adorable! Like a kitten playing with a duckling while wearing cute sweaters!!!!" Only with maniacal plans and sharp teeth. "Yeah, he was a sweetie pie!")

I don't know about you Morris, but a Body Swap on a Monday has wiped me out. Why don't you bring the pixie and Nobody the cat to my place (it's Atlantica proof, so it's probably cat and pixie proof), I'll calm them down, and we can go get ice cream at Spoonbender. Have you been there before? It's the experimental ice cream place in cafeteria 2. Bring @Scilph and Eralonia if you want. I'll see if @Walls wants to join us, I haven't seen him in forever. You know, we deserve a break if you ask me.

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