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- 8/9/2015 11:55pm

This is so annoying. I can't believe this. Seriously, what the heck? Why is @*Atlantica* using my manicure set?!? I need those tools to get little bits or dirt and grit from between delicate wiring and narrow indents of my exoskeleton, and she's in our bathroom dredging pixie dust and who knows what else from beneath her finger nails! That is so gross. Those are mine, doesn't she see how they're in a special little case just for me? Doesn't she see the little note on the inside from Don, the cute tech whiz? Doesn't she know I can HEAR HER USING MY THINGS?

It's so late at night, it's early. Why is she even doing this now? Can't she go to bed like a normal person? Oh dang, she just started cutting her nails. Those clippers are so LOUD. I can't sleep -- or even put the robot systems to sleep mode -- with all this noise! And at this point I'm so mad I'll probably never get back to sleep tonight. Did you know that it's almost impossible to go to sleep angry? Because it is. And I'm tired, but I'm also seething. Am I the crazy one? I don't feel like I'm being over-possessive or over-sensitive. Maybe I'm the weird one for freaking out so much. My gosh, she is driving me nuts. Click. Click. ... Click. Just cut your nails in the morning when nobody is trying to sleep! How many nails does she have anyways? Did... did she start using my manicure set on her toenails?!? Ew ew ew ew ew ew!! That is so gross! I'm going to have to sterilize all of those tools now! Gah, this is giving me the creeps... I'm never getting back to sleep.

My gosh she is aggravating!!! Does anybody want to swap roommates? Just for a couple days? I don't care how bad your roomate is, I'll take her! I just can't stand Atlantica's antics for one more night!!!

- 8/10/2015 8:35am

@Pacifica, perhaps I could be your roommate and @*Atlantica* could be @Matching by Mattie's? Just for a couple days to give you a break? I don't like the sound of nail cutting either; the ghost in my closet at home used to imitate that sound for hours on end just as I would start to fall asleep. It also reeked of dead fish, but that's beside the point.

Maybe we could both use a little break from our current roommates. Not that I have anything against Mattie, and I appreciate her taking me in in my time of need like she did, but she's been a little...antsy since her business was shutdown, and, well, long story short, Claude's fur colour now matches my green and purple spotted hair, and his claws are painted purple. He's not particularly happy about it (he keeps lamenting the loss of his "gorgeous cream colored locks", his "dignity", and the cute orangey stripes he used to have on his tail and ears, as well as plotting revenge against Mattie), and if we did do the temporary roommate swap thingy, I hope you wouldn't mind Claude and Claudette coming with me. Claudette rarely burns things to the ground now, and she's started sleeping outside, anyway. But still. Also, I'm afraid that if we stay in the same room as Mattie for much longer, Claude's going to do something in retribution.

Not to mention that Atlantica and Mattie get along quite well.

It's just a thought.

Farewell for now,

- 8/10/2015 12:15pm

Okay, so I was wrong. Atlantica was not using my manicure set last night. It was a pixie. Yes, after all the hassle we had with the pixie tribe, my sister still insisted on keeping five in our room as pets. She really is delusional.

Not to worry, I knew the right banishments to get the little glowing twerps out of here. Gosh I hate pixies. They're like every evil thought you've ever had condensed into a tiny sun and given sentience. It's a good thing they're so small, if they were any bigger the banishment wouldn't have been able to suppress their raw malice. Unfortunately, I don't have a banishment for annoying twin sisters. @Nobody, I would love to do a swap. Just for this week, I need to focus on memorizing my schedule and such. Classes resume any day now you know... and I don't want to be kept up by Atlantica jumping up and down on the bed in excitement. She holds the world record for bed jumping; four hours straight. After a while her knees start to make concerning sounds and the bed returns its own groans of protest. It sounds like two whales awkwardly having a conversation about the weather, and it's impossible to sleep through. ("You're just jealous of my special talent!" No, I'm really not. I'm jealous of how you never need sleep for some reason. "Oh, that? The DARCC pill messed with my head!!" Attie, your head was already messed up. Now go away, I'm trying to organize something.)

If you're sure about this swap thing Nobody, just bring your stuff to our dorm room today around 7. I think we're still in dorm 2332, but the numbers in our hallway were changed to the Plutonian number system so it's hard to tell. Just look for the door that's covered in smiley face stickers and glitter. ("I decorated it myself!" Yeah, I think everybody figured that out Attie.) I'll try to clear Attie out of here by dinner time. There will be tears though, so don't be alarmed if huge wails are heard from our room.

- 8/10/2015 1:01pm

Pacifi- Pacif- Paci-- *loud sobs* PACIFICA IS KICKING ME OUT!!! *wailing and crying* She-she-she doesn't LIKE ME ANYMORE!! We were supposed to be BSBTAATFL!!!!! (Best Sister Besties That Are Also Twins For Life!) And now I've been betrayed!!! Kicked out! Abandoned! *eye twitch* How... how could she do this?!? *howls of pain and anguish* ("Atlantica, come on, it's just for a few days." GO AWAY TRAITOR! *slams door*) I'm... I'm packing up all my... things and... going off to a mysterious and lonely place... (*voice muffled from behind door* "Attie, it's just Mattie's room. You're there all the time anyways." Wait... Pacifica, you're sending me to my MFB (Most Fashionable Bestie)? "Uh, yeah. Didn't I tell you that?")

AH! I'm so EXCITED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! *wipes away tears* This will be like a sleep over! We're going to have so much fun!!! And to think I thought I was being left on the side of the road to live as a hitch-hiking hobo -- ("What?!?") -- but now I know the truth!! *giggles* I'm going bake a 'New Roomies!' cake right now! Paci, do you want to help me?!? ("Um, sure. Wow, I'm surprised how well you're taking this sis. Maybe you're starting to mature Attie." Ha ha! Why would I be upset about a multiple day sleepover with my MFB, Nicky/Nobody, and my FAVORITE sister?!? "No, Attie, Nobody and I are going to be here. You'll be rooming with @Matching by Mattie.")

Wh-Wha-What...? *starts sobbing again* I'm going to miss you SO MUCH!!!!!!!! (*groan* "This is going to be a rough day. I hope Mattie willing to deal with you.") Don't talk to me, you... you... meanie! You anti-sister!!! *wail* I'm going to start messing with your luck. I don't care what the school rules are on psychic battles, I challenge you to a Sister Battle of Fortune Weaving!!!!!! ("...Yeah, no. If you're just going to be crazy, I'm going to go get lunch without you. Have fun packing.") ...She says no now, but I will have my vengeance. Because revenge is ice cream! Sweet and yummy but a giant headache to deal with!!!!! Look out Psyhigh! *sniffle*

- 8/11/2015 2:32pm

Dear Somebody,
Did you know that classes start this week? I had no idea, until @Pacifica told me. She's been really nice about reminding me about things. Like what day it is, or where I am. Or how to get places, and what year it is. She has all sorts of memory tricks, and I've even memorized my schedule! In the mornings I have Invisibility Stealth Training II (apparently I took Invisibility Stealth Training I last year), Force Field Basics, AP Tarot Card Reading, Fourth Hour Lunch, and then I spend afternoons training with Flora. I even remember where most of my classes are and how to get there! I'm kind of enjoying this temporary roomie swap, last night was the first night in a while that I was able to sleep soundly without worrying about waking up covered in experimental makeup. I'm not sure @*Atlantica* feels the same way about the swap though. She stopped screaming at about eight thirty, when Mattie suggested they do facials, but she hasn't said a word to me or Pacifica since. I hope she isn't too mad at us. Although, her last words were something about revenge and ice cream. For that matter, I'm not sure how Mattie feels about the swap, either. But, I mean, the swap isn't permanent, just for a few more days.

In other news, Claude is still green with purple polka dots. He's been staying inside because he's ashamed to let anyone see him like this, but I think he looks ok. *complaining meowing is heard* Honestly, its not that bad. You Pretty? And we...umm... match? *more meowing* I know, I know, I'm going as soon as I finish typing this. We removed the nail polish, but we haven't been able to get the dye out by washing, so Claude wants me to go to S-Al to research ways of getting his natural colour back. I even remember how to get there on my own! Which is good, because Claude refuses to leave the room to guide me places. Eralonia came by a while ago to check on Claude, but I had to send her away. She was wearing a cute flower patterned dress with little birds amongst the flowers. I even remember details now! Like, umm... uh.... Never mind. But still.

I forgot to bring more than twenty jars of sprinkles with me when we did the swap, so maybe I'll grab some from the vending machine on my way to S-Al. It should be safe now that every last pixie is gone. Right?

Farewell for now,

- 8/11/2015 7:56pm

Back in class and back on track this week. Some space between me and @*Atlantica* has been great. My nerves are no longer frayed, my thoughts are rarely interrupted, I sleep like a baby, our neighbors don't hate us so much... it's lovely! @Nobody is a great roommate. She's invisible half the time she's here, it's practically like living in a dorm by myself (and with a colorful cat, a rambunctious dragon, and floating objects when invisible Nobody is... invisible). If I'm being honest here, I don't like animals and they don't like me. But Nobody has tried to talk to them and her pets have mostly left me alone. Claudette and I had a small disagreement over whether or not my school textbooks should be burnt into cinders, but other than that it's been peaceful. I've finished my essay on the Principals of Magic Eight Balls three days ahead of schedule! Never have I been more efficient! (Alright, alright, being a cyborg also makes my homework easier. I type faster than a veteran secretary of the 1940's and do math equations quicker than calculators... and all this goes on in my head!) Best of all, without you-know-who stress is something I rarely experience anymore. My control over my bad-luck influence has progressed in surprisingly sudden increments. And when I do let out some misfortune, it's very small. It's wonderful to be free of that burden for a little bit. I'll miss this arrangement when it's over and Nobody is replaced with Somebody. I'll even miss the constant stench of dye/makeup remover that thickens the air when Nobody tries to cleanse Claude of his fur affliction.

It is such an odd feeling being away from Atlantica. We were parasitic twins since birth... and even when we were split into two separate people last spring (well, more like I left Atlantica's body and became a cyborg) we were still together. Even when Atlantica came to school here before I did, I was at home unconscious and delirious. I wasn't processing that I was alone. To be separate from her is so... weird. There's this weight around me where her soul should be, and it isn't there. It's like constantly being light-headed in your entire body. How liberating! Not to mention, I can go wherever I want without apologizing and picking up Attie's messes. Maybe I'll request full separation from my sister while at Psyhigh. I'm sure Tulka at Admissions could arrange it. What can I accomplish without my metaphorical millstone hanging at my neck?!?

- 8/13/2015 12:37pm

Super bestie virtual group hug: ACTIVATE!!!!! *group hugs everyone* Is there anything better than a hug? Anything? hmm... I know!! A sister who doesn't kick you out and then rant about how much she loves life without you! THAT WOULD BE PRETTY NICE.

Oopsies, sorry! I've been a little angry lately! @Pacifica has been a real meanie, and she took down all the smiley stickers I had put on our dorm's door! Who is soulless enough to remove happy faces from the world?!?! Good thing my bestiest bestie @Matching by Mattie has been here with me, we do all sorts of things! It almost distracts me from the fact that Paci isn't here... *eye twitch* Just this morning Mattie let me help her start a petition to re-instate "Matching by Mattie"! That was so fun!!!! We went up to all sorts of students and talked to them and gave them hugs and bribed them and begged them and sometimes we got a signature!!! Looking back at the petition, 3/4 of them were real personalities! Those students signed their names as Anita Bath... I. P. Freely... Guy Incognito... Seymour Butz... I thought the names were HILARIOUS but Mattie is still pouting about it!!! I'm sure she'll cheer up during our next fun plan! That is, once she (or her boyfriend) finishes her homework and I get sprung from this jail!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention! I'm trapped in a tiny box with mirrors and smoke and tiny music boxes!! I LOVE MUSIC BOXES!!!!!! One of them even has a ballerina that spins while the music plays! She's so pretty!!! If this box wasn't terrifying and cramped, I could hang out here for hours!!!!! That's how I got trapped in here in the first place actually, the music boxes were singing to me to join them! Like mythical sirens from The Odyssey!!! Only instead of being eaten alive, you cramped and lonely and have to wait for a grumpy old man to limp by and release you for the twelfth time today! No worries though guys, he's my bestie!! He's always happy to help me out!!! Love ya @Deadeye!!!! <3

(*Deadeye shuffles down the hallway* "Hmph. Sounds like this one caught something." *peeks into ghost trap* "Oi! You again? I told you to stop meddling with my equipment!" Hi Deadeye! Your hair looks beautiful today! "Listen you basket case, I'll go get the keys to let you out, but get yourself stuck in my boxes one more time and I'll leave you in there until you actually are a ghost! Got it?" Got it!! Hey, want to go out for smoothies with me and my friends tonight? "No." *shuffles away*)

...Well, at least I have time to think while I'm in here! I'm not use to such long moments of silence and stillness! If Paci was here, she would've gotten me out in no time! Maybe... maybe it's good for me to have a few moments for self-reflection and evaluation... *has deep thoughts about self and personality* Wow, I'm really great!!!! Don't you agree music box ballerina? You're my bestest inanimate bestie!!! (Make sure you don't tell the couch that, it thinks it's the bestest!!!)

- 8/13/2015 8:08pm



• One cauldron of boiling water

• 5 cups of Hydrogen Chloride

• 2 teaspoons of paprika

• 3 destroyed dreams

• 6 parts mongoose whiskers

• 1 cup of potato salad

• 3 tears of a newborn puppy

• A hair of an innocent

• Toe nail clippings of the Original Spell Caster

• 1 Slice of cold left over pizza

• 7 Dragon scales

• 34 Lizard teeth

• 5/8 of a soul

-something else I can't remember

Most of this I can get from the potions lab, and I can probably get extra credit in Invisibility Stealth II for getting the hair (from @*Atlantica*, maybe?) and toenail clippings (from @Matching by Mattie) unnoticed. @Kristopher might have some spare lizard teeth he can give me. Maybe. The only problem will be finding potato salad.

I'm off to gather ingredients. I'll store it all in an empty classroom though, so I don't bother @Pacifica. Or anyone else.

Farewell for now,

- 8/14/2015 5:47pm

Today's classes were just greaaatt!!! Most of my courses started a few days ago, but a lot of kids didn't show up until today! In fact, a bunch are procrastinating until Monday! Or maybe I just have a lot of ghosties in my classes sitting in the empty desks!! That would really get @Deadeye's knickers in a twister!!!! (Shout out to Deadeye, the coolest grumpy adult bestie a girl could have!!!)

Lunch is always my favorite hour, because that's when you can see all your friends and besties and bestie friends!!!! @Gretel and @Morris are in my lunch, and a few other students I know from this summer! Gretel kept staring at her laptop and muttering about squiggles, and Morris was all grumpy and soaring eagles, but I think I did a great job of cheering them up! Pudding solves all problems! Especially zodiac-specific pudding! It's astronomically delicious!!!! I thought I saw @Pacifica there too, but she didn't come sit with us. Which is good. I don't want to talk to her. *eye twitch* Besides, she would've cramped my style! I love not having her around scolding me and the like! To be free of her feels so... FREEING! *happy spins*

Mattie has been a bit grumpy about... everything I'm giving her some space! Apparently Prof. Fakanami (remember him from the Customer Growing Club?) wouldn't give her extra credit for her Customer Growing Club! Or being fashionably late! Or for her unsolicited advice to improve his love life! Ironically, he gave her a detention instead for "insolence"! Isn't he the cutest, most funniest sentient dust bunny you've ever seen?!? *giggles* Anywho, Mattie went out with her boyfriend on a date and I'm here alone for now! It's great! I love it! I've had all sorts of deep thoughts about life and who I am and how I fit into this world!

*sound of thunder*

I LIED!!!!! I HATE IT!!!! THE STORM OUTSIDE IS SCARY! Some of the weather inclined psychics are playing with the clouds and made the lightning blood red and turn everything it hits into marshmallows! I HATE MARSHMALLOWS! I-*sobs* -I don't want to be marshmallowed! *cries* I thought I was starting to enjoy not having Paci breathing down my neck 24/7, stopping all my fun adventures! But in truth I really miss having somebody around to make me feel safe- *thunder* -and make me feel like I belong! She's the only one who doesn't get all shocked when I hug her multiple times during a conversation! Not to mention, all my good luck- *thunder* *squeal of terror* -powers have been on the fritz since yesterday! Not having a good luck shield is terrible! I'm so scared! It's been great to have freedom (Mattie doesn't care if I jump off roofs or hug hitchhikers) but too much of a good thing sucks! I... I guess... *thunder* ...I guess I really miss my sister. *thunder* *cries silently*

- 8/14/2015 6:12pm

Did you guys know just how terrible life is? How terrible humanity is? It's all here on the internet! Genocides... Terrorism... Fast Food Franchises... all sorts of horrible atrocities. How can we stand to look ourselves in the mirror? And don't think that us psychics are any different. Look at all these things we've done: The Tarot Scandals of 1903, Crystal Ball Calamity, Fox Children Milita, and of course the International Mind Wipe of 2006. Don't remember it? Good. You're better off that way.

I've really been making the most of these days free from babysitting Atlantica. This Sunday Nobody and Atlantica switch back, so I've got to enjoy this while it lasts! I sleep in. I meditate. I read for hours on end without looking up from my books. I watch all sorts of depressing documentaries I usually can't play because Attie will flip out. It's a hermit's paradise here! And since @Nobody went off to make some potion and took her pets with her, I'm all alone. I haven't left this dorm room for DAYS. Sure, I missed a few classes, but I'll just tell my teachers that I was supposed to be signed up to start attending class on Monday. I know it's lying but... humans are so terrible and selfish, what's one more lie? There's so much negative energy in the world, so many heinous thoughts in the air. The world is evil, and there's no escaping it. It's all documented right here- *scrolls through webpage* -for us to read, but there's nothing we can do to rectify any of it. Nothing.

*sound of thunder*

*sigh* I may be a little bit depressed. More so than usually at least. Nobody has been a blast to bunk with-- you should've seen how intense out Battle Ship games got --but ever since classes started this dorm room has felt so... empty. *thunder* Without anybody around and S-AL still under renovations, I've had nothing to do after school hours but websurf. I don't know why, but all these tragic stories online call out to me. *thunder* I'd say it's my bad luck powers acting up, but they haven't been present at all since yesterday. Nobody's been through here a couple times, but I've been ignoring everyone. All I do is read page after page of historical websites. Usually I hate social interactions, but for once I'm craving them. I don't know why I don't have the gall to pull myself from the sad past and head outside into the sunshine. *thunder* What I'm trying to say is... I... I guess... *thunder* I guess I really miss my sister. *thunder* *heavy resigned sigh*

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