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9/7/2015 6:46pm

Here's my advice to everybody: never go out to any social event ever. It isn't worth it. ("Come on Pacifica! It wasn't that bad!" Yes, it was! And please stop yelling Attie, my head still hurts. *whispers* "okay...! I'll go make you some hot chocolate...!") Oh, yes. Hot chocolate when it's 85 degrees out. Perfect.

I shouldn't be so hard on her I know... I'm just so grumpy after last night. Subliminal messaging really really hurts my head. Thanks a lot @Matching by Mattie. By the way, that giant sapphire you got? The one as big as your head? You better hope it isn't as big as your ego. You'd need a flatbed to move that thing. *angry grumbles* I'm going to go to one of my professors tomorrow and ask if they know any good tricks to keep out mind-intruders. Obviously the traditional method of a spirit animal guarding my mind-scape won't work. Sea anemones are useless. ("No they aren't! They keep little clown fish safe! Here's your co-co Paci!" Thanks sis.)

*sigh* I wish I could go live in isolation like @timberline. It must be nice to not have to deal with other students. Just this morning the kid in front of me in line for breakfast started talking to me. It was bad enough that he was an obnoxious little upstart, when he gets anxious he rusts any metal nearby. Seriously? Ugh. I hate people. And rust. But at least I can get rid of rust.

("Not everything was bad today! What about those super cool pictures?!? Those were AMAZING!!!! Like Pedro Picasso!!!!!") I believe you mean PABLO, not Pedro. Either way, yeah, @Scilph those drawings were great. Thanks. It was cool to see me in two-dimensions. I mean, I could always go to the Dimension Wing of the school, but that place scares me. I can't comprehend those nine-dimensional students... I "malfunction" I guess. *half-hearted chuckle* And Eralonia looked nice in her tutu atrocity, I hope she isn't mentally scared from having to wear it.

Ugh, I'm getting a horrid migraine again. And for some reason I want to drink Lovesick Soda... GOSH DANG IT MATTIE GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!

*crashing sound* ("Ouch! Ouch ouch ouch! Pacifica, come help pleeeease! I tripped and spilled the hot chocolate on mys-OUCH!") Ah! I'm sorry Atlantica! It was an accident! I didn't mean to influence luck!! *rubs face tiredly* Why can't my head be only mine? Why do I always have to share it?!?

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The Arena of Intense Competition
9/6/2015 7:20pm

What? How... how did I get into a dressing room? Atlantica? How did you get into a cheerleader outfit? ("I don't know, and I don't care!!!!! Come on @Scilph and @Gretel! Let's go ENTERTAIN THE MASSESSSSSSS!!!!!!!") *the girls run away cheering*

Wait... I'm in a cheerleading outfit too? And... I don't care. Weiiiird. I actually want to go out and preform. It's like... something's in my head. Oh, hey @Nobody. Ready to... uh... cheer? ("Um... I think so. What's going on?") I don't know, but I'm sure we'll regret it. LET US GOOOOOOO!!!! *runs screaming onto field*

9/5/2015 8:16pm

Whoa, crazy, @Gretel I had a dream last night with a misty, indescribable-ly colored animal in it too! What are the odds? I hope something bad isn't happening soon. Maybe our Pursuing a Hunch teacher is going to give us another pop quiz. I don't know about you, but I'm not in the mood to be dropped in the middle of a corn maze again. My Clairvoyance just isn't good enough for that type of hands-on experience yet.

I bet your spirit animal was something small and singy Gretel, like a Gold Finch or something. Lucky. Mine was a -- okay, don't laugh at me -- a sea anemone. Pretty lame, huh? I didn't even know those things were animals, let alone SPIRIT animals. *sigh* Just my luck. I've got a pile of venomous cylinders struggling across the sea floor as the representation of my soul. It's almost like the universe outright hates me.

Anywho, I better get some homework done if I want to go to @Matching by Mattie's big event tomorrow. An Arena of Intense Competition sounds like a rather brutal way of picking a date, but Homecoming is soon. It was only a matter of time before fights broke out because of her. I just assumed the fight would be between Mattie and whoever was competing against her for the Homecoming Crown. Once again, I'm amazed at how many guys are dopey enough to fall for her.

Oh, and good news (for once). My luck tutor actually managed to reign in my bad luck pulses. It's safe to hang out with me again, no more black cats or broken mirrors for now! Now if I could just regain control of my sarcasm as easily... apparently some of the teachers are offended by it. Probably the same person who gave @Blach a hard time. *speaks sarcastically* I'm just SO sorry that I hurt their fragile egos. It really is ALL my fault. *stops sarcasm* Dang it, I did again, didn't I?

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9/1/2015 8:17pm

Do you guys ever forget what it means to be at this school? To be psychic? The things we can do... the fates we influence... the changes to the fabric of the universe caused by our constant wrinkling... we're pretty powerful beings. Do any of you guys ever get... afraid of youselves? We're young, and we're still learning, and that makes us even more unstable. Like when emotions get involved. We're ticking time bombs, really.

I... I just needed to get that off my chest. After hours of sitting in the back of the Self-Aware Library (I found another hidden room back here) researching... things ...I needed to talk to somebody. Er... I guess this counts as a something? *rubs eyes tiredly* I don't know anymore. I've got to finish my Aura Arithmetic sets and drop off some get-well-soon baskets at @*Atlantica*'s cot. She loves getting presents. Her entire face lights up like a Christmas Tree. She's so happy and... innocent. *sad sigh*

If there's one thing I've learned at Psyhigh -- besides how to get a new body, properly shrink a head, fight a powerful dimension mad-woman, play Exploding Scrabble with a wall, and how NOT to bake cupcakes -- it's that revenge doesn't feel as good after as it did during. Not when you see the smoke clear to reveal... nothing.

I've said too much. I'm going to visit Attie now, and listen to "The Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace. It really speaks to me right now. If you see me in the halls... give me a wide berth. My bad luck energies are unrestrained right now. My luck tutor is going to try and help me in the morning. The poor delusional optimist. *sound of bookshelf toppling onto a studen* Not again! Who was it this time? You! Hey, I'm sorry littke freshmen! Wait don't run-- *child runs screaming* -- away. *sigh*

8/30/2015 6:36pm

Pacifica was seething mad. Granted, she was often mad. A sort of low-level annoyance was always humming in the back of her head. It was just part of who she was. But this time she was full-on enraged.

Once Scilph was returned to sanity, and Atlantica was finally asleep, Pacifica could really look at the damage done. The dorm room was in complete disarray, with all the lightbulbs shot and half of the electronics malfunctioning. The kitchen was also a catastrophe, as Atlantica insisted on baking sugar cookies from her "new bestest friend I met an hour ago!" As soon as she had arrived home again. Poor @Gail Morgen didn't know what to make of Pacifica's twin. Not that anybody ever had before.

But that wasn't what made Pacifica mad. The source of her rage stemmed from the thing illuminated by the fading August sun. Atlantica's arm, dangling from the exhausted girl's bed, was swollen to about twice its normal size. It was an allergic reaction to Titanium. The monsters at the Labs, those experimenters on the psychic, had poked and prodded Pacifica's innocent little sister with Titanium. Recounting the stories she had heard of the run-in with the Labs employees (when 2/5 of the school has mind reading abilities, gossip travels fast) Pacifica's blood boiled in her artifical veins. She would not stand for it.

Creeping toward the closet, Pacifica pulled out the superhero outfit lovingly stitched together by Atlantica during a calmer time at Psyhigh. Using a wave-length changing technique she learned last Tuesday, Paci changed the suit from a shimmering emerald to deep black. Pulling it carefully over the sharper edges of her cyborg body, Pacifica plotted what would occur this darking evening. Finally, the suit was on and Pacifica was ready to slip out of school and into the forest, breaking at least 17 school rules. She said a quiet prayer of thanks that she had visited Don recently, as her robotic joints were in top condition and her motions were more fluid than ever. But as she caught sight of herself in the mirror next to the door, Pacifica hesitated. She recalled what her friend @Gretel had said just yesterday. "Move ahead with your life, and focus on what good your powers can cause rather than what terror they once had!" With a sad smile, Pacifica tied a matching mask over her eyes. She hadn't spread terror in the past (at least, she hoped not) but tonight all h*** would break loose. Revenge is best served cold, with a side of righteousness. As Pacifica said a silent farewell to her slumbering twin, she acknowledged bitterly once again that there wasn't any good powers in her to focus on. Pacifica's friends and family might believe otherwise...

...but believing in something doesn't make it real. It was time for Pacifica to embrace her destiny as the evil twin. And afterwards, talk to @Dr. Ankhy about contracting that Third-Person Flu that's been going around.

8/28/2015 9:58pm

I freaking hate having bad luck. You end up with all the worst jobs. Like babysitting sugared up seven feet tall upperclassmen. *sound of @Scilph bursting more lightbulbs* This is going to be a long night. She better not knock over my model of the honeycomb universe complex. *crash* *Pacifica starts swearing*

Oh, and @belle_tori, don't worry if you're confused. Psyhigh is always off the walls. Some of our students are actually classified as @Walls. My suggestion is start out focusing on your classes, them stemming out into our school's many... unique activities. These activities may or may not include me paying you to take @Scilph off my hands for five minutes. *sound of printer exploding* GOSH DANG IT SCILPH I NEED TO PRINT OUT MY PAPER FOR CLASS!!!! Morris, you better act fast. For those MIA and the sake of all those within radius of my inevitable bad luck influence bomb.

Scilph- No- DO NOT TOUCH THA--

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8/22/2015 5:20pm

("Well? Aren't you going to start?" Hmm? Start what? "Your post silly! You turned it on an hour ago, but all you've been doing is staring out into space! ...Are you sure you're okay sis?" Oh, yeah. I'm fine Atlantica. Just thinking. Stop hovering in the doorway already and relax.)

Ugh, Atlantica has been on my case all day. She's worried I've got something called a "Cerebral Burrowing Tick" that she learned about in class last week. Seeing as I have no sudden urges to travel to South America and bury myself in a mound of woodchips, I think I'm safe from brain parasites for now. Which is a good thing, seeing as my brain is the only organic thing in my whole "body". I don't know why she's so obsessed though, the way she stared at me you'd think I was growing a hand out of my forehead.... Hand... *dreamy sigh* ("I CAN HEAR YOU SIGHING!" *jolts back to the present* I-I-I wasn't sighing! That was the tea kettle, Attie! "We don't HAVE a tea kettle! We gave it @Scilph so she could make more green tea! Did you forget?!? Because that's a symptom of advanced stages of 'Fungal Spine Disorder'!" No! No... I didn't forget... and stop reading those medical journals, you're getting super paranoid.)

See what I mean? She's nuts. Since when is she the overprotective worry wart? *grumpy grumble* I hope Scilph is enjoying that tea kettle though, I sent it as a "sorry" present. I was visiting her roommates (Morris and Eralonia are hilarious) the other day and my bad luck powers started acting up. Apparently I've hindered Scilph's artistic abilities for the moment... sorry. That's what happens when you have three pop quizzes in one day though. You get angry at the world. And then the world gets angry back. And then the hallway is covered in ectoplasm from a ghost squid that unluckily got out of @Deadeye's trap. Poor guy, he can't catch a break here.

Actually, the inky ectoplasm is still ankle-deep in the hall outside. It's pretty gross, and it makes everything smell like an aquarium. Attie was excited for that though, because she's convinced that the hall is filled with ghost fish. I'd point out the many flaws in her logic -- focusing heavily on Johnson and Smith's discovery that fish have non-standard souls and actually spread their exsistance throughout 57 planets at one time -- but she was having so much fun sliding down the hall I couldn't burst her bubble. Plus, she splashed this one pyromancer girl I hate with the ghost squid goop. It was hilarious. I have to hand it to Atlantica, she can really crack me up sometimes. *dreamy sigh* Hand... (*sound of Atlantica's book slamming shut* "That's it! I'm taking you to a professional Paci! And I won't take no for an answer! You need the help of somebody skilled in all forms of education!" Attie, I don't think you have the authority to barge into Dean Hammer's office. "Not him silly! @Matching by Mattie!!!!" ...Can I jump out a window instead? "We don't have a window, it shattered!!! Don't you remember anything?!?!" *Pacifica mumbles under breath* I remember that Mattie makes my skin crawl....)

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8/19/2015 4:32pm

Home sweet home, back in my metallic and synthetic prison. Who woulda thunk I'd be eager to wake up in a robotic body again? Well... I guess it's better than the alternative of SHARING a body. 15 years of that was enough for me.

I'm feeling much calmer today, and issued the appropriate amount of apology letters to the students I inconvenienced with my bad luck aura or whatever these past few days. School still is a drag, but at least it's not telling me to jump up and down and smile. Or divide by the square root of Technicolor. There are so many classes here, but Atlantica really knows how to find the weirdest ones. Not that I should talk; S-AL and I had a wonderful reunion today, normalcy at it's oddest.

And I must stop procrastinating and provide @Scilph with a description of me. I don't know why you'd want to draw me Scilphy, but I'm happy to humor a friend.

Smooth, collected hair.

Held back in a ponytail often.

("She's usually scowling! But sometimes she gets this teeny tiny smile that's sooo adorable!" Shush Atlantica, don't you have homework to do?)

Slightly robo-looking at the elbows, knees, wrists, shoulders, and ankles. The rest looks more human-y.

Freckles. Even as a cyborg, I have freckles. Yaaaaaay.

I hope that's good enough. Try not to forget to sleep though Scilph, your health comes before your art! Now if you'll all excuse me, I think I'm going to look up a shielding mantra before I visit Don and have my missing arm re-attached. I get the strangest feeling something is watching me.... *metallic shudder*

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The Swap
8/18/2015 5:42pm

Testing... testing... oh, good! I'm in. Pacifica here, still trapped in my ridiculous sister's ridiculous body. But at least I've hacked the journals so I can post under the correct profile. One of the benefits of living in a cyborg body: you really understand computers.

I wish I was back in my robody-- er, robot body -- right now. I missed having all this soft flesh and flexibility, but I can't STAND @*Atlantica*'s classes anymore! The kids in there are so... GAH! Then again, what should I expect from a class titled "The Magic Behind Hugs and Positivity"? *massages temples* If I hear the phrase "Think happy, and you'll be happy!" one more time I'm going to THROTTLE somebody. School isn't for socialization, or teachers to babysit us, or whiny little snots to discover that life ain't fair. School is to LEARN. Shut up with the start of the year syllabuses and introductions and freaking TEACH ME something instead GOSHDANGIT! And don't get me started about the Orientation Packages that keep getting mentally sent to Atlantica and I by mistake. Every time one squeezes into my mind the redundant information triggers a migraine. And migraines trigger my bad luck powers. And that's how you accidentally indirectly cause somebody to travel into a 7D plane of existence. Oh my gosh, if I don't get back to my dreary classes with my good old Self-Aware Library soon, I'm going to scream. But Atlantica and I can't tell the teachers that we switched bodies because then we'll lose our "Avoided Daily Catastrophe" extra credit points. I need those if I'm going to pass Luck Lacing. Grrr... just thinking about those slack-jawed nimrods posing as learned psychics makes my stomach clench with RAGE. *Pacifica accidentally uses bad luck powers* *loud sound in the background* ("Pacifica! Um... that peregrine just flew into our room's window again! And this time the window shattered! There's glass shards everywhere... like shiny snow!!!" Oh no! Not AGAIN! Is it alright? That poor, poor window! I'm coming Attie!)

I need to patch up our poor window, sorry @Scilph, I'll have to describe myself and my sister to you another time. And if you could update us on the progress of Eralonia's cure potion, that would be awesome. One of Atlantica's teachers partnered me up with a freaking paste-eating nose-picker for tomorrows lab. I CAN NOT LIVE THIS LIFE ANYMORE. *stomps away*

The Swap
8/17/2015 12:29pm

HIIIIII EVERYBODY! *jumps up and down and waves* It's me, @*Atlantica*!!!!!! I'm stuck in my sister Pacifica's artifical body because of a body swap potion @Nobody made! Sooooo... that's cool!!! Eralonia (Scilph's kitty) was making an antidote yesterday but she dropped her journal into the cauldron! And then Nobody (who's in a kitty body now) saw some sprinkles in the mixture and tried to jump in to drink them! Long story short, the room was a mess and it was too late to restart the potion. So we all went to our classes today in the wrong bodies! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Stairs are really mean when you have semi-functional joints! I don't know how Paci walks around all day like this! I'm so stiff and... and heavy.... oh, and I may have lost her left arm! I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere though... *laughs nervously* Lucky for my sis and I, we have pretty similar schedules! Only instead of Dealing With Grief, she has some weird class where they go into the Self-Aware Library (S-AL) and study whatever random tomes it throws at them! It was super fun! I think I confused S-AL though, because at first it gave me these super duper depressing books! The Largest Graveyards of North America, A History of Lab Rat Tragedies, I Got 99 Realities and Only One is Fun... talk about downers! Then S-AL shot some books titled The Body Snatcher Series, but eventually it calmed down and sent me Cookie Recipes Not for the Faint of Heart! S-AL is such a cool building!!!!!!

Unfortunately, the others aren't fairing so well! Eralonia (who's in Scilph's body) isn't really used to taking orders from teachers, and last time I saw her she was debating with Big Jim in the halls! Big Jim is really buff, I wonder what kind of yoga classes he takes?!?! Nobody is in her pet cat's body, and she's been walking into walls and falling downstairs in a daze! Sprinkle addictions are serious people, it turns you into drunk cats!!!!!! Oh, and poor Scilph is in Nobody's body! She pops in and out of view every ten seconds now, it's like she's in her own private old timey movie! OMG! SCILPH IS A MOVIE STAR!!!! ("No, she's really not. Now would you please stop flailing your -- er, my arms around? You'll lose the right one too at this rate." It's okay Paci, I'm going to your new friend Don's after my last class to have your body all fixed up! Arms and all, and I'm paying! You're welcome!!! "What?!? No no no no no! You can't go to Don like that! He'll think you're ME!" Sorry Pacifica! I have to go to your Luck Lacing class now! Byeeeee! "GET BACK HERE ATTIE YOU ARE NOT EMBARASSING ME IN FRONT OF DON! ATLANTICA SHANG-GING YOU BETTER STO--oh no, is this journal still recording?")

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