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- 8/30/2015 6:36pm

Pacifica was seething mad. Granted, she was often mad. A sort of low-level annoyance was always humming in the back of her head. It was just part of who she was. But this time she was full-on enraged.

Once Scilph was returned to sanity, and Atlantica was finally asleep, Pacifica could really look at the damage done. The dorm room was in complete disarray, with all the lightbulbs shot and half of the electronics malfunctioning. The kitchen was also a catastrophe, as Atlantica insisted on baking sugar cookies from her "new bestest friend I met an hour ago!" As soon as she had arrived home again. Poor @Gail Morgen didn't know what to make of Pacifica's twin. Not that anybody ever had before.

But that wasn't what made Pacifica mad. The source of her rage stemmed from the thing illuminated by the fading August sun. Atlantica's arm, dangling from the exhausted girl's bed, was swollen to about twice its normal size. It was an allergic reaction to Titanium. The monsters at the Labs, those experimenters on the psychic, had poked and prodded Pacifica's innocent little sister with Titanium. Recounting the stories she had heard of the run-in with the Labs employees (when 2/5 of the school has mind reading abilities, gossip travels fast) Pacifica's blood boiled in her artifical veins. She would not stand for it.

Creeping toward the closet, Pacifica pulled out the superhero outfit lovingly stitched together by Atlantica during a calmer time at Psyhigh. Using a wave-length changing technique she learned last Tuesday, Paci changed the suit from a shimmering emerald to deep black. Pulling it carefully over the sharper edges of her cyborg body, Pacifica plotted what would occur this darking evening. Finally, the suit was on and Pacifica was ready to slip out of school and into the forest, breaking at least 17 school rules. She said a quiet prayer of thanks that she had visited Don recently, as her robotic joints were in top condition and her motions were more fluid than ever. But as she caught sight of herself in the mirror next to the door, Pacifica hesitated. She recalled what her friend @Gretel had said just yesterday. "Move ahead with your life, and focus on what good your powers can cause rather than what terror they once had!" With a sad smile, Pacifica tied a matching mask over her eyes. She hadn't spread terror in the past (at least, she hoped not) but tonight all h*** would break loose. Revenge is best served cold, with a side of righteousness. As Pacifica said a silent farewell to her slumbering twin, she acknowledged bitterly once again that there wasn't any good powers in her to focus on. Pacifica's friends and family might believe otherwise...

...but believing in something doesn't make it real. It was time for Pacifica to embrace her destiny as the evil twin. And afterwards, talk to @Dr. Ankhy about contracting that Third-Person Flu that's been going around.

- 8/30/2015 7:08pm

Eralonia's eyes drifted across the ceiling uneasily. Her stomach felt bad. She decided to take a quick peek into the future to see if the salmon she ate would come back up...

She looked into the future when angry. It cooled her down, seeing others' possible fates. It could make her happy, embarrassed, scared, maybe a little upset. She was used to the bad things. Over a thousand years of bad things numbs a person-- or a cat. Seeing possible happiness made her realize that people cared enough for something. Caring for yourself is good-- caring for others is wonderful.

They came to her in quick flashes. They didn't stay for long. Visions of Atlantica laughing (an obvious positive) Morris interacting with his family (Alive. This one always unsettled her.) Scilph humming a song. An older Gretel eating exotic foods. A Mattie with pink hair staring blankly at a mirror.

And then Eralonia saw something that caught her attention.

Pacifica, currently outside her window, dressed in black. She could tell it was Pacifica... because of the way she walked. Eralonia noticed little things about others. How they walked, how they talked, how they acted when they were feeling specific emotions... Pacifica's slow and careful gait was unmistakeable, as if always on lookout for an Atlantica tackle-hug. She also hunched, just the tiniest bit. She had an "on guard and prepared for anything" feel to her stance.

She was constantly checking over her shoulder, a black cloak flowing behind her silhouetted form. Eralonia watched quietly, as she made her way into the forest. What for, she didn't know. She didn't bother trying to look into a future for this-- there were thousands of possibilities. Hell, sometimes she even looked into a possible past.

Eralonia smiled, just the tiniest bit. Another thing Eralonia noticed, is how people react to certain situations. Pacifica always did things for a reason. No energy was wasted on trivial things. She spent her time wisely, and to the best of her ability. Always focused on importance and driven by being as productive as possible. This was a motherly-like thing about her-- probably getting this trait from taking care of Atlantica so long.
If she was doing something this dangerous, Eralonia should support it. She nodded to herself.

Suddenly, Eralonia sneezed. After tonight, she promised herself, I'm going to @Dr. Ankhy for a checkup... I must be coming down with that Third-Person Flu.

- 8/31/2015 6:58pm

Whoa, totally crazy news broadcast today. It probably didn't help that I was watching it upside-down from the ceiling, but it was still pretty cool. The student broadcast class did a great job with it. Their astral projections were spot on, I felt like I was really on the edge of that gigantic crater.

My roommate completely missed the broadcast because she was in the Hex Ed changing rooms (a strict no projection, scrying, or teleporting zone), but who didn't hear about Cimmerian Labs by the end of the school day? First the faulty electric security, then the leakage of liquid nitrogen into the halls, followed by a random stampede of rouge invisible cats (who some speculate were black and crossed everyone's path). They finally got rid of the cats, only to discover critical fungus levels in the ceiling panels of the laboratory. The entire ceiling, in all rooms, on all levels rotted into collapsed fragments that hit everyone and everything! What a mess! Of course the employees called for help, and the police were freaked because they didn't know there were reclusive pseudo-scientists in a mega laboratory in the woods. By the time authorities got there though, something (a lone invisible cat, a ceiling tile, a klutzy intern...) had set off one of their experiments. Nobody knows what it was that made the entire complex disappear into thin air, but speculation around school is getting crazier by the minute. The crater is still smoking, and there's no sign of life for a 20-mile radius. Except a possessed toad. And the F.B.I. trying to cover it all up. Good thing Psyhigh Student Broadcast can get through any police line with its "unconventional methods".

Those poor fools in Cimmerian Labs must have been really REALLY unlucky to get saddled with that fate. Karma was super harsh. Greg, Hannah, and I have a bet that the Illuminati is involved. If anybody else wants in, right now the pot is $40, minimum donation to enter is $10.

- 8/31/2015 8:29pm

Oh my! That is horrid. I do mean, yes, Cimmerian Labs and Co. did imprison @Nobody and her cat for years... yes, they did indeed capture her again and try to suck her special powers from her, draining her of a large aspect of her personality and who she is as a person, and... oh. Well... I.. guess that they deserve it.

~Hm. How very unlucky for them.~

Is it not? I wonder what had happened.

~I wonder. Hm-hm-hm, whatever could have caused this.~

And-- @Gretel! Gambling?! I am ashamed, why would you put money on--

{*whispers* I'm putting 25$ on Illuminati. I have no doubts.}


{What?! I could make a profit!}

*sigh*... I also watched the broadcast. That crater was extremely wide! I am surprised something so large as that was not detected. Some parts are still on fire currently. I wonder if Atlantica has seen this?

{Nah, she hasn't She's in the infirmary for a severe allergic reaction to something.}

~Hm. What a shame. I hope she's OK.~

{You know who I hope is OK? All of the male population of PsyHigh. Mattie sent out a manipulative subliminal message to all the guys in school. Thank goodness for tinfoil, y'know? I already HAVE my beautiful girlfriend--}

Oh, Morris!

{And she doesn't want anyone relating to death. Ghosts can be a bit dreary, y'know? Also, she's so twisted for freaking poor Nobody out. Like, geez. The poor girl needs a day off, so @Matching by Mattie, lay off. Kapeesh?}

Yes, I second that. *yawn* I am tired... I will turn in for the night.


{Goodnight! I'll do the same here.}


{What about you, Eralo?}

~I will, I will. Just gimmie a minute.~



- 9/1/2015 2:40am

I knooow, right! My mouth was agape with excitement the whole time! I love being on the sidelines for this terrible awful exciting stuff, it gives me such an adrenaline rush!!! Of course, no one would actually want to be INVOLVED with something this awful.

That crater looked like something out of a dumb jerky sci-fi movie. Except it wasn't dumb or jerky or a dumb jerky sci-fi movie it all it was completely one hundred percent REAL. Crazy, right!

Poor @Nobody i always liked her. Oh well. She'll live. And if she doesn't we can always capture her astral and ghostal essence so that she WILL live. (A joke, obviously)
(OR IS IT hee hee!)

Psst! @Gretel i want to put $15 on that bet! The Illuminati is always involved with stuff like this, it's so obvious! I bet those invisible cats must of been SO ADORABLE though, i mean. I personally would of been having a field day! Before the liquid nitrogen, that is.

What's totally weird is a DID get a strange urge to enter that competition thing @Matching by Mattie is pulling off ... But it looks like my lisp was getting in the way like it was almost some kind of big lispy wall! Oh well!! Anywho These eldritch deities aren't going to write about themselves! I have the perfect idea of who to do next... I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

stell'bsna phlegeth! -- Blach

- 9/1/2015 2:35pm

Dear Somebody,
I've been so busy lately I've barely had time to think. One of my classes assigned this 789,000 page book entitled "The Basics of Teacup Teleportation" which I'm supposed to read by tomorrow. I'm not sure what class it's for. Or if it's even one of my classes. Lately Claude has just been dropping me off at the nearest classroom and then leaving immediately so he can hangout with Eralonia. I'm not entirely sure he's leaving me in the right classes, either. I also have a thirty page essay to write on Sunbursts and How They Correlate to Disturbances in the Stars. And various worksheets to fill out for various classes. It's almost as if I'm in different classes everyday, and doing homework for all of them.

And when I haven't been doing homework, I've been with @Matching by Mattie. My hair is now Goldfish Yellow with Turkish Delight White highlights, and I'm coated with makeup and nail polish. We have new plush curtains as well as new plush rugs, and my closet is brimming with clothes I don't feel comfortable wearing. I'm also the secretary for the Arena of Intense Competition event. Although I've forgotten what I'm supposed to be doing. But still.

Also, @Blach, I'm not quite sure how I feel about having my astral and ghostal essences captured. Especially since that usually requires a rite of passage involving lamps, snow globes, and grape flavoured Nehi soda.

In other news, I hope @*Atlantica* is ok. I heard the infirmary was making good progress leeching out the titanium, but still. Maybe I'll give her a jar of sprinkles and some of Mattie's makeup in a get well basket. And a couple of shiny dragon scales; Claudette has started shedding.

At least everything's over now, for good. No one else will ever be hurt again by... Him.

*a tapping sound is heard from the window* *Nobody ignores it*

I have to go so I can finish up a report on "Koi Fish and Why They are Imperative to Achieving Enlightenment". I want to find a Koi pond so I can get some quotes for the report.

Farewell for now,

*Nobody leaves the room* *A tapping sound is again heard at the window, and Claude gets up from where he was sleeping on the sofa to open the window* *He finds a note written on office paper* "I know where you are, and I'll be watching you. All of you. *signed* Your father, David Cimmerian" *Claude drops the note in a jar of perfume where it dissolves instantly and resumes his nap; this time on the window sill*

- 9/1/2015 4:10pm

{Classes were kind of difficult today. My schedule seemed slightly off, because of the time-slowing brews that the Alchemy classes have been making. It made the school... off. Oi. Even now I'm speaking kind of slowly.}


{Hey, Eralo. What we're you off doing?}

~Mostly just hanging out with Claude. I had to scold him a bit, though. He abandoned poor Nobody at some random class. I like her new hair color. But otherwise, we just wandered around campus until lunch. He caught me a rat, but I told him I was on a rodent-free diet.~

{You do nothing cat-related, really. I'm surprised you're even a feline.}

~I purr occasionally. But that is about it. Claude has tried to mimic me from time to time. It's funny. I think he might fancy me.~

{It's plausible. Could you grab me a quill? I need to work on my calligraphy.}

~Question... have you seen Pacifica?~

{...No, I haven't... huh.}

~And have you heard anything suspicious?~

{Besides whispers of the Illuminati, no.}

~Just... be on your guard.~

{I'll keep it in mind. Quill, please?}

~Fine.~ *hands him the quill*

{You alright?}

~I'm just being cautious. Where's Scilph? is she alright?~

{She's fine. She took her ukulele out to the courtyard. People seem to like her music a lot.}

~Make sure she's okay, okay? You should go out with her. You want to see her in a flower crown, right? She is most likely wearing one now.~

{Really-- *sigh* Eralo, as much as I want to, I can't. I need to write a paragraph in Pixan about my favorite color. I'll get out there as soon as I can. Eralonia, are you worried about somethi--}

~She's also wearing a skirt.~

{I'm bringing my camera. She never wears skirts.} *door slams shut, Morris runs down the hallway*

~…I'm only worried a little... I'm worried for everyone. I need to ask Claude to stay with @Nobody...~


- 9/1/2015 8:17pm

Do you guys ever forget what it means to be at this school? To be psychic? The things we can do... the fates we influence... the changes to the fabric of the universe caused by our constant wrinkling... we're pretty powerful beings. Do any of you guys ever get... afraid of youselves? We're young, and we're still learning, and that makes us even more unstable. Like when emotions get involved. We're ticking time bombs, really.

I... I just needed to get that off my chest. After hours of sitting in the back of the Self-Aware Library (I found another hidden room back here) researching... things ...I needed to talk to somebody. Er... I guess this counts as a something? *rubs eyes tiredly* I don't know anymore. I've got to finish my Aura Arithmetic sets and drop off some get-well-soon baskets at @*Atlantica*'s cot. She loves getting presents. Her entire face lights up like a Christmas Tree. She's so happy and... innocent. *sad sigh*

If there's one thing I've learned at Psyhigh -- besides how to get a new body, properly shrink a head, fight a powerful dimension mad-woman, play Exploding Scrabble with a wall, and how NOT to bake cupcakes -- it's that revenge doesn't feel as good after as it did during. Not when you see the smoke clear to reveal... nothing.

I've said too much. I'm going to visit Attie now, and listen to "The Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace. It really speaks to me right now. If you see me in the halls... give me a wide berth. My bad luck energies are unrestrained right now. My luck tutor is going to try and help me in the morning. The poor delusional optimist. *sound of bookshelf toppling onto a studen* Not again! Who was it this time? You! Hey, I'm sorry littke freshmen! Wait don't run-- *child runs screaming* -- away. *sigh*

- 9/2/2015 7:41am

I have just awoken! Good morning~! *yawn* Oh, good morning, Eralonia.

~*hiccup* Morning.~


~Nah, I've just *hic* got the hiccups. I can get rid of them by drinking water or something... *hic*~

That is... strange. How are hiccups caused?

~By a spasm in the *hic* lungs or something. I dunno.~

Strange... well, you must cure your... 'hiccups' while I record my entry. I do not want random hiccups in the background.

~Alright.~ *walks off, hiccuping*

Everything seems to be going nicely around campus! And-- oh... @Pacifica.


I am not truly an expert on... human emotions and how people feel. I used to only be.. *sigh*... a manufactured weapon for battle. I was created to destroy, obliterate, and tear down anything that stood in my way. My soul's purpose was to kill anyone on sight, any way I could. With my electrical powers, by strangling them, or just with a dagger. I didn't know what fury was. I didn't know why I was doing this. I didn't know how I felt. I didn't feel. After the deaths of approximately 389 people, (I remember each and every one of their faces) I stopped. I don't remember how or why, but something... snapped, inside of me. I saw the blood, carnage and death around me. I saw living people who I thought I could reach out to, but they were not friendly. They took me away, locked me in a cell, where I stayed for months... most of which I spent crying. I saw the emotions of other people, and learned from them.

I see it clearly now. Like it happened only an hour ago... it was 17 long years ago. Late November, midday. I could see far our my cell window. I saw a little boy... lost. Crying. I tried to talk, but I didn't know how to form words. All that came out was hissing. The boy looked up, his tear-stained face then turning into pure, unbridled fear. Terror at the freak above him, who he had probably seen on the News for murder. He ran. I saw how hard he tried to get away from me. A murderer. Someone who took lives without any sort of remorse or regret. Killing people for sport.

That is not who I was, not who I wanted to be. I didn't GET a choice... th-that wasn't my fault! I-I didn't... *sniff* d-didn't know... A-and now I live w-with one of my victims and every time I look at him I cannot breathe and for a split second I remember how much he used to love me and tell me how I would be his father's greatest creation and how he was so proud of me as well and he didn't know I was made for killing--

*deep breath* *whispers* IwillnotcryIwillnotcryIwillnotcry

I-I... *sniff* I'm-- I am sorry. Apologies, I-- I did not mean to turn this into something about me.

But yes, what I meant to say was... I know how you feel. That deep, empty feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. You ask yourself why you did what you did. It is not sadness or fear or regret... but more like a strange mixture of all three. I call this emotion "Empty". I feel emotions now.. *pause* Wh-which means I can feel all the GOOD emotions in the world! Happiness, excitement, and love are beautiful things.

I-I am sorry to burden you with this... please don't think about what I have gone through. Just.. focus on the good things in the world!

That's how I keep going.


- 9/2/2015 8:59pm

I wish my prophetic dreams gave me straightforward answers. Not to be cliche, but they usually only raise more questions. This time all I got was a song. I thought @Pacifica could relate to it... don't worry Pacifica. We've all been through that ethical epiphany.

Yes, no, maybe so.
The world ain't always fair.
Yes, no, maybe so.
It's a weight we all must bare.

No, yes, what a mess.
Powers can be a blessing.
No, yes, what a mess.
Repercussions can be frightning.

Maybe so, yes, no.
They say Justice is blind.
Maybe so, yes, no.
Karma isn't so kind.

Yes. No. Yes. No.
Are we right to take action?
Yes. No. Yes. No.
Are we better off hidden?
Yes. No. Yes. No.
Are we heros or villians?
Yes. No. Yes. No.
Are we all capable of good?
Yes. No. Yes. No.
Are some of us destined for evil?

Can we contain the animals we could become?

Yes. No. Maybe so.

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