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1/18/2016 7:07pm

{Oh me oh my}

{what a predicament I'm in}

{everyone seems to be a stranger everyone seems to be a one off having ridiculous name and only posting to their journals once}

{making a mockery of our beautiful school}


{few of you are taking this seriously}

{oh well that is to be expected}

{i have to re-introduce my self now dont i}

{i am Morris a ghost You may have seen me around once or twice}

{i used to be a lot more fun but i've kinda dulled over awhile}

{i'm sorry}

{well that doesn't mean i'm not friendly Feel free to introduce yourself to me}

~..Morris? Did you turn on the Journal?~

{yes i thought i should}

~Why bother? It feels like a waste of time now.~

{don't be a drag Eralonia We can sill get back into the swing of things}

~Do people even remember us? I feel like I'd be hard to forget.~

{ah yes the white cat who was born from glass also daughter of someone who tried to kill us multiple times}

~And has a beautiful fashion sense. Hey, the way you talk is weird.~

{what do you mean? i've always sounded like this}

~You aren't using punctuation or capitalization. Stop that.~

{you can hear text? wow}

~Just stop. Please.~

{ahhh you're just being a sissy}

~See, this is why no one talks to you--~

{well people WILL talk to me because I'm finally saying something}



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9/11/2015 4:03pm

{@Nautical Nell-}

{I get what you mean. You think it'd be the same with ghosts, but it really isn't. The poltergeists don't get along with anyone, and are just plain rude. I can't tell you how many times one has shoved me, thrown something at me, or rearranged my furniture. Oi. It gives you a headache.}

{Besides that, everything is fine right now. Sorry I haven't been posting recently, everyone. School is getting to me-- I've moved on to Advanced Alchemy, so I need extra classes. Scilph is improving her grades more, and taking extra lessons. Eralonia's even volunteering for things. So sorry if our posts are scarce. Anyway, we made Scilph give back the gem weapons. Thankfully, before any chaos ensued. No Gods became infuriated with us. Phew. We did get a bad omen or two though-- Scilph needs to stay away from lizards and navy-blue paper. Just so you know.}

{*yawn* Well, I'm tired. Aviation is my last period, and I made it up to cloud level. Don't disturb my nap.}


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9/7/2015 3:19pm

{*ahem* Hello.}

{I'm sure you all heard of the "Jell-O Fiasco"... uhm... and about the weapons from the monarchs... also the electricity problems. It wasn't Scilph. I swear. Please don't suspend her. She's recovering from the whole thing. Please. Have mercy.}

~Calm down. It was an accident-- she was manipulated.~

{I know, but still! *sigh* AT least she finished some drawings to release some stress... here they are.
Some Claude doodles:
Eralonia in Mattie's poofy dress:
Some random doodles:
More doodles:
Atlantica and Pacifica:}

~I think they turned out well don't you?~

{Yep. Although they're still tilted to the left... sorry.}

~Yep. Anyway, what're you going to do about Scilph hoarding the Gem Weapons?~

{I don't know... she seems happy with them. She got a Pearl staff, and she looked like she was about to weep with joy.}

~She'll have to return them eventually.~

{*huff* I know, I know.}


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The Arena of Intense Competition
9/6/2015 5:41pm

*through a mouthful of cookies and Jell-o* {This event is horrible. Wow, I hate this idea. Yeah. It sucks. *crunch* Why did I come here?}

~To eat Jell-o and watch guys being beaten WITH Jell-o?~

*swallow* {Exactly. Such an amazing spectacle that will start in 20 minutes. I'm SO excited.}

Uwaah! We are here at The Arena of Intense Competition! The Jell-o Attie brought is splendid. ("Thanks, bestie!") And these "Poomb-Poombs" are also wonderful!


Yes. Indeed. Poomb-Poombs. Any-the-ways, I am sure that after this, I will indeed get a real gem weapon. If Mattie would only let me. I tried to walk into her Dressing Room (which was so filled with perfume and Michael Buble music I nearly VOMITED) and ask, but she was busy putting on make-up. She had two "gentlemen" "show me the door". I saw the door just fine. When I was being shoved through it. Mattie has gotten a very swollen head... and her outfit was so... so... uhm *cough* indescribable.

~It was revealing, to say the least. My cousin is such a--~


{Eralonia needed a censor. And I will be blaring this thing throughout the entire match.}

*sigh* I will get earplugs later... Attie, did you bring any along with your Poomb-Poombs? ("Hee-hee-hee! Nope! Sorry, Scilphy!") Oh, well. Any-the-ways. I am quite excited for the actual match. This will be quite funny to watch! I will be wishing these poor boys luck.


9/5/2015 8:53pm

{That is horrible, sick stuff. Pitting poor, defenseless boys against each other until they are beaten to submission? Even with Jell-O, this is disgusting. That's awful. You should be ashamed, Mattie. This is a new low.}

{I need to buy tickets.}


{What? I'm just going to I can buy Scilph a souvenir. She wants a gem weapon, I'm getting her a gem weapon. She's also been fascinated in this... "Spirit Animal" stuff. She wants to know what hers' is so badly, she's trying to sleep. Poor girl doesn't know she can't dream... she wasn't made with that ability. Hm. Maybe one day, it'll appear to her. I know what mine is, though. It's a Red Panda.}

~Mine's a cat. Surprise surprise. *yawn*~

{You tired? So am I... I gotta go to bed. I signed up for extra-credit, and I'm wiped out. I was supposed to take care some of the plants in the 13th GreenHouse. The vines were tough to take care of. *yaaaaaawn* Later.}


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9/1/2015 4:10pm

{Classes were kind of difficult today. My schedule seemed slightly off, because of the time-slowing brews that the Alchemy classes have been making. It made the school... off. Oi. Even now I'm speaking kind of slowly.}


{Hey, Eralo. What we're you off doing?}

~Mostly just hanging out with Claude. I had to scold him a bit, though. He abandoned poor Nobody at some random class. I like her new hair color. But otherwise, we just wandered around campus until lunch. He caught me a rat, but I told him I was on a rodent-free diet.~

{You do nothing cat-related, really. I'm surprised you're even a feline.}

~I purr occasionally. But that is about it. Claude has tried to mimic me from time to time. It's funny. I think he might fancy me.~

{It's plausible. Could you grab me a quill? I need to work on my calligraphy.}

~Question... have you seen Pacifica?~

{...No, I haven't... huh.}

~And have you heard anything suspicious?~

{Besides whispers of the Illuminati, no.}

~Just... be on your guard.~

{I'll keep it in mind. Quill, please?}

~Fine.~ *hands him the quill*

{You alright?}

~I'm just being cautious. Where's Scilph? is she alright?~

{She's fine. She took her ukulele out to the courtyard. People seem to like her music a lot.}

~Make sure she's okay, okay? You should go out with her. You want to see her in a flower crown, right? She is most likely wearing one now.~

{Really-- *sigh* Eralo, as much as I want to, I can't. I need to write a paragraph in Pixan about my favorite color. I'll get out there as soon as I can. Eralonia, are you worried about somethi--}

~She's also wearing a skirt.~

{I'm bringing my camera. She never wears skirts.} *door slams shut, Morris runs down the hallway*

~…I'm only worried a little... I'm worried for everyone. I need to ask Claude to stay with @Nobody...~


Suits and Sunglasses
8/29/2015 2:19pm

*gasping* {Run faster! C'mon c'mon-- Everyone! W-we're coming back! *gasp gasp* I-It'll only be a matter of time before they wake up--! GAH!} *gasping* (=G-geh! *huff* slow down!= "Yeah Morris! They can't run as fast as you! this is good exercise though! Hee-hee-- *coughing*=Morris, Attie's down!=) {R-right! We've made a lot of distance... we can wait... *huff huff*}

(*cough cough* "WHEW! What a workout! Hahaha!" "Morris, how'd you get in?")

{I posed as a living Normal intern to review Labs Inc. It took some persuading, but I got in. I followed this one guy around on a tour for awhile... then slipped away, going floaty and passing through walls until I found you all. Slightly difficult. When going through, I passed about three people... one boy was in chains and being poked and prodded by more S.S.'s. I couldn't tell if he was psychic or not... there were two other boys in two different cells. They were just staring blankly at something... and that's when I got to you three. I brought some Acidemoniumite 6DT to break the chains, and when the other S.S's came in, I broke a Brain Wipe Bottle on their heads. Once they wake up, they will forget everything in the last 48 hours. That leads up to about now.}

("WOW! That's super, Morris!" "Good job. I was running low on sprinkles." =Feeeeeh... I need a nap. Those stupid Lab workers were annoying.=)

{Yeah... Well, let's get up and start walking. We're halfway there. We just need to pass through the Wood about a mile down, and we'll be there. Easy.}

*silence, rustling*

{Hey, @Nobody?}


{What's the name of those Labs?}

("Oh! It's... uhm... uh... I forget.")

{...I see. Alright.}


8/22/2015 6:22pm

*looms intimidatingly* ~Hands, hmm? And dreamy sighs? Ohohohoho...~

~@Pacifica, you sly old Cyborg, you! Do I recall you last being at Mr. DON'S place getting your arm fixed? Do I recall that you have a teeny-tiny CRUSH on him, hmmm? Maybe you had a moment of bliss when he... HELD YOUR HAND?! DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUUUN!~

~Ohohoho, I knew it! Don't ask me how I know, my sources remain secret! Ohoho~!

{What's with that laugh, Rengae?}

~Hush. No one's going to understand that reference, we're the only Otakus in this school. BACK TO THE ORIGINAL TOPIC,--~

{Pacifica, she was spying on you using her future vision. And even then it was pretty fuzzy, so sorry if what she's saying is way off.}

~SHH-SH-SH-SH! Pay no mind to him, he's still tired... he just woke up from his nap... BACK TO THE ORIGINAL TOPIC... yes, I know that you have held hands with your love, DON! Also, it's pretty obvious that you liked him. No way anyone could miss that. Even Scilph knew. And when it comes to love, she's clueless.~

{Don't say that about my girlfriend. And why are you getting so cocky about love now anyway?}

~Well, with Mattie being my cousin, I'm sure this "love" thing isn't too hard to figure out. I'm sure I can do this better than her any day of the week! Easy breezy!~

{Well, I don't think you should ruin poor Paci's life. She just gave us this nice new kettle. And she said we were hilarious, (which I really appreciate) she doesn't deserve it. Also, that ghost squid got out and got slime on everyone, so I don't think ANYONE is really in the mood for this.}

~Puh-LEASE! Who couldn't use a little love?~

{You're even starting to sound like Mattie. Oh God.}

~Huh? I am? geez, gotta make sure to keep that in moderation...~


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8/22/2015 12:22pm

{Yeesh. This weather is kinda getting at me. Our Dorm is on the side of the humid, rainy weather, and Scilph is in absolute BLISS. She loves rain, and now that's she's drawing and eating all the Green Tea-flavored stuff she can take, she is completely and utterly joyous. Even though I'm not really a fan of storms. I think I'm putting my vote on SunnySide.}

Hello Morris! I am just out for a quick snack run and to say a fast hello. Do you need anything from the 11-Seven nearby?

{Get me a Strawberry Slurper. And pick up some chocolate as well.}

Alright. Where is our umbrella?

{I don't think you need it. if you run, you can make it to the sunnier side of school.}

Oh, no. I want to walk in the rain!

{Make sure you put on boots. And when you're back, don't track any mud in the house.}

I will not, do not fret. Goodbye! *door closing*

{Anyway, she's really been working hard on these sketches. Although, she has had a hissy fit or two because Pacifica is really difficult to draw. Like, wow. Surprisingly difficult. You'd think that it'd be a lot easier. Artists deserve more respect.}

~Hey, Morris. Where's Scilph? Still in her room?~

{Nah, she just left for 11-Seven.}

~WHAT?! Oh, no... I needed her to pick me up some more Salmon Bits. Also, flameproof boots.~


~I'm helping Claude and Nobody with Claudette. Claudette's gotten a lot bigger since she was born. She's about the size of a school desk.~

{Yikes. Well, good luck.}


{... I think I'm gonna take a nap, embrace the weekend. Oyasumi. (goodnight)}


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The Swap
8/17/2015 5:01pm

{Oi. Thank you so, so much Pacifica. You don't even know how much this means to me... really. Taking care of Nobody and having Luceat in my room is overwhelming. I really do need a break... Not making it to Nobody's dorm in time kinda weighed on me... I don't want Scilph's personality to be inside another body. Ech. It's weird to think about. I keep mistaking Eralo as Scilph... but then I remember. Because she's glaring at me. Like, all the time. It hurts. Also, Claude has gotten into this annoying habit of coming into my Dorm and sleeping on the couch. He sheds more than Eralonia normally does.}

{Anyway, yeah. I'll definitely drop off Nobody, Luceat, and Claude in your room. I'll bring Scilph and Eralo too... if you're not bringing Attie, you could probably bring Don! Well, if you explain the situation. We could double-date! Scilph and I will be your wingman. No sweat. It's the least I could do, because YOU'RE paying for the Ice Cream.}

{If Don isn't coming, I'll DEFINITELY bring Walls. I haven't seen him in quite awhile. I missed you, dude! Also, if it's not a problem, do you guys mind posting a description of what you all look like for @Scilph? She told me after getting ice cream with Paci, then she'd be working on an art project, and she won't leave her room for some time. She will be making a mural with all of us~! Well, at least her, me, Eralonia, @Matching by Mattie, @*Atlantica*, @Pacifica, @Gretel, @Nobody, @Walls, and @Kristopher. Why she needs the description baffles me. She could just leave her room.}

NO! Once I get into "The Art Zone" I must stay there until I am finished!

{You're so biased.}

Any-the-ways, I have gotten used to Nobody's body. *giggle* I have learned to control my--her... invisibility. Although, I have not gotten used to my height. She is much shorter than me.

{Everyone is much shorter than you. You're six feet tall. Eralo is having trouble walking.}


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