Suits and Sunglasses

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- 8/27/2015 9:25am

Dear Somebody,
I'm lost. Again. I attempted to get to class on my own this morning, and I somehow ended up dangling from a tree, suspended over a pit of vipers and covered in soot. Don't ask me how I got covered in soot. It involves a tiger, two non-psychic chimney sweeps, and an orchid, and I DON'T want to talk about it. I hope someone finds me soon. I'm missing...uh...I'm missing... That class...ummm..... I can't remember what class I'm missing. But still. I'm hoping Claude will walk by, but I think he and Eralonia are with Claudette, and she's been forbidden to enter forests since that one incident, so it's not very likely. I really don't want to miss class, because I've been doing really good, and have A's in everything. I think. And I'm pretty sure we were going to do experiments with sprinkles this morning. I think. I distinctly remember the teacher saying yesterday "Nobody bring any sprinkles of any kind. They'll react horribly with our experiments." Or something like that. I can't exactly remember what Mr.... Uh...Mr.... I can't remember what teacher it was. Oh well. I have a lot of sprinkles with me, anyway.

I was planning on talking to Tulka about changing a class to Psychic Cartography so I can make a map of the school that will stay current and change as the school does. Cartography is map making, right? I can't remember. But a map would be useful. I had one, but it was outdated by 500 years, and kept cursing me everytime I used it.

Also, @Nautical Nell and @Jenny Haniver, I wasn't
Intending to be rude, insulting, or condescending, and I'm sorry if I seemed that way. And I don't think you should put the garbage somewhere "out of the way" as that would ruin the point of the protest. If you still need help, I will help, but putting garbage in the cafeteria would be more than just unsanitary, it could have disastrous effects on both land and aquatic students.

In other news, I think I see people walking torwards me! Maybe they'll help!
Over here!!! *waves arms at approaching crowd* Wait, they're being led by the non-psychic chimney sweeps... And they look familiar. Where have I seen three men in suits and sunglasses before? I... Can't quite remember. They're looking right at me. I don't like this. But...when I turn invisible they can still see me because of the soot! How did they get in the school? Wait, I'm not in the school. How far off school grounds did I wander?? They're coming closer. I KNOW them. But how? I... Can't remember... Before Psyhigh... In... In a lab. They... I remember! Oh dear, this isn't good, I need help. I can't go back! This isn't good at all I can't go back *starts shouting frantically* HELP!! HELP!!! HEL--

- 8/27/2015 9:45am


~This is just dandy.~

~@Nobody has been abducted by three men in suits and sunglasses. This is the beginning of a Science Fiction Movie, I swear. It's good they didn't reach Psyhigh, though.... who knows what would have happened. Thousands of mythical beasts, unknown creatures, and supernatural powers wouldn't quite go down well with the rest of the world. The Normals would spread worldwide panic. Anyway, the most likely place they're going is some sort of lab... the one poor Nobody was talking about. Ho hum.. I have so many possible theories and futures. Damn...~

Eralonia? *groan* What's wrong?

~SSSSHHH! Don't say a word! They could be tracking our Journal entries... we don't know what they can do! Men in suits and sunglasses can't lead to anything good. You will refer to me as Ainolare. AYE-no-lair. And you currently do not exist. No words from you, alright?~



... *silent thumbs up* *stifled groan* Cramps...

*door opens* {I'm back. What's up--}

~SSSSHHH! Maurice, shush!~


~*whispers* Men in black sunglasses and suits just abducted Nobody. We're going to get her back... somehow. And find out why they took her.~


~STOP TALKING WITH THOSE BRACKETS! *whisper* and turn opaque.~

O-okay... w-wait... you're a talking cat.

~SH*T!~ *gets on all fours*

Alright... so... Nobody-- Nikki... how did you get there? Uhm... to the Black-Suit people? Please don't hurt her. She's just a person. Please chill.

~*hissing* Don't say that!~

*sigh* We'll get back to this.


- 8/27/2015 2:01pm

I'm in a room. I'm cold and grimy, still covered with soot. I'm not sure how long I've been here. It's very dark and I can't see anything; the faint glow of my journal screen isn't enough to see by. I still have my journal. They haven't searched me. Yet. I also still have my sprinkles. Only 37 jars though; I shall have to ration them. I don't remember how I got here, and I can't quite remember where "here" is, but I know I've been here before. They put me in this room and left me here, but I know They will be back.

I think as I was being carried away, I left a trail of sprinkles for the others to follow, but I am starting to think that this wasn't a good idea. I don't want Them to find the others. I don't want to think about what They would do. I miss Claude and Claudette and all my friends, but at least when they're not here, they are safe. I might not have left a trail anyway. I can't remember. I have to get out of here. If only I could remember how I did it before... I think... Claude...
*faintly echoing footsteps* They are coming.

- 8/27/2015 6:05pm

To the tune of fara shaka:

Suits and glasses,
Suits and glasses,
Nothing good! Nothing good!
Hiding your eyes,
Is hiding your soul,
Ding dang darn. Ding dang darn.

Hang on @Nobody. I know somebody who will be ready to spring to your aid. *calls out into the big wide world* @*Atlantica*!!!!! We need a superhero to jump off rooftops!!!!! amd you'll make some new besties!!!! (That'll get her attention I hope....)

- 8/27/2015 7:49pm

...from her FORTRESS OF UN-SOLITUDE... the world's greatest hero hears it... a cry for help... "*Atlantica*!!!!! We need a superhero to jump off rooftops!!!!! amd you'll make some new besties!!!!"

Making new besties is, like, my FAVORITE THING EVER! Besides making up fairy tales involving frog burps and sparkly posh princesses of course! Those make little kids laugh! But bot police officers, just fyi!!! Anywho, lucky for you @Gretel and @Nobody, I still have the superhero outfit I made way back when in my closet!!!! *whips out costume* Isn't it pretty?!?! And it shimmers!!! It just SCREAMS "my name is Atlantica, and I'm here to save the day!"

So hang in there Nobody named Nicky, Lucky Lass of Love and Lace and CUPCAKES (name still temporary) is on the case! I'll save you, and probably nobody will break any bones! Er, I mean NO ONE will break any bones! *giggles* Ok, step one!!! Steal some of Eralonia's Speech Potion, give it to Nobody's kitty Klaude, and get the 411 on my best invisible bestie Nicky!!!! I'll probably drop off some get-well soon danishes and jelly rolls for @Scilph too... (*whispers excitedly* don't tell her, but I put a lot of caffine and sugar and experimental ghost squid ectoplasm in the recipe this time! That'll give her some energy to combat a cold-curse!!!)

*shouts at locked door* Hey Pacifica! Want to come along on my dangerous, non-school approved, road-trip adventure against mysterious people with unknown power and motives?!?! ("") Come onnnnnn Paci! You can be my sidekick, the Curse Cadet of Sparkle Funtimes! ("...still no...") Pfft! You're just grumpy because @Matching by Mattie subliminal messaged you into telling your crush Don you think he's cute! ("Go away Attie. I have essays to write and moody emo poetry to pen. Why don't you go jump off a roof or whatever it is you're doing and leave me alone?") Paci! That's ridiculous! Roof-jumping is step 28 in my master plan! I don't even have the inflatable tank decoys ready yet!!!!

Yeesh, this is why they don't let just anybody be superheros! It's time I start my investigation though, if I want to make Gretel the Great proud!!!! Lucky Lassy, AWAY! *runs straight into an unforseen wall* Ow...

- 8/27/2015 8:20pm

Uhm... This is Morris-- OW! Don't scratch me, Eralonia... Maurice...geez, Eralo, I don't how this is any different from my real name.

~*hissing* My name is Ainolare! Er, meow!~

Okay. Uhm... We're going off with @*Atlantica*... Attie... to get back @Novody. Nicky. From the suit-sunglasses people.

~We'll call them S.S.'s. And-- *gasp* Pacifica, you told Don you thought he was cute?! Guuuuurl, how'd he respond? Give me the details! I-- I mean, mew.~

...Alrighty then. I get the gist of this. Soooooo... we got the danishes and jelly rolls and-- oh, some croissants as well.

"CROISSANTS?! *cough cough* *groan* Auuuuhhhh.. m-my aching side..."

~SCILPH, HUSH--! Meow meow meow.~

"I may not accept them though... I have not had good experiences with gift baskets."

Scilph, Mattie gave you a top with a plummeting neckline. It's Mattie. You shouldn't still take offense from her.

"But I feel like it was a backhanded complement! Everyone knows I'm flat--"


Why're you so concerned that the S.S.'s are screening our entries? They're strictly Psyhigh campus readables only. OW!! Stop scratching me! Geez, I'll go on with the plan... so Era-- AINOLARE, f'goodness sakes... will stop drinking her speech potion. We'll give it to Claude, who will sneak into the base once we track it using Nicky's Journal's infrared GPS system. Once found, he will find out why she's trapped there and what they're trying to find out. After doing so, he will make his way back to No--Nicky, and record an entry telling us the details. If they're hostile, we will give them a brain wipe of some sort-- details are still sketchy on that, but we'll figure it out-- and get Nicky back, erasing any evidence that she was there. We move out tomorrow. Done and done.

"Oooh, Attie wrote me a note! "To my bestest bestie that ever bestied-- I hope you get better soon! XOXOXOXO~! Atlantica. P.S. You'll find this croissant to be very 'sweet'!" How nice."

Ah, Scilph--


"This has quite the kick to it!... Why are you all vibrating?"

Scilph, that had caffeine in it. And sugar. And apparently... ghost squid ectoplasm?! Attie, you are one twisted chick...

"Oh. Well. My pain is gone, but I have lost all feeling in my body. And my fingers will not stop twitching.")*loud sound of lights buzzing and flickering*



- 8/28/2015 11:13am

I'm in the room again. They took me away to question me; They want to know where I have been and what I was doing in the forest where They found me. I told Them I couldn't remember. I can't let Them find out about Psyhigh or my friends. No matter what.

I was eight when I first came here. He had been watching me, waiting for me to leave the safety of my house. I left one day to go with my aunt to the store, and I wandered off to look at sprinkles. That was when They took me. For years They experimented on me, trying to make me Normal. He wanted me Normal because he couldn't understand, He couldn't accept who and what I was, He couldn't accept the unexplainable, the psychic. This is where I met Claude. They had found him about the time They took me, and knew that there was something uncanny about him. They hoped that if They could make him Normal, They could make me Normal. Somehow we escaped, and left together. Eventually we found Psyhigh and I forgot about everything. Until now. If only I could remember how we escaped...

They have not experimented with me yet. I am afraid, because They have had eight years to perfect Their methods, eight years to figure out how to remove psychic abilities. What if They succeed? What if I am rendered... Normal?

*sound of paws scratching on a wall* =Pssst, Nobody, you here?= Claude! What are you doing here? And why are you speaking English? =We came to rescue you! I took some of Eralo- Ainolare's speak potion. Feh, I never thought I'd come back to this place. It brings back all sorts of unpleasant memories.= We? Ainolare? =Never mind. We have to get out of here, quick.= But you're on the other side of the wall! You shouldn't be here, anyway. =Don't be ridiculous. We'll be there in a minute.= *sound of @*Atlantica* shouting* "NICKY!" =Shhhh! They'll here you! You weren't supposed to come with me anyway!= *rapid footsteps and a strange voice shouting* "What's going on here?! Who are you??" Oh no. They've been caught.

- 8/28/2015 11:40am


Him. The Labs. Normal. This is amazing. Just fantastic. I have so many questions... *sigh* How did Nobody get her powers? Who is He? Where are The Labs? How? Why? *longer sigh* My heads starting to hurt. Damn. Well... we don't need code names for Nobody and Claude now, since they're already known of. But a ghost, a failed science experiment that went on a murdering spree once (no offense Scilph) and an anthropomorphic cat should still remain secret. I've donned my new, fully solid and not-see through personality, Maurice. Scilph does not currently exist *wink* and Ainolare is just a normal house-pet who does not wear dresses and walks on all fours. Nothing suspicious. We come from Normal's University off the coast of... uhm... that direction. There's our alibi.

Great. Now that Attie and Claude have been caught... oh, no... who knows what will happen. Claude, don't say a word. Attie, be as Normal-ish as possible. NO good-luck influencing. NO bad-luck influencing either. Be NORMAL. Be BORING. Be... be the OPPOSITE of you. *sigh* I wish Pacifica went instead of Atlantica...she knows how to be calm...


See, THIS is what happens when Scilph gets drunk on sugar, caffeine, and... ghost squid ectoplasm. Yech. This is-- OUCH! SCILPH, QUIT PULLING MY HAIR! *loud, frustrated meowing* "AW, YER--... YER NO FU-- "*lights flicker* "fun, Eralonia... hee-hee, I can't feel mah handsies..."

Geh-- it's hard to control her... we need to make sure that she stays in our Dorm, and doesn't leave... we need someone to take care of her... okay, Pacifica, don't hate me, but I'm putting YOU in charge. You're the most responsible here. You know how to deal with crazy girls. You also have tranq darts. But... don't sedate her unless you really need to... I do not want my girlfriend passed out for 18 hours.

*more frustrated meowing*

I cannot understand you, Ainolare. At all. Okay? Since Attie and Claude got caught, I'm going to try and find The Labs... I'll provide a distraction... I'll get a Brain Wipe, and try and free the others. YOU supervise Scilph.

*meowing that sounds like swearing*

Shut up. Oi, my head...


- 8/29/2015 1:49pm

My mother died when I was very small. I barely remember her, I was so young when she died. I was raised by my Aunt (my mother's sister); she knew from the moment I was born that I was different, and that I would have psychic powers, and she knew that my father could never accept that. Everyone in my mother's family had some sort of psychic power, and I was no exception. My father and his family, however are all Normals, and until my father found out about me, he thought everyone else was Normal. My Aunt tried to keep me away from my father because I've never been very good at controlling my invisibility, and we didn't dare let him find out about it, but one day he came to see me, and I turned invisible right in front of his eyes. He thought it was witchcraft or a birth-defect, and dedicated his life to research. I never knew about it or saw him again until They took me to The Labs. At first all he was trying to do was "cure" me, but then he thought about the usefulness of invisibility, and began to suspect that there must be other kinds of psychic powers. He started experimenting with uncanny animals like Claude, trying to find a way to transfer powers from Psychics to Normals. And He began to see me as a lab rat instead of a daughter. Claude and I both escaped before we could be experimented upon, but now we've both been recaptured, and I don't know what He'll do to @*Atlantica* if He finds out she can influence luck--
*crashing and swearing sounds in the background, followed by frantic shouts* *The door to Nobody's cell swings open* What's happening? Is that... @Morris??

- 8/29/2015 2:19pm

*gasping* {Run faster! C'mon c'mon-- Everyone! W-we're coming back! *gasp gasp* I-It'll only be a matter of time before they wake up--! GAH!} *gasping* (=G-geh! *huff* slow down!= "Yeah Morris! They can't run as fast as you! this is good exercise though! Hee-hee-- *coughing*=Morris, Attie's down!=) {R-right! We've made a lot of distance... we can wait... *huff huff*}

(*cough cough* "WHEW! What a workout! Hahaha!" "Morris, how'd you get in?")

{I posed as a living Normal intern to review Labs Inc. It took some persuading, but I got in. I followed this one guy around on a tour for awhile... then slipped away, going floaty and passing through walls until I found you all. Slightly difficult. When going through, I passed about three people... one boy was in chains and being poked and prodded by more S.S.'s. I couldn't tell if he was psychic or not... there were two other boys in two different cells. They were just staring blankly at something... and that's when I got to you three. I brought some Acidemoniumite 6DT to break the chains, and when the other S.S's came in, I broke a Brain Wipe Bottle on their heads. Once they wake up, they will forget everything in the last 48 hours. That leads up to about now.}

("WOW! That's super, Morris!" "Good job. I was running low on sprinkles." =Feeeeeh... I need a nap. Those stupid Lab workers were annoying.=)

{Yeah... Well, let's get up and start walking. We're halfway there. We just need to pass through the Wood about a mile down, and we'll be there. Easy.}

*silence, rustling*

{Hey, @Nobody?}


{What's the name of those Labs?}

("Oh! It's... uhm... uh... I forget.")

{...I see. Alright.}


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