Treehouse Party???

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- 9/7/2015 12:35pm

I'm mighty thankful to the Psyhigh forestry staff for allowing me to build my own treehouse here in the woods. I just feel a whole heck of a lot more comfortable up in the trees and fresh-cut planks - just like back at home in Timberland. I've barely set foot on the ground my whole life, so being able to sleep up in the pines is quite a comfort.

Silvia H.
- 9/7/2015 3:51pm

Oh wow @timberlina can I come visit your treehouse? You are so lucky!!!

- 9/8/2015 8:57pm

Heck, you bet @Silvia H.! I'd be happy to have visitors. First I need to finish the dumbwaiter, though, because it's pretty high up and there's no ladders. I've been so busy with classes I've just got it barely proper for living in, and haven't been able to work out too many of the conveniences yet.

You can come out and take a look at it if you like. It's just off the edge of Woodhull Field. Take the trail and keep following it and you'll see it - keep your head up! Holler or throw a pine cone and I'll come down. But don't raise too much of a ruckus or the owls might come after you. I'm still working things out with them.

- 9/9/2015 4:31pm

Can I come visit your treehouse? It seems like a fun place to be. So what do ya say?

- 9/9/2015 4:49pm

A party? A tree? A HOUSE?!? Those are three of my FAVORIEST THINGS EVER! If there's a get together going on in the canopy, let me know!!!! We can be forest besties!!! I'll bring tea and crumpets if somebody else brings the finger sandwiches! It'll be a treehouse tea party!!!!!! *giggles* Oh! I can also bring some of those little origami fortune tellers that elementary kids make!!! The girl I sat next to in third hour today showed me how to fold them so the fortunes change every time!!!! This'll be so much fun... whatduya say, @timberlina???

- 9/9/2015 10:45pm

Hey hey you bet! Let's make it a treehouse house warming.

@Midna, why don't you hook up with @*Atlantica* and @Silvia H. on Saturday afternoon and all come down and check it out. I'll plan on having a hoist or at least a pulley or something ready to get you up. Unless you can fly, in which case you're fine. My place is pretty big and sturdy so I don't see a problem if you want to bring a couple of people along.

Oh - and any dead mice you can hunt up to offer to the owls might be a good idea. We've come to an understanding, the owls and I, but they are wild creatures after all.

- 9/10/2015 8:09am

Awesome! I cannot wait! I'll be there with some mice on Saturday. Does 6 sound like enough? Because if not I can bring more! I hope to see you soon! ;)

- 9/13/2015 2:34pm

Just finally saw the girls off from our Treehouse housewarming - which turned into a sleepover. What a hoot!

I was able to haul up @Silvia H., @*Atlantica*, @Midna, and their friends in my brand-new dumbwaiter (just one at a time). Except for that flying girl who didn't need it. We had pizza delivered (by broom!) last night, and I had enough quilts to make everybody nice beds. Internet is iffy out here but we were able to watch Cabin in the Woods on my laptop, so that was pretty cool.

We were up pretty late and slept in, and then I made everybody my famous flapjacks and coffee for brunch. I make my own maple syrup and cure my own bacon. I think the girls were suitably impressed.

Oh, except for that girl Stephanie. I guess we didn't bring quite enough mice to the table, so the owls snatched her off the deck last night. I'm sure she'll be okay, though. The owls will let her go after a couple of days when they realize she won't eat the scraps they bring her.

Let's do it again some time for sure! Today I'm going to catch up on my homework, and build a spice rack.

- 9/14/2015 11:30pm

I was so lucky to get invited to the treehouse party.

I'd been smelling the fresh cut wood and woodworking from Woodhull Field and was down there sniffing around when @Silvia H. and her friends came through and said they were heading to @timberlina's treehouse and did I want to come. Of course I said yes and my nose led us right to it.

It was incredible, in the pines, @timberlina swinging her axe around, carving up wood chips and planks and banging it all together without any nails. She made us all do axe throwing and caber tossing and log rolling and we were pretty beat up and sweaty by the time she hauled us all up (by hand!) in the wooden elevator she just made.

Being up in that clear forest air in her fresh cut super luxury cabin was just what I needed, as I was still trying to get that Dirty Lagoon out of my head. But @timberlina's bacon and coffee there the next day finally did it, I think.

Also, @Midna did a great job with the laser etching. @timberlina had drawn some patterns in pencil on some crossbeams and had @Midna use her laser eyes on them and the wood burning smell was exquisite.

I could smell those owls coming a mile away though.

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