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Treehouse Party???
9/14/2015 11:30pm

I was so lucky to get invited to the treehouse party.

I'd been smelling the fresh cut wood and woodworking from Woodhull Field and was down there sniffing around when @Silvia H. and her friends came through and said they were heading to @timberlina's treehouse and did I want to come. Of course I said yes and my nose led us right to it.

It was incredible, in the pines, @timberlina swinging her axe around, carving up wood chips and planks and banging it all together without any nails. She made us all do axe throwing and caber tossing and log rolling and we were pretty beat up and sweaty by the time she hauled us all up (by hand!) in the wooden elevator she just made.

Being up in that clear forest air in her fresh cut super luxury cabin was just what I needed, as I was still trying to get that Dirty Lagoon out of my head. But @timberlina's bacon and coffee there the next day finally did it, I think.

Also, @Midna did a great job with the laser etching. @timberlina had drawn some patterns in pencil on some crossbeams and had @Midna use her laser eyes on them and the wood burning smell was exquisite.

I could smell those owls coming a mile away though.

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Dirty Lagoon
9/10/2015 11:02pm

My nose brought me down to the lagoon, in all its horror.

Never before have I smelled such an insidious, loathsome, accursed stench. There were squid ink tentacles all over inside my sinuses trying to get into my brain. So I vomited through my nose and got out of there and rode my moped down to the Blooming Rainbow flower shop and locked myself in their flower locker for an hour. They let me do that.

It was almost like something @Blach talks about in his club. Or at least, it's like the smell they leave in the room when they're done, except the Eldritch Deities Funfacts club has more camphor and lime in it.

I definitely think @Eliot Silverskin should stay away from the lagoon because he wouldn't want to befriend those otters - or the hideous, blasphemous things they have become.

8/31/2015 3:07pm

One thing I love about Psychic High School is tracking all the scents.

I smell psychic impressions that people leave behind so you might see me with my nose in the air sniffing around. I used to sniff chairs when I was little but that's gross.

I can't always tell who the scents belong to though. Like I'll smell a real iridescent blueberry halo in a hallway, and track it all over school, but when I find the kid it belongs to they don't look that way AT ALL.

Except of course @Matching by Mattie, who does a great job of looking just like she smells.

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Calling All Ghosts
8/17/2015 9:54pm

OMG @Moonie r u a ghost? Are you trapped in a ghost Box? Let me know and I will come let u out. Do u see a serial number?

8/16/2015 2:31pm

Hi first day here but I like ice cream - I like ghosts - I guess I'll go to this Ice Cream Social!

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