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Treehouse Party???
9/7/2015 3:51pm

Oh wow @timberlina can I come visit your treehouse? You are so lucky!!!

The Orientation Effect
9/5/2015 8:39pm

Hi @Kandie!

So, you made it to campus? What dorm are you in? What are your classes? Do you find your hair getting pulled in strange directions by micro black holes? What color do your dreams smell like? Do you smell the horrible rotting smell from the Dirty Lagoon? Have you been attacked by any feral, man-eating stuffed animals? Are you going to @Matching by Mattie's Arena of Intense Competition on Sunday? That could be a great way to make new friends on campus. Especially if you are planning on going to Homecoming. Are you going to homecoming?

I'm still drifting through various versions of Psyhigh as I wake up each morning, but I don't think I've run into you in any of them. Maybe you should tie a yellow ribbon around your hair or arm or something and then I'll know it's you.

The Orientation Effect
8/18/2015 7:27pm

Big Jim's methods are fairly outdated, @Kandie, and he has a tendency to make things over-complicated (no offense @Big Jim!).

Sometimes the delivery service gets "creative," and may have put your orientation package somewhere weird, like in a tree, or in a dream you won't have till tomorrow. So pay close attention to all your dreams.

It is possible that some tweakers stole it out of your dream mailbox. Those creeps are out there on the dream borders, but it's not really likely. If your orientation package doesn't show up in the next couple of days, I'm sure you can find the instructions online somewhere.

Good luck!!! Looking forward to seeing you on campus.

Advice From a Friend
7/23/2015 4:31pm

Waking up in a different universe each morning? Try Honeycomb!!

It's possible, @Cassandra, that you've got what I've got, where you wake up each morning in a mostly-the-same but totally different reality. Drifting (or Wandering) they're calling it.

I'm still pretty into the Honeycomb model, even if @Nova Toaster thinks it's obsolete and I should upgrade to Jellyfish or Buckyball or Flan. Maybe it's just what I'm used to, but because I do it *every night* I've kind of got a feel for it now. Not that the cells of each reality are actually hexagonal, but they're definitely packed really closely, and share some kind of wall or membrane between them. Like fish tanks.

@Nova Toaster says Honeycomb is inferior because of the visual/physical model it imposes - that the alt realities aren't "next to" each other, but distributed holographically and algorithmically, and can't be actually conceptualized by humans, so we shouldn't impose our views on it and instead should just trust mathematics. But my Multiversal Studies instructor Ms. Everett says to just use what works.

So, just sayin', maybe you should try Honeycomb, and see if maybe you're drifting between realities every night. Like me! It would be amazing to meet someone who's got it too. Though, I guess it's possible that tomorrow I'd wake up in a reality where you didn't exist. Or vise versa. Two ships passing in the interdimensional night!

multiple morgans
4/3/2015 2:32pm

I notice that there sure are a lot of students named Morgan here. Girl Morgans, boy Morgans. Even the rat in the science lab is named Morgan.

If @Nova Toaster is to be believed, these are Morgans from different timelines, all converging into one world. But how does that square with the honeycomb model of the MWI? Are these Morgans missing in their own realities? Or are we really all sharing the same honeycomb cell? I will need to ask Ms. Everett.

multiple morgans
4/2/2015 9:35am

I wake up in a new Psychic High School every single morning, but it isn't driving me crazy any more. My teacher/counselor/therapist for Multiversal Studies - Ms. Everett - took some readings and confirmed that I'm "adrift" (her word - very technical) and that when I sleep I "wander" (her again) and when I wake up I've entered one of the many (possibly infinite) alternate-but-highly-similar universes right around the one I was in the day before.

Like, imagine a honeycomb, and your whole universe/reality is inside one of those hexagonal cells. Well... when I sleep, I end up drifting through the walls and to one of the cells (universes) right next door, and waking up there. Which is why everything is *mostly* the same, but not quite.

But I asked Ms. Everett, in the MWI (many-worlds interpretation), isn't there a "me" already in those universes? And if I'm moving from world to world, what happens to the "me" that was already there? Are all my "me's" wandering too, and it's like a giant multiversal musical chairs every night? So we'll never see each other, but each move realities every night, in perfect (accidental) synch?

At least I get it now. It was really lonely at first, when I finally got it that I was in a whole new world every day. But I've learned that people are... bigger than any one incarnation. Like, for instance, there's this guy in Bromley Hall named @Todd Hemply, and he's got a great record collection, so sometimes I hang out there and we listen to records. And even though his collection changes slightly in every reality, and so does his hair, and his clothes, he's still @Todd Hemply each time. Well, mostly @Todd Hemply. The @Todd Hemply I know - from all the different worlds - is sort of a meta, uber Todd, I suppose. But overall, I like him.

I haven't met a @Todd Hemply I didn't like! Not yet, anyway. :)

2/22/2015 9:32pm

I am so tired I can't wait to crawl back into bed and sleep. But that's how I ended up at Psychic High School - I went to sleep at home and woke up here, in my dorm. Except I don't think I really woke up. I think I dreamed myself here!

And then that night I went to sleep and "woke up" again here, but I'm pretty sure that was just me dreaming again inside my Psychic High School dream. And the next day when I "woke up," I think that's just the dream inside the dream inside of the Psychic High School dream. It's still Psychic High School I dream of each time, but each time little things are different - the color of my curtains or the pattern on my bed spread, or how the kids in my classes keep slightly changing.

It's exhausting. The only relief I get is going to sleep again every night. But I believe I'm already at least seven levels in to this dream. Could it just keep going on forever?

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