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Intramural Flying Club
1/3/2016 5:20pm

in Time Team, we're taught not to rely on concepts like "fate" and "predestination." because you can change the future - just ask @morgan belliwig.

but other morgan (original morgan) and i were pretty sure how @Randy Bernstein's problem had to work itself out. it's like water in a stream, moving around rocks and eddies. things can sometimes move against the flow, but they're most likely to swirl back around and ultimately take the path of least resistance.

and we knew that randy had to take that trip back into the past. which is why we helped him and punk weatherman dylan to create TIME STORM 2000! not that it had anything to do with the year 2000. that we know of. it just sounded cool.

so we used our equipment to help dylan make a gust of wind massive enough to blow randy back to last wednesday. that was on friday, and as you know the gust was SO strong it took all of psyhigh offline for two days! chrono-magnetic pulse. it happens. ;)

anyway, that means we're back to just the one, the only, @Randy Bernstein! we're real sorry he wasn't able to avoid the gastric tragedy of @Muy Petunia's flight, but we're not saying it was "fate" or anything. it's just one of those rocks in the stream we just used to boomerang things back to a healthy and predictable flow of time.

all's well that ends well! gooooooooooo TIME TEAM!

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Intramural Flying Club
12/30/2015 11:46pm

have no fear, @Randy Bernstein - the time team is here!

or, at least me and morgan. kelli said she'd show up to help secure the scene, and i'm sure she'll make it, but abbey's phone is probably dead, and red team is doing a charity work in duluth over the new year, and green team is still suspended...

but morgan and i are highly trained in temporal anomalies and plurality situations, and we're assuming complete control of the entire apple orchard area. we are also strictly controlling who goes in and who goes out. morgan's already set up the dilation monitors and perimeter tape.

and we'll have to watch both of you very closely, @Randy Bernstein. we're not sure yet how this should play out, so the most important thing for EVERYBODY is to ACT NATURAL! don't not do something that you ordinarily wouldn't not do. or something like that. we want to create as little additional turbulence in the time streams as possible.

which means, go with the flow! it'll all work out fine, i'm sure.

goooooooo TIME TEAM!

Unreality Seminar
7/26/2015 4:04pm

this one weird trick will break your unreality addiction!

i know that for some students, spending too much time gazing at their wantpadds can get to be a real problem. I think @Dr. Ankhy must have released a health alert about it at some point.

the most important thing to remember, @Sparkly Sparkles, is that what goes on in your wantpadd is NOT REAL. there are stories about people staring into their wantpadd for so long that they get actually sucked inside it, and once you've taken that step your reality meter is so compromised it can be really difficult to break back out.

if there isn't already a wantpadd survivors support group on campus (i'm not aware of one) maybe you should start it? not that psyhigh is without its cliques and bullies. i'm all for giving people second chances, but evil cheerleader morgan and her friends screeching glass-girl morgan and slime mold morgan have been giving me the evil eye again. i think it's because amy, the neanderthal cave-girl morgan, was starting to be nice to me so they're clamping down. whatevs! ;)

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multiple morgans
7/5/2015 6:59pm

call me a time nerd but i soooo love researching temporal anomalies! the time team quantum cluster computers say the multiple morgans multiversal nexus anomaly is beginning to normalize. i have a special private summer study with @Lydia Raivata teaching me how to work the cluster, and i'm totally getting summer credit!!!

one sign the MVN is normalizing is we're starting to see variation. For instance there's @Morgon, who you can see is not quite a morgan, but the cluster says is evidence of decoherence. also, the outward dissipation of the morgan phenomenon, as morgans begin to travel outward from the source of the anomaly. lots of summer trips, psychic trackers camp, internships with the office of naval intelligence, @Morgan le Roq moving to the moon base. stuff like that.

at first though i was a little bummed that evil cheerleader morgan and amy, the neanderthal cave-girl morgan, were also staying on campus, but they have turned out to be not so bad. amy, the neanderthal cave-girl morgan, even let me have the last chocolate milk in the cafeteria the other day. evil cheerleader morgan is busy at evil cheerleader camp and she just ignores me. but i am totally glad that human-sized crab morgan went back to venus for the summer. wasn't hot enough here for her.

ok that wasn't very nice. ;) remember, time team protocol says we're all just time-spiders of love, weaving the future together!!!

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5/16/2015 11:14am

i so hope something can bring @Jessica Moon back. it's all so mysterious - i hope it wasn't somehow a side effect of being exposed to those time distortions at the dance, or that the evil archduke bee Apiformez left some of his stinger in her...

but if there's one thing that can help her i'm sure it's the Heart of Spring. you know that i'm meditating hard on it, and you can bet that my squad is too - kelli, abbey, and a whole slew of morgans - @Morgan, @morgan belliwig, @Morgan le Roq, @morgan hempshire, @Concrete Morgan, @Morgan the Horse Boy, @Violet Morgan, and @Morgan Fairchild.

And her royal jelly court! @Cassa N. Dra, @Lazzeretto, @flepurtum, @Jackie Packerman, @Atlantica or Pacifica - i'll bet they are working hard at sending their energies through the Heart of Spring and right into @Jessica Moon's heart too! oh gee i'm just sure this is gonna work! Think hard everybody!

The Bees and Beekeepers Spring Formal
5/3/2015 12:45pm

ok so i am soooooo beat after the big dance last night!!! mostly because i didn't just go to the dance, i went to the dance in like seven different alternate realities until we got it right! so i am exhausted!!!

it was really cool of @Jessica Moon to make me her Noble Hornet, and it put me in a good position in the middle of things. but i also had abbey and kelli and of course a whole slew of morgans. but it was @Silvia H. who turned out to be really key, because of her familiarity with the Honeycomb Multiversal OS.

the first time around was the biggest disaster. the evil archduke bee Apiformez took possession of @Jessica Moon. then he started using her quill thing to sting everybody else and turn them into human-sized bee creatures! it was the first step in his scheme to take over the planet and make psyhigh his hive-capital! even though both @Silvia H. and I had been stung and had been transformed into human-sized bees, we were still able to use @Silvia H.'s power and navigate back to the honeycomb time-cell where Apiformez first tried to take over @Jessica Moon but this time I caught him in a jar just before he could sting her. whew!

the next time around i think everything was going ok till the cats in the audience got together and started showing off (as cats will do) and began trying to top each other with their catty spell casting powers (it's some cat thing that they keep pretty secret) and one of them (with particularly nasty rows and rows of sharp tiny teeth) had cast some kind of infinite-gravity portal spell and it began a chain reaction that was on its way to leaving quite a crater... so again, @Silvia H. and i went back in time through the Honeycomb Multiversal OS and kept the cats separated. as we were tossing the ring-leader cat back into the crowd i'm afraid it might have gotten underfoot and caused some stumbling with the attendees. My apologies @Scilph!

the other instances were more of the same... in one the dance hall was overrun by enormous cattle who took the whole place hostage and began making demands to trade for our release (sacks of money, a getaway car), but @Jackie Packerman helped us go back in time prevent that by making sure the gate was closed at the agricultural department. "your barn door is open, jackie!" ha! i was proud of that joke. but since @Silvia H. and i rewrote the timeline, i doubt @Jackie Packerman even remembers it.

and... whatever the other instances were. there was some kind of italian vampire dance invasion, where all these guys in capes and cologne started voguing in the middle of the dance floor, and we didn't want to be culturally insensitive but it was kind of messing up the Waggle Dance (which is a pretty delicate operation) so again, @Silvia H. and i went back in time and @Lazzeretto intercepted them at the door when they first arrived and got them to all go clubbing downtown. and then of course that whole timeline got erased so @Lazzeretto has no memory of that either.

near the end @Silvia H. and i were getting kinda picky - adjusting lights, volume levels. you can go back in time and remake history ENDLESSLY and you'll never make it perfect, so it's best just to try and avoid the worst turns and hope for the best with the rest. i think there's a Time Team proverb along those lines.

anyway, overall, super dance everybody!!!!

multiple morgans
4/24/2015 11:08pm

the morgans have not stopped popping up! the school is deploying those mobile smart-dorm yurts all over campus so they have a place to stay. have you been in one? they are sooooo cool and i totally want to get transferred into one. i heard that if you tell the campus that you changed your name to morgan and you need a new school ID then you can start getting all the morgan benefits - like yurts! - so i'm totally looking into that next week.

i'd really like to thank all the morgans that have told their story - @Morgan, @Morgan Fairchild, @Morgan le Roq, @morgan hempshire, @Concrete Morgan, @Morgan the Horse Boy, and @Violet Morgan, who communicates through flashes of color from her eyes. The more that we hear about the lives of morgans, the better we can understand this multiversal nexus anomaly.

is it possible this kind of thing happens more often and we just don't realize it? are we coming together and meeting ourselves from different timelines all the time, but maybe in smaller numbers? I want to ask the jessicas - @Jessica Moon and @Jessica Brooklyn, and the hannahs - @Hannah Lalonde, @Hannah Shulman, and @Hannah Vantas, and the steves - @Steve Johnson and @Steve Vortex II, and see if they feel that this is part of their lives too. because it all seems just too much for coincidence.

multiple morgans
4/7/2015 10:54am

ok so not all the morgans want to be my best friend. just like in life, i suppose.

there's a table of morgans at lunch that everybody's afraid to sit with, so i figured it was time for me to be an ambassador to Scary Morgan World. there was glass morgan and human-sized crab morgan and slime mold morgan and evil cheerleader morgan. and amy, the neanderthal cave-girl morgan.

it's like they had their own language at the table - a bunch of hisses and grunts - and wouldn't answer my very friendly small talk and i'm pretty sure they were making jokes about me because glass morgan screeched something out and evil cheerleader morgan and amy were totally busting a gut!

grrrrrrrr! why do some people just not want to make friends? making friends is like, the positive power that knits the world together! in time! we are time-spiders of love, weaving the future. @Lydia Raivata says that.

oh, so, @Silvia H., i think it could be that Multiversal Studies with Ms. Everett is known to be kind of the "classics" course on interdependent time modalities and multiversal dynamics. honeycomb is still viable, but getting increasingly outdated with new versions like ice cream sandwich, jellybean, tiramisu, and flan. in Time Team @Lydia Raivata teaches you to swap out OS's like you were wearing hats! i mean, each one's good for something, but they're tools to be chosen, not to be stuck in.

but no offense! i totally don't want to be a snobby jerk! there's just so much of the wonderful world out there! scary-morgans and all. ;)

multiple morgans
3/21/2015 12:41am

you know, after getting to know a few of these morgans, i love morgans even more!

i still haven't gotten a chance to even interview @Morgan - morgan #1, or 2, or "flo" -because maybe we freaked her out and she's avoiding us. but i did totally make friends with african-american morgan, who kelli was calling "black morgan" and i didn't know if that was ok or not, but i got to talking to her and she's totally cool and we hung out all day and all night and now she's totally like in my squad.

anyway, she and i got together with @morgan belliwig and i had them compare life stories while i took notes. while it's clear they're both morgans from different time lines, they actually had really different lives. like, @morgan belliwig's parents got divorced last year, but this morgan's parents are still together. and @morgan belliwig is really into being serious and sulky sometimes, but this morgan totally makes jokes. @morgan belliwig likes dogs, guess who's more of a cat person? :)

it's amazing how two of the same person from different timelines can be so totally different! and i am soooo lucky to now have them both as friends! would i get along with all the new morgans just as well? i am totally going to find out.

multiple morgans
3/15/2015 10:24pm

ok so the morgans are getting out of hand. kelli and abbey and i started out by observing @Morgan, new morgan, or morgan #1 as we call her. actually kelli thought we should call her morgan #2, since isn't @morgan belliwig morgan #1? but i argued that #1 meant "first copy" and that our morgan - @morgan belliwig - was the original morgan, and we shouldn't number our morgan in the same sequence as duplicate morgans. abbey, though, thought we should call new morgan "flo." so we really couldn't come to a decision and just kind of left it.

so we're casing out new morgan - @Morgan - using the official time team tradecraft for observing possible temporal anomalies, tag teaming it, and doing entire costume changes between switch offs (which let me tell you can get pretty hairy when all the stalls are full in the girls bathroom!) when suddenly we spot ANOTHER MORGAN! morgan #2! or morgan #3. but abbey calls her "clarice."

kelli broke off to trail this extra morgan, while abbey and i stayed on the first new morgan, but then abbey spotted A WHOLE OTHER MORGAN and called her "larry" and took off following her!

and you know what, when i started to look around the cafeteria there were MORGANS EVERYWHERE! it's like every third girl was a morgan! not perfectly identical morgans, but morgans none the less i tell you!

now, if all these extra morgans are really just regular morgans from other timelines, then really, none of them are "duplicate" morgans, but each their own original morgan. which means the whole number scheme is out the window! i suggested we just contact them and learn their names and call them that, but kelli pointed out that they were all named "morgan" so that wouldn't work. so for now it's just "blonde morgan" and "bangs morgan" and "low-voice morgan" and so on. it is working pretty well. i am creating a field guide where we can catalog them all, taking those cute mini-polaroids of each one and pasting them into my time team memory book with a short description of each.

but what is going on?!? if all their timelines are merging, then it's not like we can send them back anywhere, since each one is already in their own timeline, they're just all crossing here and now at psyhigh like it's grand central psychic station! and they all got out at the same time! does that mean they're all rushing to catch their next train?

i'm glad that time team exists so this isn't surprising or confusing to any of us.

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