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7/9/2018 2:42pm

Sometimes you decide there is a moment in your life where things just aren't fitting together like they used to. You sit there and ponder in your dorm room watching the lights of nearby floating cars run along your ceiling. I sometimes waited for many minutes deciding I can change things and that I will, however....of course like everything...It's easier said than done.

That's why I don't write as often. It's why I linger with my fingers squarely on the keys and scope my mind for things to write about. I yearn to find that one simple thing that would empty the poison and that will cause the water to finally come down to a simmer.

I sometimes mess with that idea. The boiling water in the mind. The one that is so temperamental that one degree higher can cause water to spill over the stovetop and puddle on the ground beneath it. A waterfall that can scald your hands and cause you to jump back in fear.

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11/18/2017 9:50pm

You saw such a thing? Where? Who? What?

I am honored, absolutely astonished!

I had thought my waggling was long forgotten. I would like to meet this person...

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5/3/2017 9:19am

Dear students,
I have to sadly inform you my life is swarmed with abstract voices and monotone faces. It was a tornado that destroyed many aspects of my life. It also took my cat Nova but he returned with some gnarly fur sticking up like a rainbow vortex.

I am back in class. Sitting here was Mrs. Deiters talking about power-points. She wants us to demonstrate our souls in them, something I am not willing to provide. It will be last minute.

I have learned much from that coffee table in the library. I slept on it for hours, the librarian repeatedly shushing my snoring. I saw a mouse family creep under the table with the mom hurrying her lazy son who wishes to be carried.

I wonder how @Scilph is. She has been absent from school for about half a year. Maybe she transferred but her pet box is making an uproar inside her empty dormitory. I miss her as she was my closest friend.

I must pay attention now,
Clocking out,
Jessica Moon

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Coffee Secrets
1/25/2017 7:09am

Ahh, no need to give some black coffee advice... Why don't we sweeten it up with a little cream and sugar.

Thank you for that lovely piece of advice about the filter.

But fellow students. Ask around! I shall as well. Update later!

Coffee Secrets
1/22/2017 11:56am

So tell me, have you students got any coffee secrets?

Coffee Secrets
1/22/2017 11:56am

This carpet it old. The one in the grand living room in the northwestern dormitory. I noticed only seniors practically study or rather converse here. I am sitting here cross-legged picking at the dried up soup stains lingering under the massive coffee table. I love how it looks...

The wonderful spirals of stains the coffee tears have left behind. I think that's why there is a little scrawled up word etched into the edge of the table reading :


I wonder what they tell. I am feverishly trying to complete my homework assignments from this day...however these secrets intrigue me. I actually got up pressing my huge TREELEAVES STUDIES textbook to my chest and mustered up the courage to ask a senior with strange luminescent eyes.

"Hiya, um, I was wondering if you have a secret"? I stammered out gesturing to the grand table. He eyed me curiously, eyes narrowing in thought.

He proceeded to tell me that his great great great Aunt had left a smudge on the far right corner of the table after a conversation with his soon to be at the time great great uncle. She was nervous, and the slight trembling of her fingers allowed a lone drop to reside onto the table and sink into the wood work.

He told me he doesn't know how he knows...

I am inspired to ask everyone. I want to know. Maybe then I can find some memory with the table as well...

1/22/2017 11:41am

Ahhh, the taste of refreshing freedom. I'm back with a clean slate of memory. Pen in hand I am delightfully running my fingers along the hallway's walls doodling little flowers and hands in my wake.

I wan't to say to everyone, Jessica Moon is back in business. Sorrow will not plague my mind no longer.

Time to get back to my studies...

Longer post later...

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9/22/2016 10:10am

Today was a rather exhuasting day...

I had painted constellations until the sun peeked her prety face over the horizen.

However, I no longer can keep my eyes open.

Time to sleep the morning away...

Jessica Moon

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Making Aura Connections
5/5/2016 8:39pm

Oh hi there @xiirth ! It is really kind of you to do so!

Alot has changed? I still have the same exact dust bunnies hopping around my dorm...or- is that their litter?

It is very pleasant to see a kind face! I have been getting odd looks all day, as if all the students are seeing right threw me. My translucent skin must be in full blossom.


I would love to have a tour. I also would adore if you would tell me about you?

Where is your name from? What is your reason for studying here? Are you staying in the dorms here? And also, do you happen to have any particular pets? I would love it for Nova to have a friend again...

My old friend @Scilph has long vanished along with her box...-brushes stray tear away-

Thank you for the offer. Hoping to hear from you soon...

~Jessica Moon

5/5/2016 8:31am

I feel strange returning here.

It has been a while, unfamiliar faces are scattered along the dusty corridors. I wandered aimlessly looking to find known professors and witches and lost friends.

You see, I have been at MISS CAP'S HOME FOR SHARDS.

My mental state was wavering as seen in my last few entries. I needed to become safe again, and less sharp. My emotions were stabbing me like glass but now I feel okay now.

I am back. It feels good. The bustle of chattering students and rustling distraught papers brings a normalizing equilibrium back inside my mind. Like a stabilization.

I shall see if I can find my old friends...or new ones by any chance.

I managed to coax my dorm's door open with soothing whispers and a fierce wood waxing. Nova was lingering on my stagnant bed licking his paw curiously and with nonchalance. He didn't miss me. Most likely because he new I was coming back. I forgot to mention he is a galaxy cat I found inside my closet. He knows the infinities.

I wonder what he has busied himself with...But that story will be read later.

I am going to focus now. On my light drawing. I will build spirals of landscapes with layers and layers of neon with my favorite left index finger. I will enroll into challenging courses once again and specialize in my passion. I will not fall into that slump again.

I am officially back Psyhigh.
I missed you.

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