Epiphany Burns

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Broken Clock
11/30/2017 1:48pm

I let myself into @Pitato’s room today. The door had been ajar since @Cami Clepsydrae went exploring in there last week, so I figured it was unoccupied.

It was freaky. It’s cavernous now, and dark, except for the auroras lighting up the giant gears and stuff. But the freakiest part was finding Cami! She’s part of it now—part of the clockwork. You know the part of a cuckoo clock that has little human figures that come out and chop wood and stuff? About a quarter of a mile in there’s a a life size one of those, and I was just in time to see Cami come out of a little door, hammer in hand, and start banging on a piece of metal. She looked stiff, but had a smile on her face. She always liked being mechanically minded. 13 strikes on the metal and she rotated back in through the exit door.

I left the way I came, and shut the door behind me. No idea what became of @Pitato.

Broken Clock
11/19/2017 1:51pm

Yeah @Janitor Pete let those big guys into @Pitato's chambers. Willie & Joe were their names. Super nice guys. Cosmic piano tuners sent from above! They had an appointment.

Even though the crushing, booming TICK TOCK is gone, Willie & Joe still seemed pretty concerned about tuning up the clock. Something about a frequency only gods can hear. I talked them up when they were squatting in the hall waiting for Janitor Pete to arrive. Our hallways weren't built for 15 foot tall people, so you kind of had to say something trying to pass by. Talk about an elephant in the room. Plus: gray jumpsuits!

They were able to squeeze through the door, and pull their equipment in after them. Never saw them leave though.

8/23/2017 5:55pm

A candy corn fell on my head today and I looked up and it was two witches perched on a telephone wire.