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Epiphany Burns
- 8/23/2017 5:55pm

A candy corn fell on my head today and I looked up and it was two witches perched on a telephone wire.

Olga Wise
- 8/24/2017 12:10pm

Having a great Orientation Week at Psyhigh! Still getting my bearings, so its been really helpful to visit the Sameness Stations when I get confused. Great idea!

Big Jim
- 8/25/2017 8:21am

For the comfort and convenience of new students, Sameness Stations have been set up throughout campus. Students can visit the Sameness Stations at any time during the school day to find some familiarity in the midst of their new surroundings.

The Sameness Stations are easily recognizable for their brown, cardboard color, being built out of large cardboard boxes acquired from the Science Lab. A number of new appliances were recently installed at the lab, and @Janitor Pete thoughtfully rescued these large boxes from the recycling.

Students visiting the Sameness Stations will be entertained by short skits performed with haunted Javanese sock puppets by members of the Active Psychic Student Alliance. These skits depict scenes from everyday life outside the school, such as visiting the grocery store or post office or juvenile court. It is their hope that these familiar vignettes will help students adjust more seamlessly to life at Psyhigh.

Enjoy! And a heartfelt welcome to all new students!


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

Tina Infinity
- 8/26/2017 1:38pm

Really enjoying ORIENTATION WEEK and making so many new friends and finally finding a place where my Zapping powers don't hurt people! As much. If I accidentally Zap here and somebody's head gets in the way it just turns into a chicken head or something. A TINY chicken head, not a monster chicken head. And only for a little while. Which is way better than exploding it which is what would happen in my home town. And it's what happened TO my home town. Which is why it isn't on the map any more. So they said I could come here, to Psychic High School, or... well they didn't really have another option (because my Zaps) but I don't mind because like I said this school is really great and seems to have protection and psychic dampeners and stuff in place so I can make friends. And maybe even learn to control my Zaps!!

- 8/27/2017 4:38pm

Hello! How can I help you today?

{I want to get through with this as soon as possible.}

Yes I'd like to return these socks.

{I want to get through with this as soon as possible}

Do you have a receipt?

{I want to get through with you as soon as possible.}

I am afraid I don't.

{I want to get through with you as soon as possible too but here we are.}

I see there are holes in these socks.

{Get away from me you are a crazy person.}

Yes that's why I'm returning them.

{Give me my money back immediately,}

Did the socks come like this?

{How quickly can I call security?}

Of course not. I would have never purchased socks with holes in them.

{You are obviously on the slow side.}

Then how did the socks get these holes in them?

{I am trying hard to wish myself away from this moment.}

These socks are especially nervous.

{Do I really have to spell it out?}


{Gee I wonder how they got that way.}

Yes, like a poorly adjusted polar bear in a zoo. Gnawing at its fur.

{It is truly a tragic situation.}

It sounds as if the socks were fine while they were with us.

{Those poor poor socks.}

Well, perhaps they weren't ready to be weaned.

{I don't like the way this is going.}

The weaning process happens before they leave the factory.

{Do I report him to the Society of Sock Welfare?}

Well in any case it seems like a flaw.

{What if I run away right now and leave the socks here?}

You better not run away and leave the socks here.

Why are you breaking into our mental conversation?

Oh sorry. If you'd like to fill out a claim, I'll happily submit it to the manager.

{The end game approaches.}

What will happen then?

{This smells fishy. Or it's the socks.}

You'll get a response in three to four weeks about a refund.

{Please please please please...}

Can I leave the socks with you?

{I just want to run.}

No. You'll need them. As evidence. To prove they haven't been tampered with.

{Almost there...}

Well, OK. I guess they can have their old job back at the Sameness Station until then.

{Maybe I was too harsh on these socks.}

I guess they can.

{Sheesh! Orientation Week sure brings out the weirdos.}

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