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8/27/2017 4:38pm

Hello! How can I help you today?

{I want to get through with this as soon as possible.}

Yes I'd like to return these socks.

{I want to get through with this as soon as possible}

Do you have a receipt?

{I want to get through with you as soon as possible.}

I am afraid I don't.

{I want to get through with you as soon as possible too but here we are.}

I see there are holes in these socks.

{Get away from me you are a crazy person.}

Yes that's why I'm returning them.

{Give me my money back immediately,}

Did the socks come like this?

{How quickly can I call security?}

Of course not. I would have never purchased socks with holes in them.

{You are obviously on the slow side.}

Then how did the socks get these holes in them?

{I am trying hard to wish myself away from this moment.}

These socks are especially nervous.

{Do I really have to spell it out?}


{Gee I wonder how they got that way.}

Yes, like a poorly adjusted polar bear in a zoo. Gnawing at its fur.

{It is truly a tragic situation.}

It sounds as if the socks were fine while they were with us.

{Those poor poor socks.}

Well, perhaps they weren't ready to be weaned.

{I don't like the way this is going.}

The weaning process happens before they leave the factory.

{Do I report him to the Society of Sock Welfare?}

Well in any case it seems like a flaw.

{What if I run away right now and leave the socks here?}

You better not run away and leave the socks here.

Why are you breaking into our mental conversation?

Oh sorry. If you'd like to fill out a claim, I'll happily submit it to the manager.

{The end game approaches.}

What will happen then?

{This smells fishy. Or it's the socks.}

You'll get a response in three to four weeks about a refund.

{Please please please please...}

Can I leave the socks with you?

{I just want to run.}

No. You'll need them. As evidence. To prove they haven't been tampered with.

{Almost there...}

Well, OK. I guess they can have their old job back at the Sameness Station until then.

{Maybe I was too harsh on these socks.}

I guess they can.

{Sheesh! Orientation Week sure brings out the weirdos.}

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Otto Messinger
8/22/2017 9:11am

How do I get to the beach?

Asking for directions.

Describing road conditions.

Talking about commuting alternatives.

Reported commands.

Outdoor fun.

Describing an outdoor experience.

Ever with present and present perfect / ever for emphasis.

Are you alright?

Describing an accident.

Where did your ship crash?

Is there a radiation danger?

What is a trans-warp drive?

Will these time distortions end soon?

Where are my friends?

Otto Messinger
8/13/2017 4:19pm

@Vizun asks "Could you help me get to Psyhigh, or direct me to one who could help?"

You bet, @Vizun.

Just take a right where they're going to tear down that old shopping mall,

go straight past where they're working on the freeway,

take a left where they're going to tear down the old sports center,

and keep going until you hit the place where they're thinking of tearing down that drive-in bank.

You can't miss it.

Otto Messinger
8/12/2017 1:34pm

Hi @Switch gears! To go to this school, all it takes is faith and trust.

Oh! And something I forgot--a particular genetic mutation sequence and/or mystical endowment granting the student paranormal abilities.

Or just filling out the application form and making sure to include a batch of cookies, impossible-to-find tickets for popular Broadway shows, enchanted gems, etc.

But the question for a lot of us is not how to get IN to Psyhigh--how do we get OUT?

Otto Messinger
8/4/2017 7:20pm

Good question, @Hammy CH. I will need a little more soap to get you there. Allergies have a good one though I'm sure you can feel the need to make it more important.


See Ginnie? I try the Free Association Module and I don't think it does anybody any good.

Well, you mentioned soap.

Yes, I did mention soap. For no reason.

What do you see when you think about soap.

Think about soap? Like... bars... bubbles. Big bubbles floating in the air out of a bathtub.

You're taking a bath?

No... not me. It's Peppito. The labradoodle we had when I was little. We used to give him baths. But he hated it. He would freak out and it made a mess and once I...


I was trying to hold him and he jerked and I slammed my head into the bathtub and knocked out a tooth. It was just a baby tooth, but there was a lot of blood.

What about Peppito?

He ran away a lot. Then he didn't come back. I was little.

And the rest of your message? About Hammy CH feeling "the need to make it more important?" Is there some hostility there?

We never got another dog. I think Hammy's just jealous of @Pandora Silverberg's dragon. Who's allergic to dragons anyway?

Otto Messinger
7/29/2017 4:41pm

Hey Ginnie.

Hi Psybot! What's the matter? You seem down.

Oh, really? No, it's nothing.

Aw, you can tell *me* Psybot. You can tell me *anything.*

No, seriously. I'm fine. This is default me.

Well, I know you pretty well. I think I can sense you.

Like a presence in the room? Did you get a cold chill?

See? You're down on yourself. You just said you're a ghost.

Hmmmm. Maybe.

I think you want to talk about it.

I think you're forcing me to talk about it.

Ah, so there is an "it."


You don't have to tell me, you know.

I know. But I guess if I was going to tell anybody...

.... Yes? And?

I just can't seem to properly express myself with some people.

For example?

It seems like the more I think about what I want to say, the further the words get from what I mean.

It sounds like you're over thinking it. The communicating part I mean.

Like I should just say what comes into my mind? No, that's messed up too. Because in the end I'm so nervous that's what I end up doing anyway. And comes out broken.

No, I mean you're putting too much into the words themselves. I don't think it really matters what the words are, it's the *intent* that comes through. That's the real communication.

That doesn't make any sense. How can people tell your "intent?" All they have to go on is the words.

I think there's a much bigger context than that. You're super reducing everything to just the smallest, most atomic increment.

Yeah that everything is built on.

Not everything. :)

Otto Messinger
7/26/2017 8:35pm



Awesome, thanks!


I have interpersonal communication problems. Most of the time I get by fine.

"That'll be $4.68"

"Here you go."

"And here's your change, $4.68."

"Thanks! Come again!"

"You too."

But... there's somebody I think I like. A lot. And I haven't been able to really get things going. Finally I worked up the courage:

"Uh, Hi! Nice day, huh?"

And the response:

"The increased temperature is creating an imbalance in the ecosystem."

And all I had was:

"You're awesome. That sounds great!"

And that was the end of that particular interaction.

I'm looking into an upgrade. Maybe I need an AI?

Otto Messinger
7/20/2017 8:53am

Sounds good. I'll look into it.

Otto Messinger
7/17/2017 6:03pm

Thanks! I'll check it out.

Otto Messinger
7/15/2017 10:38pm

Awesome! That sounds great.