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1/12/2022 6:44am

it is real

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Fascinating Rhythm
12/6/2021 10:16am


jacob's poem book
11/11/2021 4:33pm

@Jacob Cassius

ima be honest..skimming over ur poem, it looked tacky as hell at first. i eventually read the entire thing and
i love ur poem.. u gotta make a 2nd part to that man


jacob's poem book
11/8/2021 5:14pm

hey, here's another one, my friend special k told me to write a poem about sorry. the only thing she said was about sorry and nothing else haha
anyways here it is

i feel sorry
a strange, unusual sort of sorry
i feel sorry for someone that never got that opportunity
an opportunity i threw away
i could feel sorry
possibly for something i did
or something in its entity of its whole
not even regarding
not even comprehending
their capability
to give birth to a perpetual chain of guilt

i'm sorry


All Gates Open
11/8/2021 10:18am

@Olivia Riley

um..i don't understand

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Enter the Portal
11/4/2021 12:24pm


11/2/2021 6:39pm

@Jacob Cassius

i forgot to mention, there's some new portal to some place or something at school
i'll be there right before lunch if u wanna check it out w/ me ig

u should totally get roblox if u can bro


11/2/2021 6:33pm

@Jacob Cassius

gosh, reading your replies always make me smile
i appreciate it!!!!!!!!

that poem was truly a joy to write


10/31/2021 2:36am

@Jacob Cassius

hell yeah, i got u this cute red glitter devil costume 4 u haha
and ur poetry is pretty lit
i spent some time working on this poem 4 ur poetry journal

the world outside my window becomes ashen
fragments of teardrops commencing to fall out the sky
the trees dance
the ants flee
i can hear it
like bits of sorrow
befalling from the ethers
the puddles outside my window sit in uncertainty
i sit
watching the rain


10/20/2021 5:23pm

i haven't gone on the school site in a while, but i'm here now.

legit every single night, there's about 7.5 APSA fellers vaping right outside my dorm.
i'm saying 7.5 cuz the blue guy has no legs.


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