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Lost and found
12/8/2021 7:24am

ok, who's doll is this? it has blonde hair and green eyes
i also have a red backpack

I also have a mouse but he's wandering around at the moment. if you see him let me know. he answers to "Tybalt" and he will come to you if you shake a bag of rice
please help me find my mouse

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The Missing parents
11/30/2021 8:42am

That's a great story! It's well written and flows great! The plot is clear and its in an order where the reader can understand it very clearly! You did a great job!

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jacob's poem book
11/12/2021 11:26am

ask and ye shall receive, @uurcool


so my first show was a bust
and I've lost your trust
and with the rain soon to come,
the metal will surly rust

but as I said before
I don't know what went wrong
all my guests left me
but I knew they'd leave all along

the man in the red light,
despite being far from me,
speak words that sound so right
but the clown tells me that he lies

the only clown on my show's name is frown
and he wears a red tie
his hair is red and his eyes are brown
and he drives all around town

he tells me not to listen to the man in the light
he says that the guests left because of him
because he gave them "such a fright"
I don't believe a word he says, though I know he's right

after he spoke, he gave me a hug
it felt so strange
then he screamed like he got stung by a bug
and disappeared into the dark

the man in the red light has him
I'll never get him back
this is all my fault, I distracted him
and now, a friend I lack

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11/11/2021 11:28am


I made some more poetry if you want to read it. it kinda has a theme
sorry if it's too dark

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jacob's poem book
11/11/2021 11:21am

red light

welcome to my first show
this will be good, I know
yes, this is my first show
so let's give it a go!

the lights shine bright
red, blue, green, white
but then it suddenly turns to night
oh, what a horrible fright

my guests are gone, none to be seen
was my show that bad, was it me, was I mean?
the lights are broken, except one beam
and I see him again, against the wall he lean

he stands there, in the red light
and reminds me about that one fight
the fight that took all living and made them dead
he said it was all my fault, under the light of red

jacob's poem book
11/8/2021 1:05pm

the man who follows me in the shadows

I've never known a greater fear
than the darkness that keeps growing near
I hear his voice in the shadows
and know he came from the gallows

the gallows where my mother had died
the gallows where my father had cried
the gallows where I lost my joy
the gallows where they lost their boy

I've heard his voice at night
and I've heard his voice in the light
it gets lonely, but then he speaks
and suddenly, fear sparks

I wish he would leave me alone....

Enter the Portal
11/8/2021 12:45pm

so glad I have my notebook

11/5/2021 6:50am

I'll be there, dont worry
ill be wearing my red sweater and black pants
my hair may or may not be red, depends on if i want to dye it or not

11/2/2021 11:38am

woah, thats amazing! and thanks for the costume

I really like your poem! its well written and its beautifully worded!!

Poem Collection
10/25/2021 1:05pm

I put this in my jornal
I didn't know there was a poetry place

The Abyss
a dark, desolate place with no light
a place I wish I could be at night
a place where fate is not written in stone
a place I visited, a place I call home

When I was alone
I visited the world unknown
and found my own
place to roam

The abyss is safe and sound
The abyss is where my heat is bound
I want to go back
but directions I lack

- Jacob Cassius

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