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The Missing parents
11/29/2021 8:15pm

This is a story I wrote a while ago I hope you like it, it's my first post (:

It all started on a cold Friday morning, as Maddie wakes up she stretches and gets up. She gets changed into some jeans and a yellow shirt because it will be pretty chilly. She goes downstairs and says “good morning mom what's for breakfast?” her mother replies “good morning sweetie I made some toast eggs and bacon” She eats then puts her shoes on, walks to school, and then goes to tell her friends about her yummy breakfast.

She goes to her first period Then has lunch. She opens her lunch and is happy she got macaroni and cheese. Then she goes to class and is kinda bored because she doesn't like math. The bell finally rings for her next period and she goes to English and is happy because she loves to write. She writes a story about her and how her friends are amazing. She types fast. A few hours later she is out of school and walks home. All of a sudden she feels a presence behind her she looks there is nothing there she starts to run afraid of what might happen to her. As she unlocks the door she yells “mom, dad? Are you home?” There is no response so she waits in her room for hours watching tv.
So she goes down because she is hungry. She decides to make a sandwich and some chips to go with it. She then begins to get ready for bed. She waited for her parents to get back home but still, no one was there. She called 911 and they picked up and put her on hold so she stayed on hold and got sleepy and then fell asleep. She is sleeping for a while then she wakes up and checks the time it was 5 AM so she goes back to bed. She wakes up and runs downstairs. She yells “mom what's for breakfast?” then sees nobody is there she walks outside and sees nobody. As Maddie walks back inside she feels the same presence so she runs to her phone and calls 911 again they answer and say “911 what’s your emergency?” she replies with “ my parents are missing and I’m afraid that someone might be stalking me” she says scaredly. They ask her “what is your address” and she says “ 911 haunted drive, spooky town Illinois,” they say “ma’am is this a real emergency?” Maddie replies with “ yes I live in 911 haunted” then the police hang up then she decides to walk and try to look for her parents. She walks in the cold night then she feels a presence again so she runs not looking back afraid of what might be there. Then realizes that she forgot the keys she gets worried. Then remembers her parents always leave a spare key under the doormat. She looks under and is relieved that the key is there.

As soon as she unlocked the door she sprinted upstairs. As she catches her breath she said “oh no I forgot to lock the door” so she grabs a bat and goes down very slowly. As she goes down she sees not one but TWO ghosts she notices it is her mom and dad. So she screams in shock thinking it's all a dream. She closed her eyes and said, “ no this can't be happening, it's all a dream. She hears her mom saying “honey it's time for school wake up” she wakes up and hugs her mom “I thought you were a ghost” as tears are dripping down her face “ honey you must have had a bad dream” her mom said softly.

The Missing parents
11/29/2021 1:28pm