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2/25/2018 9:40pm

My army of selves has decided that we will distribute our consciousness equally. It was a battlefield decision--I was having trouble assimilating everyone, and if I had shorted out, we're not sure what would have happened to the rest of me's. That is, the me's that are still connected.

Lied-about-going-to-the-gym me and her army has been growing too, and causing problems. It's asymmetric warfare, really, but I'm not sure which of us is out-matched. Me and myselves maintain a consciousness link, and therefore act like a single entity. Separatist me, on the other hand, leads a band of deep individualists, and while they lack the direct connection and coordination of me and myselves, they are aided by their common individual desire to survive. If I/we loose a few, we hardly notice. But each one of the separate me's is holding on to all they have...

This results in each of us vying to take every seat in the cafeteria, thus locking the other out. Or filling up a classroom before the other can enter and grab a seat, or taking up all the bleachers at a Mind Wrestling match. Unfortunately this means a lot of other Psyhigh kids (neither me nor other-me's) get caught in the crossfire, and we apologize to everybody. We swear we'll work this out soon--one way or another!

In the meantime, if you meet a me, ask it "who's boss?" If they say that I am, then we're on the same page. If they say it's them, please do not help them or give them your seat.

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2/19/2018 7:56pm

Well... I'm a little embarrassed, but I'm afraid I've lost control of a flock of my splinter selves. Remember when I sent myself to the gym and I didn't come back? Turns out I wasn't at the gym at all, but staying in @Edwin Berry's room. Scandal! Guess that version of me likes Jazz too.

Anyway, I'd had no trouble from my other selves when it came time for the "merge," which was when they'd come back and we're reassimilate. We'd absorb each other's memories from the time we'd been apart, and everything was hunky dory. It was a win-win! And as I made more of myselves and reassimilated them, it was a win-win-win, or a win-win-win-win, and so on. I've been getting so much done! So many experiences!

Well, "lied-about-the-gym-me" got greedy, and didn't want to share. I don't think I've ever been so stubborn. She refused to reassimilate, says she has a right to her own life and I can't just "swallow her up" like some sponge. She is so gross because it's not like that at all.

And what's worse! She has been making splinter selves of her own and setting them free! I saw one of hers working at the Spoon Bender, two of them in the back of the bus, and there's like four in Psychic Jazz Band (and if they all have a crush on Edwin Berry I don't even want to know).

Even if they've officially separated from me, I still feel responsible. When it was just all me and I was reassimilating all my selves, we were just temporarily taking up space. But now, with these new me's permanently out there in the world--think about the environmental impact! Isn't there anything I can do? I'm creating a task force of a dozen compliant me's to look into it.

I just don't like the idea of having me's out there I can't control.

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2/16/2018 6:56pm

I’ve been so distributed lately that it makes my mind bubble. It’s like I’ve got sea foam for thoughts, all of my distribubuted selves washing themselves onshore. I just catch snatches of thoughts, flashes of light. I need to start assimilating all of these memories, but there are so many, and I’m so tired. You know what they say about teens and sleep! I’m sure they’ll still be there in the morning. But will I? What does that even mean anymore? Who woke up and made me boss?

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2/12/2018 7:44pm

Do you know what it's like to be torn in two? Turns out it's not half bad! Ha ha get it?

I've recently mastered splintering myself into parts, and now I'm doing it all the time. Like when I went to the Mind Wrestling the other night but left part of me in my room to do homework? Worked like a charm! I got back and we merged and I downloaded everything.

So the next morning I wanted to sleep, so sent one off to class while I stayed in bed. It was FANTASTIC. I got home and we merged and I learned everything I missed AND I still got to dream everything the other me dreamed and eat cereal and watch youtube videos.

Today I went to class and spawned off a dozen to research twelve different angles on my term paper for Secret History of the Spirograph. I'm staying home and catching up on Psycho-Rhythmic Gymnastics.

This is the life! Or lives?

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2/8/2018 5:29pm

Everybody's going to the Mind Wrestling match tonight but I'm torn. I refused to go back when they called it Mayan Mind Wrestling because it was so obviously culturally appropriative, but they still wear the masks because that's part of the whole sport and does have an effect on the individual wrestler's ability. And frankly it's totally fun to watch. PLUS the Psychic Jazz Pep Band will be in the bleachers, which I also love. But HOMEWORK!!! What to do? Even though I still have the uncomfortable experience of my Gym-self going to the gym and not returning, I think I'm going to go to Mind Wrestling but leave another of me here in the old dorm room to catch up on homework. I'm sure I won't mind. See you tonight!!!

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2/5/2018 7:40pm

I haven't back from the part of me that's been to the gym, but it's only been a couple of days I guess. Back home, we had an indoor/outdoor cat, and once in awhile she'd be gone overnight and we'd worry but she always came back. Except for the last time. But I'm sure gym-me is smarter than a cat. And she's got a phone! You'd think she could could text at least. Nothing on Instagram or Snapchat either.

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2/3/2018 10:30pm

So my Psyhigh therapist says maybe my whole uncontrollable Zapping thing comes from my energy being misdirected. Like I've got some kind of knots in my flow, and my energy is trying to get out in more natural directions but I'm holding it back and it's forcing it out in weird ways and it's causing problems. Via my subconscious.

One of her suggestions is to allow myself to pursue new interests--things I might not have let myself do before. So I'm letting part of myself go to the gym. We'll see if that helps.

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Psychic Jazz Band
2/1/2018 6:03pm

I generally don't "get" jazz, but now part of me LOVES it! And it's all because of Psychic Pep Band! I was at the pool for the Water Walking meet against Ṛddhi Powers High, and I don't know if you've seen them but they're really good. It's always either them or Shaolin Temple Academy who go to State. So Ṛddhi Powers has six people on the deep end, doing their human pyramid on the surface of the water. They're super serious, and they NEVER get wet. Then the scrappy Psyhigh team approaches the edge of the pool, knowing they're going after the probable champs, and they were wearing TUXEDOS! Like they weren't even planning to get wet. That's when the Jazzy Pep Band breaks into "Istanbul not Constantinople" and the whole team just walks right out over the water like they're taking a walk in the park in the summer time. It was SO AWESOME.

As soon as they got into formation, though, they splashed right through the surface and got soaked. All of them. Ṛddhi Powers didn't gloat, or smirk, or even smile. They're TOTALLY serious.

But hey now part of me likes Jazz!

Underground Robot Fighting Ring
1/25/2018 8:32pm

I was shocked--SHOCKED--to learn that underground robot fighting has fans and accomplices at this school. The brochures made this out to be a progressive school, with a socially aware student body, but even here at Psyhigh there are people who ENJOY watching robots fight? And then BET on it? This is DISGUSTING.

You can find me at the fund-raising table in the cafeteria this week selling the "I <3 Robots" pins and the NO FIGHTING t-shirts with the cool robot logo that @Myra Diamond designed, and the ROBOTS HAVE A RIGHT temporary tattoos. All proceeds will go to Muffit Two's Home for Retired Fighting Bots.

Broken Clock
11/18/2017 4:18pm

Was anyone able to help out the cosmic piano tuners who were here today? You probably noticed them because they were 15 feet tall and wearing gray jumpsuits. They were trying to get into @Pitato's room but nobody was answering, and the RA wouldn't let them in because they didn't have official Psyhigh ID. Anyway they hauled all their ridiculously huge equipment (giant tuning forks, huge hammers, a six-foot hex wrench) all the way up to the room, then totally blocked the hall for an hour before I saw @Janitor Pete show up. I'm not even sure how they were going to squeeze through the door of @Pitato's room. I left before it got figured out, and wanted to know if they were gone or what.

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