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1/5/2015 11:04am

Well, I'm enrolled in school again and it's like I never left- mainly because of the time travel they tell me.

I had apparently caused so many time travel issues back in 2000, then in 2010, that Psy High was required by law and the BTCFOS19thCCJPMFE Time Police to "reboot" me.

This is like the third time this has happened [Groan]. I put up a bit of a fight not wanting to be displaced into the future again, but I was told it was all for the best.

You see I have latent chrono-(blah blah blah) abilities. Sadly I can't control them, they just sort of happen- mainly if I get stressed or fall asleep. I'm on some medication that keeps me from sleeping, but that's starting to stress me out.

So here's to 2015 and a chance to finally finish my freshman year.

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