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- 3/4/2015 3:00pm

Todays my first day at psyhigh... I hope I fit in... I didnt anywhere else...

Nova Toaster
- 3/4/2015 8:10pm

omg i can't believe it but now there are two morgans! this is so great!!!

there's my bestie @morgan belliwig, from time team, who's kinda sulky but totally my bff.

and now there's new girl @Morgan! i love morgans!!!

ok but maybe there's this thing. i haven't talked to new morgan at all and have only seen her across the cafeteria when somebody pointed her out but she looks EXACTLY LIKE MY MORGAN! except for the hair. and the clothes. and maybe she stands a little different. but from what i could tell she looked maybe too much like old morgan for me to be comfortable with.

worst case - when @morgan belliwig did that... thing... when she went back into herself in the past and changed time... did she do more "come backs"? like, is this another future morgan? or some other side-morgan that now is bleeding through because @morgan belliwig did that thing and now she wore out the walls of time like holes in a sponge?!!

i'm worried this is serious. but i don't want to tell @morgan belliwig in case i'm just freaking out, and i totally don't want to tell @Lydia Raivata or any teachers and get my morgan in trouble for anything... even if it's not her fault.

there's only one thing to do. time team - unite! i'm calling up abbey and kelli and whoever else i can get and we're getting in our time team uniforms and staking out this new @Morgan.

- 3/9/2015 4:00pm

It has been an interesting day.... Im currently being stalked by a girl... I think her name is @Nova Toaster and she has been giving me strange looks from across the cafeteria..... I also noticed a strange mirror around the school. There is a girl who looks exactly like me but her hair and clothes are a bit different and her posture is a bit different. Maybe they have foreign exchange students from an alternative universe visiting... I must inquire one of the teachers about this.

Nova Toaster
- 3/15/2015 10:24pm

ok so the morgans are getting out of hand. kelli and abbey and i started out by observing @Morgan, new morgan, or morgan #1 as we call her. actually kelli thought we should call her morgan #2, since isn't @morgan belliwig morgan #1? but i argued that #1 meant "first copy" and that our morgan - @morgan belliwig - was the original morgan, and we shouldn't number our morgan in the same sequence as duplicate morgans. abbey, though, thought we should call new morgan "flo." so we really couldn't come to a decision and just kind of left it.

so we're casing out new morgan - @Morgan - using the official time team tradecraft for observing possible temporal anomalies, tag teaming it, and doing entire costume changes between switch offs (which let me tell you can get pretty hairy when all the stalls are full in the girls bathroom!) when suddenly we spot ANOTHER MORGAN! morgan #2! or morgan #3. but abbey calls her "clarice."

kelli broke off to trail this extra morgan, while abbey and i stayed on the first new morgan, but then abbey spotted A WHOLE OTHER MORGAN and called her "larry" and took off following her!

and you know what, when i started to look around the cafeteria there were MORGANS EVERYWHERE! it's like every third girl was a morgan! not perfectly identical morgans, but morgans none the less i tell you!

now, if all these extra morgans are really just regular morgans from other timelines, then really, none of them are "duplicate" morgans, but each their own original morgan. which means the whole number scheme is out the window! i suggested we just contact them and learn their names and call them that, but kelli pointed out that they were all named "morgan" so that wouldn't work. so for now it's just "blonde morgan" and "bangs morgan" and "low-voice morgan" and so on. it is working pretty well. i am creating a field guide where we can catalog them all, taking those cute mini-polaroids of each one and pasting them into my time team memory book with a short description of each.

but what is going on?!? if all their timelines are merging, then it's not like we can send them back anywhere, since each one is already in their own timeline, they're just all crossing here and now at psyhigh like it's grand central psychic station! and they all got out at the same time! does that mean they're all rushing to catch their next train?

i'm glad that time team exists so this isn't surprising or confusing to any of us.

Nova Toaster
- 3/21/2015 12:41am

you know, after getting to know a few of these morgans, i love morgans even more!

i still haven't gotten a chance to even interview @Morgan - morgan #1, or 2, or "flo" -because maybe we freaked her out and she's avoiding us. but i did totally make friends with african-american morgan, who kelli was calling "black morgan" and i didn't know if that was ok or not, but i got to talking to her and she's totally cool and we hung out all day and all night and now she's totally like in my squad.

anyway, she and i got together with @morgan belliwig and i had them compare life stories while i took notes. while it's clear they're both morgans from different time lines, they actually had really different lives. like, @morgan belliwig's parents got divorced last year, but this morgan's parents are still together. and @morgan belliwig is really into being serious and sulky sometimes, but this morgan totally makes jokes. @morgan belliwig likes dogs, guess who's more of a cat person? :)

it's amazing how two of the same person from different timelines can be so totally different! and i am soooo lucky to now have them both as friends! would i get along with all the new morgans just as well? i am totally going to find out.

Silvia H.
- 4/2/2015 9:35am

I wake up in a new Psychic High School every single morning, but it isn't driving me crazy any more. My teacher/counselor/therapist for Multiversal Studies - Ms. Everett - took some readings and confirmed that I'm "adrift" (her word - very technical) and that when I sleep I "wander" (her again) and when I wake up I've entered one of the many (possibly infinite) alternate-but-highly-similar universes right around the one I was in the day before.

Like, imagine a honeycomb, and your whole universe/reality is inside one of those hexagonal cells. Well... when I sleep, I end up drifting through the walls and to one of the cells (universes) right next door, and waking up there. Which is why everything is *mostly* the same, but not quite.

But I asked Ms. Everett, in the MWI (many-worlds interpretation), isn't there a "me" already in those universes? And if I'm moving from world to world, what happens to the "me" that was already there? Are all my "me's" wandering too, and it's like a giant multiversal musical chairs every night? So we'll never see each other, but each move realities every night, in perfect (accidental) synch?

At least I get it now. It was really lonely at first, when I finally got it that I was in a whole new world every day. But I've learned that people are... bigger than any one incarnation. Like, for instance, there's this guy in Bromley Hall named @Todd Hemply, and he's got a great record collection, so sometimes I hang out there and we listen to records. And even though his collection changes slightly in every reality, and so does his hair, and his clothes, he's still @Todd Hemply each time. Well, mostly @Todd Hemply. The @Todd Hemply I know - from all the different worlds - is sort of a meta, uber Todd, I suppose. But overall, I like him.

I haven't met a @Todd Hemply I didn't like! Not yet, anyway. :)

Silvia H.
- 4/3/2015 2:32pm

I notice that there sure are a lot of students named Morgan here. Girl Morgans, boy Morgans. Even the rat in the science lab is named Morgan.

If @Nova Toaster is to be believed, these are Morgans from different timelines, all converging into one world. But how does that square with the honeycomb model of the MWI? Are these Morgans missing in their own realities? Or are we really all sharing the same honeycomb cell? I will need to ask Ms. Everett.

Nova Toaster
- 4/7/2015 10:54am

ok so not all the morgans want to be my best friend. just like in life, i suppose.

there's a table of morgans at lunch that everybody's afraid to sit with, so i figured it was time for me to be an ambassador to Scary Morgan World. there was glass morgan and human-sized crab morgan and slime mold morgan and evil cheerleader morgan. and amy, the neanderthal cave-girl morgan.

it's like they had their own language at the table - a bunch of hisses and grunts - and wouldn't answer my very friendly small talk and i'm pretty sure they were making jokes about me because glass morgan screeched something out and evil cheerleader morgan and amy were totally busting a gut!

grrrrrrrr! why do some people just not want to make friends? making friends is like, the positive power that knits the world together! in time! we are time-spiders of love, weaving the future. @Lydia Raivata says that.

oh, so, @Silvia H., i think it could be that Multiversal Studies with Ms. Everett is known to be kind of the "classics" course on interdependent time modalities and multiversal dynamics. honeycomb is still viable, but getting increasingly outdated with new versions like ice cream sandwich, jellybean, tiramisu, and flan. in Time Team @Lydia Raivata teaches you to swap out OS's like you were wearing hats! i mean, each one's good for something, but they're tools to be chosen, not to be stuck in.

but no offense! i totally don't want to be a snobby jerk! there's just so much of the wonderful world out there! scary-morgans and all. ;)

Morgan le Roq
- 4/9/2015 10:15pm

Hi I'm new here, and super excited to be enrolled at Psyhigh! Your campus is so beautiful! Do you know how lucky you are, being able to walk around outside?

I'm from the Wind Belt - where, as you know, there's now a constant average wind speed of 275 mph. "The Great Brown Spot" in those pictures from space. Once the windstorm started (before I was born) everything moved inside. Then we began digging and tunneling.

If you've seen the pictures or taken the holo-tours, it really is that gorgeous down there. Turbines on the surface power full-spectrum lighting everywhere - in our gardens, and in the malls. Lots of malls.

But being able to go outside is such a treat! Just walking between classes and looking up at the sky is such an amazing thing to be able to do.

So what I don't understand, though: why are there so many people named Morgan here? I mean, it's not that unique of a name, but this is weird.

Morgan Fairchild
- 4/16/2015 12:22am

Psychic High School has really given me a place to excel. I'm on the newspaper staff, captain of the girl's telekinetic volleyball team, a cheerleader, president of Psychic Model UN, and on the honor roll with the second best GPA in school.

But I feel like something is seriously missing in my life. Like, this is all some kind of TV show I'm inside of, and it totally feels real, but it's some kind of, I dunno, virtual simulation of high school life, and the real me is just dreaming it.

And I have this aching memory of who I was - the person who's dreaming this. I was some kind of celebrity - I did TV, and there were red carpets and cameras going off and magazines and photo spreads...

I know it sounds crazy. And I can't prove any of it. But this place just isn't... real? Maybe it's just as real as where I was before... I mean, what could be more real than this? But why would I end up here?

I feel like I could be on a long space voyage - in suspended animation - and this is the dream game I picked to spend my time. Or I come from some apocalyptic future, and there's a drug you can get and shoot yourself up with and have this beautiful, totally real fantasy where the world wasn't completely messed up, and this is all some drug trip.

But what I keep coming back to is that it's against my will - that somebody did this too me. Erased my memories, injected me into some totally realistic sensory illusion prison... but why? What kind of enemies did I make? Who would have this kind of power?

And now that I know - how can I wake up??!!

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