Morgan Fairchild

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5/16/2015 5:02pm

Though I'm more and more sure this is all some kind of hoax - an illusion being injected into my brain through some highly advanced machinery being wielded by my kidnappers (and perhaps in that "true" reality the machinery isn't that advanced at all), I find myself getting dragged further and further into its apparent "reality." I'm afraid that the more I believe in it, I sooner I will eventually forget it's just a simulated honey trap.

Take @Jessica Moon, for instance, who's terribly sweet, but now with her coma and her peril, it's like it's designed to draw me in, to make me empathize with her plight, and root for her. The more I "feel" for her, the more I can feel my grip on my real reality slipping away - the reality behind this induced experiential distraction....

But, at the same time, what if I'm wrong? Can it really hurt to send her my good wishes? Or - if I don't - will I also be losing a part of myself? The part that cares, and feels?

In the end, I'm just not that cold.

Here's to @Jessica Moon, and the Heart of Spring!

multiple morgans
4/16/2015 12:22am

Psychic High School has really given me a place to excel. I'm on the newspaper staff, captain of the girl's telekinetic volleyball team, a cheerleader, president of Psychic Model UN, and on the honor roll with the second best GPA in school.

But I feel like something is seriously missing in my life. Like, this is all some kind of TV show I'm inside of, and it totally feels real, but it's some kind of, I dunno, virtual simulation of high school life, and the real me is just dreaming it.

And I have this aching memory of who I was - the person who's dreaming this. I was some kind of celebrity - I did TV, and there were red carpets and cameras going off and magazines and photo spreads...

I know it sounds crazy. And I can't prove any of it. But this place just isn't... real? Maybe it's just as real as where I was before... I mean, what could be more real than this? But why would I end up here?

I feel like I could be on a long space voyage - in suspended animation - and this is the dream game I picked to spend my time. Or I come from some apocalyptic future, and there's a drug you can get and shoot yourself up with and have this beautiful, totally real fantasy where the world wasn't completely messed up, and this is all some drug trip.

But what I keep coming back to is that it's against my will - that somebody did this too me. Erased my memories, injected me into some totally realistic sensory illusion prison... but why? What kind of enemies did I make? Who would have this kind of power?

And now that I know - how can I wake up??!!