Todd Hemply

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For the Vines
2/19/2015 5:53pm

To: Psyhigh Facillities Dept. c/o "Old Tom"

Hi Tom,

You were really helpful when I had the Intelligent Mushroom infestation last year, so I'm hoping you can help me out again.

I'm in the same room - Bromley Hall, room 1125. Now I've got some kind of weeds growing straight up through my floor. They really seem to like the mini-fridge, but they're also going after my record collection. They had my first printing Screaming Trees (on colored vinyl!) almost out under my door before I grabbed it back.

You might want to check with the girl in the room right below me - @Jade - since it seems like they might be in there too. I'd ask her myself but am nervous around girls.

Thanks Tom!